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Need A Mysql Php Developer To Work With Us

Hi , We are looking for someone to work with us on our current project. This project will include several hours of work.
Please Message For Details

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PHP Developer

I need a experienced php developer with great knowledge of Joomla and possible jquery/mootools.
Initial timeframe will be one month to start up with and if you do well there is possibilities for full time position.

In your bid you send me:
– Location: contry,city,timezone
– Availability: half day, full day, weekends
– 4 best custom developed php solutions developed by yourself
– Work sample where i can check and verify your coding.

If you can answer yes to the questions below then place a bid, if not do not bother to do it.

You need to sign a NDA.
You are available online during working hours.
You are the person that do the work and not a "project manager".
You can take initiative on your own and check/solve issues.
You can work without supervision.
You know the trends in webdesign.
You are a honest and reiable person.

The first initial project for you is to check/cleanup/fix (or simply rebuild) a very specific joomla template that is buildt for Joomla 1.6.
And after that initial extensions is needed.

If you find this intresting then happy bidding and place gogreen into the bid/message to make sure you have read it all.

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PHP/MySQL Website Clone

I want to copy the functionality of a webiste I can point you to.

There is nothing extraordinary or innovative, I just want normal functions integrated in this particular way. Basically php and presumably MySQL

It is vastly easier if I point you to the URL, but in essence:

There are hundreds/thousands of "topics".

– There is one page for each topic.

– There are files associated with each topic, of different sorts, including pdf.


a) various ways to categorise/index topics (alphabetical, by ratings, etc)
b) facebook "like", download, print options on each page
d) ratings, (which relate to the index pages with top ranked topics – #a)
e) message board for users with captcha type thing

A few more basic features along these lines – again, though, I want these features integrated in this particular way.

I would be interested in the feasibility of an interface or simple system to add new topics, including their associated files, eg pdf, etc. However, I am open to the idea of needing to do this manually for each new topic.

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Php Developer

Looking for a php developer for long – term work.



The work involves

1)Adding features and

2)Fixes to current projects.

You must be able to work with both

1)procedural(html and php intermixed) and

2)OO code.

Also be aware of security considerations in code such as sql injection, cross site scripting etc. etc.

Knowledge of mvc based framework Zend and Symfony is not necessary but will useful for future code from scratch projects.

You will be paid an hourly wage .

And you will be paid weekly at the end of each week for the number of hours you worked that week.

YOU MUST BID NO MORE THAN US $ 3- 4.50/ HOUR. An increase in rates would be considered after 3 months of work with me.


Mention your hourly rate in private message when you bid.

When bidding, begin your message with the words I Agree.

Provide references to type of work youve done before as well as links to current websites.

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PHP Developer Needed Full/Half Time


We are searching for a PHP developer that has knowledge in the following fields:

– Javascript

If you have the knowledge of those fields, and have the enthusiasm to be a full or part-time developer, you may post about your experience and work. We will interview all candidates before accepting one. Please make sure to have your portfolio ready on interview.

You must also have great knowledge over sockets, as were going to be using those as well, and how to easily fix bugs in our website. You need to work with the current coding we have, and need to be a flexible and a meticulous coder. You must also be at least 17+ years older to complete this job, and must be precocious according to your age.

We will want someone who wont be busy with other things, and will be available when called upon. You will need to live in the USA, and it is preferred if you live along the CST / EST timezones, but that is not required. Remember, we will need someone who will be dedicated, and will not leave once work is completed, but will help us with future flaws.

You will be paid on a monthly basis of $500/month for everything related to the website.

Examples of what we want our website to be like is:


02/14/2011 at 16:54 EST:

Also, this is for a gaming website, and we have reusable code from previous versions of our websites that you will be able to use, but please be prepared to code new modules/systems.

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Php Fixes To A Website

I need fixes done to a php site.

Ill pay $75 for this work.

A description of the work is here:

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Facebook App + Connect On Website

We are searching for a PHP programmer.
We are using our own PHP Code / System.
We are searching for long term cooperation.

You know what is FBML?
You know how to build a facebook app?
You know how to integrate Facebook connect on a website?

At first we want to integrate Facebook Connect on Website.
At next, we want to build a Facebook App.
At last we want to optimize them.

The Budget amount is weekly payment.

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Php Developer – Long Term

Looking for a php developer for long – term work. The work involves adding features and fixes to current projects.

This is ongoing opportunity and the right developer will have the opportunity to code complete sites/projects for us in the future.

You must be able to work with both procedural(html and php intermixed) and OO code.

Also be aware of security considerations in code such as sql injection, cross site scripting etc. etc.

Knowledge of mvc based framework Zend and Symfony is not necessary but will useful for future code from scratch projects.

You will be paid an hourly wage .

And you will be paid weekly at the end of each week for the number of hours you worked that week.

You productivity will be measured and you will need to report/log in entries daily about which tasks you finished. Necessary tools will be provided for this.

Budget range is between US $ 2- 4 per hour.

Do not exceed this budget range or your bids will be ignored.

Mention your hourly rate in private message when you bid.

When bidding, begin your message with the words I Agree.

Provide references to type of work youve done before as well as links to current websites.

Once i find a suitable developer with reasonable rate and right skillset, you will get the opportunity to start work today itself.

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Php Developer II

Php developer
More discuss PM


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PHP Developer Required

A very good project for php developers.

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Php Developer And Design

More discuss PM


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Need A Superstar Individual PHP Developer To Develop Website

I need super star PHP developer to do a website for me exactly like ..

Only bid if you have following skills.

1) Paypal Pro API
2) PHP (expert level)
3) MySQL expert level
4) Web 2.0 sense and knowledge
5) You should be able to support the web development and changes for atleast 6 months. There might be some changes and stuff.
6) You should be an individual not a company
7) I want your bid to finish this website from scratch so check this website completely. Google maps usage is there as well.

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Symphony-CMS PHP Developer


We are looking for a Symphony-CMS PHP Developer that is responsible for planning and implementing the code that drives our projects and collaborating with other developers and vendors to execute on projects.

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PHP AJAX Developer Skilled In UI Design. (EU Only)

Please no bids from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. EU developers only please.

I am looking for a new developer for projects within my web company.
Must be very skilled in PHP/AJAX but mainly must be very experienced in User Interface Design.

You would be required to:
Provide initial quotes
Generate Flow charts / Wireframes (free of charge before project starts if client requests this)
Develop the system if successful

You should know that you will be providing quotes from projects that sometimes wont be successful but that is the nature of business. You must of course be reasonable with your pricing.

East European / Russian developers welcomed.

Past experience essential.
This is a job for a true professional and we expect a very high standard of work. You must work fast and efficiently and provide project updates daily and on request.

Strong portfolio essential.
Particularly interested in bespoke front/back end system with a very user focused/friendly interface.

Good luck.

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Cake Php Developer Needed

We need a developer on call that know s cake php

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PHP Developer, Sydney

Looking for PHP developer physically located in Sydney, Australia

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ASP – Database Acquisition From Website

I want the databases from 2 websites (I guess both sites use identical codes).

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Flash Base Php Mysql Website…

I need a flash base php mysql website. Pages: Main website page black screen, logo / company name appears. Screen fades into dark blue than lighter and lighter as the main website appears. But if the user is not logged in a box appears on screen that allows user to login, register, or recover password. If users first time user clicks registration. User is taken to registration screen information needed (Full name, Address, City, State (Scroll selection), Zip, Country (Scroll selection set on United States), Gender (Male, Female radio input type), email, email confirmation, Username, Password, Password Confirmation, input type checkbox: I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions. (Flash Terms and Conditions), input type checkbox: I acknowledge that I am over 18 years of age., Sigh Up Now button). After user presses Sign Up Now (Flash animation thanks you for registering and directed to website main page that has user information on it. If user is registered, user logs in and is directed to website main page that has user information on it. Website main page: Center of screen, top left from center of screen website / company name. Under company name three buttons. Under three buttons table left of table has two sections top and bottom. Top is for News Updates and bottom is for Upcoming Event. There should be a scroll button. On the right of the table member profile. Exact measurements of table will be given. Under table About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. (some kind of flash animation) for About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. Okay back up to the three buttons. First button (Home) button which goes back to the main website screen which is the one with the member profile, News Updates, and Upcoming Events. Second button (Events) new page layout. Top and bottom or pages is the same as main page layout. What is different is the table layout in the middle. Same size table but table only has to sections., left and right. On left some information (will be given by me in future). On right there are five boxes under the five boxes other five boxes and so on. In the boxes there will be an icon (will be given by me in future). Each boxes has a flash animation. Basic animation when user click on box will be as same as Events page layout, but with the right side of the layout in the table different. (will be given by me in future). After the user clicks n the right side of the layout there will be a list that will be retrieved from the database. The list will be dynamic will change the number of user registered for event when a user registered for an event. User registers for event when he or she click on one of the options in the list. This will happen by user being redirected to register screen when he or she click the link that is on the list. Third button will be a history page that tell the user the events he or she has been in. I know exactly how I want the website to look. Its exactly similar to a other website that I have in mind but with different name and slightly different layout, but different functionality. This site domain will be given to allow you to have a exact picture of what I want.

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Asp.Net MVC Developer Required

Looking for an MVC Developer that can build a simple CMS for an 8-10 page website with a mobile version (We already have the HTML/CSS) created. The CMS will need to have the ability to edit text based content on pages as well as add image galleries (simple Cropping of images required).

We are using this approach for mobile device detection

So the models returned to both the desktop and mobile views should be identical.

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Need Dating Website

We need a dating website similar to Adult Friend

We want the site to be programmed in (CSharp) with MSSQL as DB.

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Php Developer Required

Requirment : I want to query the Google Adwords API to capture search traffic volume.

Skills required : PHP , MySQL . Google API

Duration : 2 days

Amount : Max $100

PM me for the complete details.

This is my first project in GAF. If you satisfy this work , I will hire you for my future works.

I want to maintain a long term relationship with you. No R&D please.

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Need Php Developer For Ecommerce Site

I have all the HTML files ready just need to create an online store with CMS functionality.

Index Page screenshot :

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UK PHP / MySQL Developer Required For Profile Site

Hello There,

UK based only.

We are looking for a new person to join our small team of 2, working on a relatively new (and growing!) social network.

The job will be on a part time/piece work basis, (ie, you give a quote after seeing the list of updates needed and then we can from there), so this will really suit a young person looking to get into web development (University Student etc

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PHP/Mysql Website To Cd/DVD

My client has a website that is a catalog type website with many products built with php/mysql. They want the website to be transferred to cd or dvd so that it can be run on computers that may not have internet available.

Some minor changes to the code including the inclusion of a "these prices are current as at – date – " and we may need to turn off certain functionality within the current site to suite the offline format – i will handle this part.

I need the help here of someone who has done this before and can show me the sites they have done this for and explain the method you will use to do this job.

I will need all the files sent to me to make this happen (ready to go on the CD), I will then add the php files and the product images. I can provide the database to you for setting up on the cd if required.

I will then need your assistance during the testing phase when I put it all together.

Thorough documentation will be required so I can make any required changes down the track.

All contact is through me not the client.

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PHP/Cake Website Layout And Graphic Implementation

Have a website that has been built on a CakePHP/MySQL framework. Have 2 PSD full-designs of the website as well as a flat HTML file with cutouts and placement of all the images/text.

Current CakePHP website has a default template that comes with the application. Need developer to be able to take PSDs/Flat HTML and CSS files and apply to the template portion of the CakePHP framework.

Around 20-30 different files make up the websites templating system.

Must have quick turnaround, very clean and simple coding.

Will give SSH access to a dedicated box to do the work. Am myself an experienced coder, but just do not have the time to finish the project.

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Looking for Reliable Php/Mysql developer with good User Interface(Html, Css, JS) skills.

Working knowledge of Subversion, PhpDoc.

Good Coding Practices.

There are only minor fixes and some are changes form config file itself and maybe minor design changes to template.

I would help you with the information about what goes where and what files contain what code.

For and experinced programmer Estimated workload is about 6 – 10 hours more or less.

Would provide details in pm to the developers i filter through the bidders and decide to communicate with.

You need to start today.



If you do good WORK and at a reasonable rate you may have regular work from me since i have lots of projects at the moment.

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WANTED: Yii Framework PHP Developer

Were looking for a PHP developer with Yii framework experience to continue with the development of our script.

Background information

This script posts POST text data to other external websites via cURL. Its a content distribution script.

Currently, the framework of the customized scripts has already been completed. So, we only need help in adding more sites to our system.

Our system currently already has 18 sites it can distribute content to, and we want to add another 30 new sites.

What Needs To Get Done

1) Import the categories of the existing 18 sites into the system (to submit content to these sites, they have specific categories and their IDs we need to submit under or else they wont be accepted. And we already have the categories and their category IDs for these sites)


2) Well need you to set up one account at each of the 30 new sites above …

3) Find out what POST data they use to login AND to submit content …

4) Find out what categories each sites have, and their category IDs .

… and add them into our system.

5) Test content submission to all the sites and ensure they are working perfectly …

Information Ill Provide

We will provide you with access to the PHP scripts involved, the database and answer any questions that you may have. In other words, well give you my full support to complete the tasks above ASAP.

This project is straightforward and simple if you are familiar with Yii framework. And the maximum budget we have set aside to complete this is $300.

Heres How To Bid…

1. Please indicate all the past work you have done related to Yii framework.

2. A short paragraph explaining why you are better then the rest of the applicants.

**Most importantly:**

3. We will only accept individuals for this project.

4. Please apply only if you are the superstar were looking for.

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SEO And PHP Current Website Customize.

I have a website this is is not seo friendly. I am looking for someone who;

-change design little bit.
-make the site seo friendly
-create automated sitemap like wordpress
-create system to be able to retrieve emails from current data for email advertisent.
-daily and total hit counter.
-change the search button visibility.

My budget for this is, 100$

Looking forward to hearing you.

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Programmer – Zend / Php Etc – Modifications To Website.

Hi there,
Im looking for experinced programmer to modify my site.
Its quite complicated site so please bid only if you make sure you can do it.
Im attaching a documnet with specifications, please read it carefully (the password is "gaf").
When you bid, please try to be as accurate as you can about the time frame it will take to finish it.
Please contact me ONLY via Freelancer PM, I wont reply any other way.

See my reviews and feedbacks, bid with confidence.

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I Need A Web Developer To Fix My Website

I have this website (( and ((
As you can see, they are carbon copies.

I have about 14 points to do (most of them are extremely small) to fix for $100 (FIRM).

I must warn you, the previous developer was not very professional and the coding is "really stupid".

You must have enough reviews, and it must not take more than 7 calendar days (5 business days).

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We are looking for PHP DEVELOPERS to our new builded company in INDIA-New Delhi.

Please send us your skills and your references so we can answer you soon.

Best Regards,

Atilla – Online Technic IT PVT LTD

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PHP With Java Developer For Website Re-face

We are looking to build a site inspired by or . We want to be able to post deals and insert a refer ID in every post depending on where the deal is. We also want a way for users (no registration required) to rate the deals (star rating). I would ideally want a one line posting where the user can click and expand the post (like slickdeals). I would also like a &quot;deal of the day&quot; area at the top which shows the featured deal.

Also we would like a bar on the right side that allows users to click down on postings by a specific category (electronics, games, etc).

We would also like a place under each posting where the user (registered) can comment on it. Therefore, I will also need a registration form and way for people to get user names, passwords, etc.

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