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VS FormView Insert

SQL 2005-2008
VS 2005 – 2008 – 2010 VB

Im having problem, and cant seem to find any solutions using Google, to be able to pre-fill textboxes in FormViewInsert mode, using data from Table A, and saving form contents into Table B.

I need a small demo created showing the process, along with detailed instructions. Need an example using both EXEC Stored Procedure and a query, and using Northwind database. Form will be called with a link using QueryString value or Session value. Link(s) on non related page may call the form, and thus would need ModeChange to insert.

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Web Scrape


I am after someone who can scrape 2 websites for me.

I am after the product code, the product name, the size of the product, the number in the pack and the link to the product. All this information is contained on the screen.

Then download this information into an excel file for me. If possible, the images of the goods would also be useful.

One website is public, the other I can give you a powerpoint snap-shot of the site. If you are successful I will then be able to pass on the details to access this site.

If you are interested then please PM me and I shall then send you the details of both the website and ppt. slides.

I am prepared to pay $20 for each website, so $40 in total.

Happy bidding


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I own, I want to upgrade it.
Improve design.
Improve usability.
I want someting like

I want to separate the countries, like, if you select a country you only access to this database. You can make subdomains, for example, or

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Change To Web Voucher System


I have a bespoke web shop that has a backend voucher system – It generates a code and gives a $ value discount off the shopping cart.

I need it changed to give a % discount off the shopping cart.

1. I generate a code that gives a % discount
2. When a user is checking out they can enter in the code and receive the % discount.

The shop is made in PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript.
You will have root access to the test server.

Payment on project completion – Experienced people only please.

Real urgent, need it completed before the 2nd of December.


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KNX.NET Library

I need a migration from java to J# or C#.

The library that I need is an open source library: Calimero – KNXnet/IP (and more) for Java

You can found this library on the web.

The library must be migrated in .NET (J# or C#).

I will give a remote access to a PC connected to some KNX device to test the library.

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Domain Names

I need a list of existing or expired domain names. the following conditions apply:
– format: plain text
– size: as many as possible
– only top level domains
– extraction of a web sources or existing database
– unique name part (if I have "" I no longer need "")

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Web Ranking System

I am looking for a very good MySQL optimizimer and developer to biuld a fairly complicated user ranking and social networking system.

Some basic elements of the work needed are:

Users can join groups. And invite their friends to join that group. At certain member confirmed invites, users go up a rank. After a certain rank, they are able to create their own group. If they do not wish to they can stay in that group and continue to get promoted up levels by voting of users of levels above them.

As owners of the group, they are able to see all stats of everyone in their group below their control.

There is the usual signup, add profile photos, create a full profile, message everyone in their groups etc,e tc for users.

Will need full admin to control all users, groups.

We will need owners of groups, or high level users to be able to create chatrooms to recruit for new users or speak to their current users in their group.

There is many other elements that will need to be added after the basic site is working, so the database needs to be designed in such a fashion as to allow very flexible enhancements down the road.

Although this is not a big project to start it could easily turn out to be a lot of additional work (paid extra) after the basics are in place. So for the right person, this could mean lots of on going work.


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Skilled Database Person To Optimize Query And Add Indexers

I need a skilled database person to optimize 1 stored procedure and add efficent index structure between the 4 tables that are used in this stored procedure. The database is MS SQL SERVER 2008.

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Remove Graphics From 2 Web Sites

Hi – I need to remove a .avi file and a static PHP file from 2 web sites. Just pplacing them into a file on the Database.

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2 Logos

Need to create 2 creative logos for the below companies;

COMMTECH; Commtech Provides Network Services and IT Solution. their products provide Multi Functions like Mail Server, Web Server , File Server , Access database

Tiba Integrated co.; engineers and contractors

any needed details will be provided to the choosen pid.

NOTE: work should start immediately, where demo logos should be provided very shortly.

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