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Edgemarc 4550 Router / Firewall Configuration +SIP

I have purchased an EdgeMarc 4550 Router / Firewall to replace our PFSense box. The EdgeMarc 4550 support SIP (VoIP) Please see for info on this appliance.

What I need you to do is remotely access this unit, Setup networking, firewall, VLAN, Proxy ARP, SIP and or whatever is needed to make this work on my network correctly so I can remove the pfsense from service.

Our internet has 5 external IPs that route to 2 mail servers, 1 Asterisk Server for internal phones, 1 Parallels Server. All these use the external IP to access in and out of the network – no NAT used for these.

Internally, there are PC that need to access the internet and 3 or so IP Phones.

Please, if I didnt give you enough information ask questions!

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Cisco Router & Pix Firewall Script! 30 Min Of Work!

Hi Freelancers,

I need someone to create a very simple config file.

Whats need to be done?

NAT router config, you can make up all the IPs.

After the router config is finished, this has to be done;
Good configured Pix Firewall (name, password etc)
PIX Firewall should allow IMCP to ISP, but no web traffic.

Thats all! Shouldnt take more then 20-30 minutes. +*+*

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Ubuntu VPN Server v9.04 inc IPTABLES Setup

I am looking for a System Administrator to assist in the configuration of a Ubuntu 9.04 Server that is hosted in a Virtual Container.

I need a VPN Server installed and configured on Ubuntu 9.04 server. You will need to:
* Configure the services listed below
* Within the network constraints setout on
* my IP setup is as follows
lo loopback
eth0 public ip xx.xx.xx.xx
eth1 private ip 10.176.x.x
I assume you need to setup another subnet and mask it as I need multiple connections.
more information on server configuration is available from and I am running Ubuntu 9.04 server.
* can document each step so I can, (and I will), replicate on a second slice I host there.

End State Required
– PPTP Connection from clients with 128-bit encrypt
– Users to be administered from webmin v1.470 (already installed)
– Server to be re-configurable through webmin
– Firewall reconfiguration to allow connections (iptables)
– subnet to be created and masqueraded for client connection use (iptables)
– Connections from VPN server to clients destination site should be completely hidden (no clue there is a vpn)
– Multiple users to be connected at once

Ill test each of these from a Mac OS X and Microsoft Vista machine from two different connections.

I would also be interested in traffic accounting which I would commission as a separate project.

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