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Personality Quiz Web App

Need Simple Personality Test Template.

I will try to be as detailed as possible. I am creating a personality quiz webapp for the iphone. Since I am not a developer, I am using an online app creation site (, and the only files I can upload to their servers and use are (.htm .html .js & .css). Obviously, I cannot use flash to create these quizzes due to the iPhones restrictions.

My idea is to embed the personality tests using html, java, & css…but I am having trouble finding programs, or online quiz making software, that will allow me to export my creations to this type (without flash) and embed the quiz into a webpage. I need the answers that users supply to the questions to link to a specific personality type (i.e. Answer "A" links to "Personality "A", Answer "B" links to Personality "B", etc.). At the end of the quiz the user will be presented with a result that is most "like them". The test should have 10 questions, and up to 4 result types…so this shouldnt be too complex.

I will be creating over 200 custom quizzes, and adding more in the future, so I will need to be able to use the solution provided from the developer to add in new content of my own for future quizzes. Here are some key points to remember about this app:

1. Must not contain flash/flash elements
2. Must be able to be embedded in a webpage for an iPhone webapp
3. I Cannot upload and use .asp or .php files (.html, .js, or .css only)
4. Each answer to each question should be able to have a square, iphone size/style button (no graphic design needed, just a standard button–i can replace the button image with a new shiny one later)
5. Format for question & result pages should be iPhone standard (320×480)
6. One question at a time (3 answers)
7. I will need some instructions on using the info provided, and how to customize the design.

I am sure I am missing something, but basically what i want is something that I can plug in answers, questions, results, and result types to (doesnt need to be fancy), then upload to the web.


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Quiz script (to finish)

I have a quiz script (PHP script) that I need completed. I have full specs to give and details on how it works but I do not have the database anymore and not even the structure.

So this job is about:
– rebuilding the database
– correct any of the PHP security flaws
– complete the PHP script
– work on my own test server
– move the final application on the on-line server and make sure it works.

My target pay for this job is 80USD, because most of the work is done.

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