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Design A Sports Website

I need a website to run my sports leagues programs off of pretty simple. I have installed Joomla on my cpanel so it would be very easy to use. I am looking just for someone to get it started for me.

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Design A Website Exactly Like

Not only do I need someone to build two sites like this, I need you to contact and communicate with me about the details of both sites, teach me how to maintin the site on my own, and make it user friendly. I have already purchased the domain names. again I need two sites that function and look exactly like However I want to add on a few various tweaks here and there. Again, we will communicate on a regular basis. If I can have this up and running by the end of this month that would be great, however, i would rather perfect the site than rush. Plese let me know your thoughts and your skills. I have many other projects and would like to build a great business with a talented and trustworthy individual. A PORTFOLIO IS REQUIRED.

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Design My Website

I need a casino site where the players can play game.
1. Must be PHP based
2. The site is like:
3. Quote how much time it will take?
4. Also quote the price of the full project.
5. The site will contain several flash based work.

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Design And Complete A Website

To design and create a website for and
– Design should be clean design.
– Can refer to
– Logo will and company profile will be provided
– CSS and AJAX must be use
– C# programming
– 1 Flash for banner
– Static content
– Company is an IT company
(Target to complete second after jsasianetwork in 3 days)
– Logo and company profile will be provided
– Must be creative and no free template used
– CSS and AJAX must be implemented
– 1 Flash for banner
– Static content
– Company is a man power supply company
(Target to complete 1st in 3 days)

If successfull bidder can complete both at the same time should be good. And theres more projects for web design coming in our channel. This will open the opportunity for long term relation.

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Design Niche Website

I am looking for someone that can create an adsense ready and profitable website and or blog with original content and significant traffic.I have some Awsome Niche Domains that are setting on my server and I need help creating income generated websites. This Bid is for one site to start.This Niche Website should be well optimized with google adsense and affiliate links, you will need to drive traffic to these Websites that generate a decent steady daily income and help me update them as needed.
You will be require to provide details on how and what methods you will used to drive traffic to these sites No black or gray hat methods will be accepted I am looking for some one with experience, this is for one website project and the right person will continue with the other domains.

– Be designed with cleanly and the pages should not appear cluttered;
– Website and all content that will have ALL Copyrights assigned to me IN WRITING;
– Must contain related images to niche topic
– Unique organic traffic (no bots or traffic buy sites)
– Must Be Adsense optimized
– Have an Adsense account already;

Please be prepared to tell me how you plan to drive the traffic if you bid on this project. I dont want to risk an adsense account ban.

The perfect bidder would be someone who is willing to give me a good and fair price and would be willing to work on future projects exactly like this for me as we build trust with each other. Provable Adsense income is a must. I need the design and SEO help.

02/06/2011 at 14:15 EST:

Project for jena

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Design Of New Website

New website required for total novice.

The site is required to advertise holiday accomodation, primarily to new migrants.

The site will require Home page, Locality, Property, Tariffs/Availability and Contact page.

The property page will include at least sixteen photos advertising the property.

Only one property at moment although site should have facility to add extra property pages as business develops.

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Groupon Style Website

Groupon style website specifically for ecommerce services.

Let me know how you would design it and what content management system. How would payments be processed? Ideally you should have experience with a very similar website design already.

Previous similar experience Essential

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Design Job For Website

Dear freelancers,

We need a new design for our nightclub event site www_gastlistan_se. (The guest list in english)

We want the whole website refurbished except for the logo but we want to keep the same theme.

If you feel that you have some ideas for our website, please make a bid.

No HTML/CSS coding, only design.

Further info:
*Web 2.0 design (clean and fresh)
*Only design, no coding
*We require all rights of the design
*We require delivery in .psd and ready cut .png files
*Please give us reference of previous design jobs

Please send a PM with your ideas and thoughts, or if you have any questions!

Brownie points (not necessary): Would be great if you could sketch up a quick mockup to give us an idea of a design that you think may suit our website.

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Website Designing

Design af website.

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Design A Stylish Website

Hello All,

I would like your help in designing a well designed website which guarantees SEO. We provide Business Class Presentations for our clients. The services include

1) PowerPoint Presentations
2) Flash Based Presentations
3) Corporate Templates
4) Data collection and Research.
5) Video creation and editing.

The site should be simple and yet appealing

This is something similar that I am looking for.

I would like a client feedbacks to be found on the home page. It would be shown on a TV on a mans Hand. I have designed it. All you have to do it code it accordingly so that I can put in further tesimonials easily. I have done it in flash so you know the difficulty in getting back to it and editing it, I am also a member of elance hence I need the elance widget to be shown on the home page.

It should have all the social media components and RSS button.

Pages to be done:

1) Home Page: It should give a briefe overview of the different services, client testimonials, Company Overview etc.
2) Services: elaborate on the services here
3) Portfolio: I would like a slider kind of design for the portfolio
4) Clients:
5) Pricing.
6) Contact Us.

Company name is 1618BusinessSolutions

I would like this to be finished ASAP ( 1 week)


My budget is Under $100

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Expert Graphic Design – Spice Up Website

I am looking for an expert graphic designer or team to take our website to the next level, it will involve banner design, button design, background design, ect. It will need to look fun and professional. Please PM examples of your work.


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Design A New Website

Design a new website transfer from PHPwebsite to Magento and joomla
1. Setup most feature of Magento have
2. Allow client website get products info from this website
3. Allow this website connect to Businessvision accountant software update price and inventory, Tracking#.
4. Setup two website: one is for wholesale, one is for retail

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Design A New Website

I want a experienced website designer to design a new website similar to a website like Tell me how many days you take to complete it and what will be the charge. Thank you.

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Membership Area Design

To redesign membership registration, database and integrate with forum in joomla, correct webpage design issues, automate certificate email on authoridsation of registration for 4 membership categories. Seemless interface with existing website and password protected areas for different memebrship categories.

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PHP SOAP.API Interface For A Website

I have a system that pre-autorises payment amounts with Netbanx. On a timed basis I want my website to call a PHP script. The PHP script will then do the following:

1. Connect to the MySQL database and get all of the records with a status of successfull (indicating they have been pre-authorised)
2. Use PHPSOAP to then contact netbanx and process the payments using their SOAP API (I have all the details from Netbanx)
3. Update the database with the results.

The work should ensure that if the connection between the web server and netbanx is severed before a transaction completes then it doesnt incorrectly record details in the database.

If you bid on this work you must indicate similar projects you have worked on and how long this project will take to complete.

Happy bidding.

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Design A Hosting Website

Hello everybody,

I want a website design of hosting company. The website is like that just like hotfile with the affiliate system and the website design is full unique.

I will pay through alertpay.

I will pay 25% first and after that I will pay full fees.

Low cost will win this project.


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Website Uploader/Designer

Hi there

We need someone to complete our website. We have the framework, the information, the images and a very clear brief.

We need this initial job completed in 24 hrs.

We have the framework for this website. This is a shopping cart website (however we only sell one product)!

Do not apply for this position is you have no exp in design and do not understand the concept of balance and harmony AND BASIC DESIGN!!

We require an on-going working relationship and if you are successful we will hire you again and again to complete projects ranging from web design, content management, SEO and more.

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Email / Newsletter Design (Tabled Website)

Email / Newsletter Design (Tabled Website) needed.

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Website Re-Deign

I have an online store that wants a redesign.
We are looking for a Christmas theme.
Hopefully written in CSS so when the holiday is over we can convert back to our normal theme.
Our present site looks very much like a template, wed like something more friendly.
Something we can keep year round with holiday themes that we can add depending on the holiday.
So I guess its a two part project.
1. Create an approachable design for the site
2. Create a Christmas theme that can be added with a few clicks (CSS).

Im marking it as a small project but bid what you must. We are looking at price but Quality is very important to use as well.

Thanks and good luck!

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Image Design For Homepage Of Website

We require a 150 x 540 image designed for the homepage of our student focussed website to market another section of the same website.

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Design/Construct Website For Translation Agency

Global Image Network is a translation and interpretation agency currently looking to redesign its website as well as change the name and logo. Please see the current website at ( removed by admin )

We need a team to build this website and give us new ideas to help increase awareness and make our lives easier. We would also like a way for current employees and contractors to log-in to the website where they will have information about their account (projects worked on, earnings, etc.)

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Visual Design For A Workbook Website

Weve posted our new website,, and it looks awful!

Its also not nearly feature complete, but ignore that for now.

Wed like you to create the visual design for the site. Take whats there and give it some flair! Make it suck much less.

Were completely open to new logo designs. Whats there now is something one of us just crapped out.

The site itself, in case we dont get a chance to improve whats there before bidding begins, is a workbook website. Any registered user can post a short question or exercise, along with an answer, that anyone can come along and solve.

For example, if you wanted to learn to program using Java, you could come and look at the Java questions and exercises posted. You could solve some, then post some yourself. Its a great, fast way to learn by doing.

The site is very very immature, still, so please feel free to imagine the concept in any way you see fit.

Please respond to this post with an explanation of your previous work in UI/IA design and links to designs youve created.

Were really only looking for a fundamental, starting point design, so we just need 1) what the homepage should look like and (general design) 2) what the "post a quizbit" page should look like (forms, typography, etc).

Most distinctive designer wins!

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Webd. Website

Design website

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Medical Website

This is for the design of a medical website

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Professional Design For Large Website Directories

I own a few large directory websites and Im looking for someone who can design them for me.

Im looking for simple yet professional looking designs and setting up this project as a "test" – and if you do a good job I have many many more.

Here is the test site you will be designing – urlsites DOT com.

Im looking for designers who can program as well (java/php at least)

Please pm me with your portfolio (if you have one) and a basic bio – will not look at bids that I do not receive a PM for beforehand.

MUST speak clear english and be accessible over the phone and through either skype or gchat.

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Need Interface Between Our Website And CRMS

Our website address is, we need someone to create the data interface between our site and the CRMS. The data is posted to assigned URL. Currently we are receiving emails once a client enters there data. I have all the field mappings and we need to make sure that the HTTP posts are posted correctly with poststrings. You might have to email the CRMS ( support to make sure it is done correctly. Otherwise I already have instructions from them and some test data.

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I Am Looking For Someone To Design A Forum For My Website.

I would like someone to set up a forum for my website.

I would like this forum to allow other individuals to sign up, creating their own special passwords for the site.

I would like the forum to include the option of revising written posts to the board.

I would like the forum to support avatars.

I would like the forum to support user profiles.

I would like the forum to include the option of creating new boards, which people can post threads to, and other people can respond to.

I would like the forum to support headers and footers for the boards that are created.

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Design A Listing Website


1.1 Overview
the organisation is a online presence where people can assemble there own team of event organisers.they will be allowed to select the person or professional based on the data of service providers listed in the will be a portal where the service providers will come and enroll to get their buisness marketed.


It is for a particular audience who wants there event to be can be of different types 1)marraige 2)birthday 3)corporate events 4)other


the current situation of the project is still at the devlopment has gone enough ahead as a thought and needs to be put into reality.


THE platform has to be very user friendly.we will be dealing with people who may vary in expertise with there computer handling has to designed so intelligently that it remains light yet powerpacked.quality has to be ensured anyhow.
1)only members enrolled in site must be allowed to access the information from the site.
2)they have to be guided beautifully with a menu select option.
3)the budget of the event will have to mentioned.
4)step wise the breakup is mentioned:
the user selects the city or region which he or she wants a event to be organised.
:user selects the date and time frame which the event is to be conducted.birthday and corporate events can be arranged in 12hr time frame.weddings will be one day charged.
:venue will be selected on the basis of its capacity or the expected number of guests .as the number of guests will be entered the list of venue wil be sorted accordingly which falls in the range
:there will be a list of service providers like cook,tents and decoraters,flower decoraters,power generators,water supplying agency,caterers,photography services,religious services,shopping facility or gift vouchers,light facility,travel,hotels.
:there will be a portal where the final list of the user is prepared and he his provided with the database of the service providers.


the project is highly time specific so correct timing of the launch of the site is very essential.we will be expecting our services very soon in the the site has to be light wieght and be ready in quicktime.the timescale for such things can be kept as not more than 10 days.


the basic use of the website is that consumer is able to hold quick,effective and economical events with in this one portal.we want to be the total service provider for all the events occuring at the local and pan india operations.

the site requires regular updation of the address,feedback of the service providers,data related to the service provider.Now from the user prospective it requires user database,address,verification of fone number,and verification of the landline if has to be designed so as to made easily available to the customers,updation of service providers as well as monthly maintainence of the site.


the design of the site has to be very pleasent and the theme of the site should be a hospitable one.intelligent use of colors like light green,light blue ,red,violet and easy going colors that makes the look of the site as it is prepared to serve people.
space has to left out so that advertisement of the local shops has to be promoted.the advertisement has to be wisely done so that ads are shown to that of the local if a user belongs to a certain region than he or she can see the ad of the store which is much more local to the region.
when a user needs to fix a meeting with the service provider than he can use small applications like free sms,google maps and other email facilities to contact the service provider.

every page of the site must have the companies logo and must also have the link to the home and profile page.we must keep in my mind so as to keep an save option of the files submited by the user beacuse if there is a loss of data due to any problem.he is able to retrieve it with ease rather than doing the entries yet again.

there must be a database of the transaction done by the user on behalf of his account.
there must be a thumbnail action for the user to get connected thru facebook and other social networking sites.

the content of the site will include photographs,video,audio and pdfs.there will be a option for the user so that it can upload the image of the site to be used as a venue so that potential decoraters get a overview of the situation.

it is a customer relation management we can require a back office system but it can avoided in this particular time and can be adopted later in this.

the site will have a super admin and other admin ids to regularly update the it wil be good to decide the user ids role after we finish the design.


there will be a forum where users can discuss the problems faced by them during the will be preloaded with certain questions.

the site has to secure as there are many confidential information of both the service providers are involved as well as the customer.the site will be upgraded to a e-commerce system .so better ways of implementing the secuirty concerns have to be taken care of .

a domain name and a server has to be procured.steps should be taken to ensure the best suitable condition possbile to get a server hosting and domain name.

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New Website Design – Design, Development And Marketing

An experienced website developer is needed to design and develop a new site.

This new site will need to be designed as per specification that will be provided. It is a database driven site that will allow a multitude of comments, feedback, ratings, surveys and discussion threads to be completed by visitors.

Administrator accounts complete with control panels and filtering of spam need to be incorporated, along with user accounts and profiles.

A browser add-in will be needed for all of the main browsers that will allow the site to be accessed directly as well as a toolbar.

The site will need to be optimized for mobile access and SEO.

You must have:
– extensive expertise in designing and building websites based around databases
– at least 3 complete significant projects to prove quality of work
– a marketing and e-commerce solution provider approach
– a clear idea of highly presentable, professional and attractive website
– a very good sense of SEO and how to maximize hits and traffic
– the ability to provide alternates/solutions to queries/concerns
– good listening skills and ability to follow instructions while working with deadlines
– knowledge and experience to ensure the site scales to large volumes and users
– understand the final say remains with the employer.

Interested applicants must reply with the following information, else you will NOT be considered:
* Accurate date of delivery – must be 3 weeks
* Explanation of how it will be accomplished, no trade secrets, but general information regarding tools and technologies that will be employed
* Mentioning the word development to show you have bothered to read this description in detail rather than bid on anything you see

You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is not a small project, although the start off will be very simple. It will require extensive attention to detail and research. All costs for hosting, registeration, and credit processing will be covered. All passwords will be submitted weekly to maintain security on the site ownership.

The first phase of the project should be broken into 3 stages.

Stage 1
The design of the main outlook of the website with main page, contact info, about us etc with the ability for users to register, make postings, owners to undertake basic administration etc
The creation of toolbar and add-ins for alternative browsers etc.
Documentation of work – 15 days

Step 2
Refinement of basic site with additional elements including reporting, backups etc and testing of bugs and fixes for all aspects on the website
Populating site with basic content – 7 days

Step 3
SEO and marketing on the internet and actual launch of the website – 5 days

100% payment will only be paid upon completion of the project with all of the bugs worked out. I will review work completed on a weekly basis to ensure target dates are met.

Please bid only if you accept the above terms absolutely and are serious and experienced in this area (as the targets can only be achieved by someone experienced in this area of work and if you are not, you will not be able to achieve them!) – thank you.

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Cloning Croudsourcing Design Contest Website


if you know 99designs, 12designer, guerra-creativa, crowdspring, htachwise, thelogocompany, Wilogo

we are looking to have a mix of few of these web sites to have the best online design web site

If you are the best, and have experience in such web sites please bid on this offer.

thank you

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