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Sport Website With Phpfox


i want to build social sport website, we have phpfox script and already installed .

i want to have in my website these parts:
1- champions
2- teams
3- matches
4- players – coachs – managers
5- articles
6- stores
5- video/pics

i already designed whole website with details and convert it to xhtml

i need some one to implement design with script and make sure that all parts connected together.

please provide me with your bid and milestone and duration and what you need from me.

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Before And After Photo Website

Hi Freelancers,

I want to have a one page website created similar to a style. Except it will be 2 photos the user can upload for a Before and After comparison.

Rather than have a side by side display, and if possible use (or modify) the below Joomla 1.6 extension so you can drag the bar left and right to show the differences. This will be the main feature and centre display. An option available to click a link and switch to a side by side view.

* Only registered users can upload photos.
* The uploaded pictures will require a Title and Description field that can be filled in.
* Public visitors will be able to vote (1-10) on the photo comparisons.
* Registered users can comment on photos submitted.
* A simple Search Function
* A section on the left or right for Newest and Highest Rated photos.
* Uploaded photos require admin approval before publishing them.
* Category pane so users can search specific categories which changes the centre display category.
* Privacy and Terms and Conditions link.

Create a logo design according to my theme.

additional skills – Web 2.0 and SEO

Payment made in full once I am happy with the final product. If happy with service and product will use same freelancer for future updates to the site.


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Basic Design For Multi-blog Website

Need 3 designs for a multi-blog website to use as different themes users can select.

Will need to basically produce 3 web pages showing the design. Ill be able to extract the necessary things to make into templates/skins.

Will be provided with business branding policies to work with, and the brand logo.

Need designs by 21st February.

Please provide with application some examples of pages you have designed.

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Community Website Media Wiki Intergration

I currently have a template for a community website which is the header and the footer.

I need for someone to set up media wiki inside the content area and do the styles also.
There will be elements of design on the media wiki.

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Design A Groupon Style Website

We are planning to launch a site that behaves similar to, and

Therefore please check out their site before applying, to get a better understanding of the functionalities and the appearance they have implemented, because our site will be very similar to that one.

The site should be based on the CMS Drupal or maybe you have a better recommendation (Joomla? WordPress?). We need to be able to control the site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login. Please see for more details. Pls only bid on the project, when only if you can fulfill it.:

The website has to be SEO friendly and with Full Optimised CMS and functionalities.

Please send demos you may have.
Please send Portfolio.
If we are satisfied with the prototype, we can arrange a longer relationship for maintenance and additional features
No copyright laws or intellectual property rights will be broken by your development.

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Affiliate Website

I own a website currently that refers members to another website i then get 30% commision from there spending for life

im looking to have a proffessional 1 page design , which will alow me to affiliate many other websites wiritng up a review about them a rating and linking to them.

i also will need the site to be in the top 5 search results on google and other search engines for the relevant keywords

currently im listing on 2nd or 3rd page of results and need this imrpoving



i look forward to working with you

good luck

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Design & Programing Website For Yahoo Group

i have a group in yahoo at this link :

i want design a special website smiler to this website:

from the website i want a special feature like accessing and fetching the emails from yahoo website. also, i want a design for the website and the emails design.
and calculation for members subject, members numbers, last subjects, most popular subjects, multimedia section in the website, and photos section.

there is any programmer can do this for me ? and how much cost and duration ?

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Website Footer Design And Search Box

I need someone to design me a footer for a local shopping social networking site that has been launched approximately 6 months ago. Things are doing well, and to accommodate a massive expansion to the website, we thought we would make the graphics look better.

With that said, you will be designing a cartoon style footer to place at the bottom of each of our pages. The picture itself should incorporate multi-levels, depth or a kind of 3d look (as if the picture is coming out from the screen) and a combination of multiple colors. I picture the design itself to resemble somewhat of a small local town and in the background, tall buildings as if they were faded off in the distance. It should also incorporate little shops, roads, sidewalks and a park.

To get a sample of what I want it to somewhat look like please visit: (at the bottom of the page)

In addition to the footer, I also would like a search box designed with the same type of concept.

The search fields should be: What are you looking for (field box below)
and: Where are you looking? (field box below)

This will be placed at the header of the page. I would like it sort of like a sign, dangling from the top of the web page. As the website assists users in finding local businesses.


There is much more work to be done on this website and many others if your work is great! I look forward to speaking to all of you!

Thank you all for your interest! And happy new year 🙂

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Website For BPOS (Microsoft Online Services)

I have a website created in Joomla which i want to create as a professional website for Microsoft Online services(BPOS). I want to have designed my website, create pictures, banners, videos and any thing needs related to design.

I also will be a part of the project to help with design and testing. Great if you also are familier with Online Services too, but nor required.

Design like these website will be great

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Re-design A Stock Market Website

I have a website that needs to be Redesigned completely.. Its a Stock Market related website so it should be designed accordingly.
I will give website URL in the PM so ask for it via PM..

Show me SOME of your previous work via PM!

BUT Before you PM Me.. have a look at following websites as a sample and grab ideas:

and more sites like these..!

I need a mixture of all these websites. Nice elegant and clean design.. WEB2.0 Standard Websites. If you think adding a gloss can attract customers.. do it, BUT I want what should be an appealing which makes my customers SIGN UP at once..

NOTE: PSD designer will be responsible for converting the site to XHTML/CSS proper W3C valid DIV based HTML. I will validate with W3C. both HTML and CSS. The site needs to be cross-browser compatible!

I am developer myself and I know how to code so I wont be hearing any excuses. I am over-burdened with work so I am giving this opportunity to you!

I also want a mock up.. a rough one before I can award a project to some one.. Propose ideas, colors that youll be using so that I can get an idea what you are doing. I dont want to waste your energy and my time on low quality designs!

I also require actual and factual bids.. no fake and out of reach bids!.. I know this project can be done under $150 so keep the amount in mind. If I find some one capable of delivering the content which I am looking for.. Ill select him/her and put some escrow so that you can complete the design..

Along with main page design.. I also want the designer to propose a proper inner site pages and log in/form fields so that they all can match the design..

I also dont want lots and lots of images loading (unless its necessary) which makes site very heavy (multiple requests to server) .. if some one can use Splicing for complete site….. that will be a huge PLUS!

ALSO.. the designer needs to be artistic so s/he can propose ideas.. This needs to be done before XMAS!

Any questions? Shoot them in PM!..

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Drupal Website Need To Complete In 7 Days

Please check attachment. And let me know. Initally you need to work on free theme. I will provide you design by monday.
The deadline is 27 Novemember. I will need day to day progress too.

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Design A Unique/visual Website

Hi Guys

I am need someone who can design a Comparison website.

I already have the comparison script, I just need someone who can design a great website.

I am using a script,which is installed on joomla/wordpress. The website needs to be different and unique and classy.

When you msg me please only send your best websites/I need someone who good a choosing images and can make the website/images come to life.

I dont want another typical website please send me your creative stuff.

Kind regards


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Design Great Corporate Website

We are looking to have the following site designed using standard compliant php/css/html.

Please read specifications document closely (including section on outputs)

When you bid – please provide your best three design samples only (the ones that best represent what we are asking for)

Please ask any questions.

10/24/2010 at 21:35 EDT:

For some reason – it will not let me post specifications as addition to main project. Ive posted on project clarification board – please read carefully.

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Website Design – Copy My First Website

I have a website …. it basically has everything I need in my website … but it does HORRIBLE in search engines. I have tried every which way to bring it up in the search engines … but no luck. I want someone to make a HTML based or whatever that does good in search engines. I can change the meta tags on each page manually myself later on. I already have a domain name for this new site:

So basically you have to:

Make logo for Carrera Audio …. the header and the footer …. and then copy everything else from ….. the pictures and the text, etc.

Once again, it has to do good in search engines. Use the existing meta tags I have on all the pages.

I do not have hosting setup for yet …. if you prefer any service provider … let me know.


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Ecommerce Website

This is for cake decoration online shopping website. Please bid ONLY with snapshot of proposed designed website.
Do not bid if you only send me your portfolio. I will only consider bid with proposed design snapshot.

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Simple Graphics Design From Stock Photo

I bought 3 stock photos for a slideshow banner. I need someone with creative mind and good graphic skills to add some "flavor" to it.

The site which I am currently working on is focused on 3D, 3D hardware and 3d glasses so the design should be related to it, must be presentable, and professional.

Design is fairly simple, and even a high school student can do this in photoshop, but I do not an "artistic" mind that is why I am outsourcing it.

Heres the complete task:

1) Edit / clean up 3 stock photos.
2) Add some design, make it look good for the banner
3) Add some text in the banner (text will be provided)
4) Allow up to 3 revisions for client acceptance.

Budget $30

Please PM me for the stock photos and let me know how you plan to improve the banner.


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For Suman, Website

As Agreed, Website Design

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Need Original SEO Content For Photo Restoration Website.

I have a photo restoration website that I need original content to describe the services.

The services are as follows:

1. Photo Restoration
2. Photo Reconstruction
3. Photo Alteration
4. Photo Retouching
5. Photo Colorization
6. Photo Slideshow
7. Age Progression
8. Antique Photo Effect
9. Document Restoration
10. Scanning & Archiving
11. Photo Collage

The articles must be a 1/4 page each. They must be 100% original as they would be check for copyright proof. The must be SEO optimized. The writer must show examples of work and show how his work is performing for other projects done and for which keywords.

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Design Psd For Consultant Website

I need a CLEAN, FRESH and UNIQUE web design in PSD for my own site. I am a web consultant and the site should convey that effectively.

What I need:
Detailed Layered PSD

Design must be SEO Friendly and you need to give me details as to what SEO aspects you incorprated in design

The design must be absolutely and totally be UNIQUE and Fresh Web 2.0 / 3.0 type

Things to keep in mind
1) you are designing a website for web engineer
2) It should incorporate my Blog
3) A section for News articles etc that i would like to share to my viewers
4) Section for random technical posts
5) A personal page
6) A Home page that incorporates everything including connecting with me over facebook, linkedin, twitter etc
7) Any other section stuff that stands out, which i can add to my website will get (+$100) needs to be "extraodinary"

you need to give me a very rough draft/idea on what you might create before i select you, Also I need to see all your previous works

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Design And Implement ECommerce Website, Extensible

Need design and implementation of a single-item-offered-per-day shopping website. Similar sales model to Woot and Group Coupon.

Standard eCommerce web-building techniques apply. Multi lingual interface. Offer content specific to users geographic location. Hold user registration data, product serial codes, keep track of valid period for coupon offers.
Do NOT need genuine shopping carts, but do need to hold transaction history.

This project will be the first of several related and connected IT projects, so we are looking for someone who we can form a long term relationship and work with continuously. If you are looking for a steady stream of work, can deliver quickly and have other technical skills in your organization, then you may be able to apply them for us in the near future also.

Future related projects will include extension to accessible backend for partner businesses to operate via web or RIA, push delivery of coupons to mobile phones, and B2C video conferencing enabled via web and mobile.

Technical requirements:
– All website text must be referenced through XML files for extension to non English language versions.
– All graphics with text must also support a similar versioning system. Ideally, we want to be able to use English version graphics as a default, and have scripts override the default with specific language version. But if you have another solution, we are open to suggestion.
– All files must be Unicode or UTF-8 compatible.
– HTML & AJAX solutions preferred, but PHP, Flash or FLEX solutions will be considered as well.
– Layout of page must be friendly to vertical scrolling (for later extension to mobile platforms).

We are accustomed to working with non-native English speakers from a variety of locations, and the intended market for this project is not USA. Please do not be afraid to ask for explanations if anything is not clear.

If interested, please reply with portfolio of projects already completed, for review and reference. Should be able to start project within 1 week. Time frame for first milestone is 2 weeks later.

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Design Domain Selling Website


I want a site, that will sale domain names, what I want is following…

* Design for the site

* Design for logo ""

* Administration funcktion where I can write in new domain names and place them in a box cald "Tillgängliga domäner" witch means avaliable domains.

* A function where I can get contacted through email.

* The site shall also have a information box, nice placed on the site with some text..

I want the site to be in colours like


Send me a design example and some coding work you been doing..

Without this attached your reply will not be interested.


Best regards: Dennis Svensson

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Design And Programming Of A New Website

Extremely talented person to assist in designing and creating a new website

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Website (office)

Need a website for a virtual office company. it will mostly contain information and pictures. need a goodlooking design.

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Simple Website With Killer LP Design (design Spec Included)

I have outlined design considerations for this project allowing for creativity. If youve never designed successful LPs previously DO NOT BID on this project. Not paying for learning curve. This is strictly for designers who have experience designing professional landing pages for digital download products.

I have all copy with no graphics. Designer is responsible for their own button design, icon design and menu tabs.

Using these 3 websites as a guide to desired elements and good design, I would like a website that consists of the following content:

Design considerations:

Will employs similar design elements as 3 websites that I will provide.

Consider the following:

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Design And Programming Of Mobile Website

We need a website designed for browsing from mobile phones, with layers of organization on the rise fast image galleries organized by categories, uploaded by users prior registration. With galleries ranking system more views per day, week, months and other

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Photo Website

Photo Website

Design architecture of database driven php website with the following current capabilities;

Contact section with anti-spam
Post of photos and video by site owner through FTP upload or database upload
Ability of site membership, site members to log in and out and upload their own photos
Photo view options

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Design And Hand Coding Of Website

I am looking for a one page design and that it will also be hand coded into valid xhtml and will work on all major browsers without flaws. This includes firefox, internet explorer 6, 7, and 8, Safari, and Chrome. Please show examples of your work as I need a talented designer.


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