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Build My Website

Build a multi faceted website to my spec.

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Multi Store Platform Based On 3dcart


I am looking for a software that is able to handle multiple stores, more like a platform feel, with the same features as….

or a multi store software that is able to be integrated into with one checkout location for all stores..

the main category of each store is to be on top with dropdown window and when pressing the main category the subcategory is to be displayed in the sign bar… similiar to the category and subcategory display of

I should have to ablitty to creat a different feel for each store… and category…

the final integration will be using 3dcart and paypal.

I would like to be able to launch this store in May 2011.

I would also like to display daily specials with limited amounts to be sold.

HTML 4, DHTML, WML, JavaScript and VBScript; Java Applets; CGI with Perl, C/C++, Java Servlets, REXX; MS ASP; Sun JSP; PHP; MS Site Server; VRML 2. 0; ActiveX; SSL; CyberCash.

FOR programming requirements please go to :

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Multi Vendor Website

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Job Summary:

Budget: $ 250-500
Required Skills: Ecommerce Website, Web Design / Development
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Status: Frozen ( waiting action from buyer )

Buyer Summary:

Username: rickyou

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Location: Singapore, Singapore
Member Since: November 6, 2008

Invited Users: JBMatrix, Sumanta007

Im looking for developers with experience in ecommerce create a platform similar to :

Requirement :
-Retailers can sign up for accounts to sell goods
-Restriction on different levels of accounts (number of goods can be listed, paid accounts)
-Each retailers will have their own customizable storefront (subdomain)
-Basic ecommerce management panel
-Basic statistics and analytics
-Automatic email when a user purchase a product (need to review the order and confirm the order upon receipt of payment)

-Shoppers can sign up for accounts to buy goods
-Reward point systems for purchases to be redeemed for gifts or discounts
-Ability to link to facebook and twitter
-Affiliate links to refer friends for extra points
-Unique user panel that can customize and list favorite retailers
-Payment processing

-Admin panel with all basic functions

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Cooperate Website

Complete cooperate website include e-shop, forum, e-learning, support ticket system, rss feed, twitter
Website draft is made on in Joomla.

Website must be deliver complete with administration module. The e-learning part must be possible add easy new video. The software we are renting out so the e-shop must be running like a membership shop.

Website must be prepared for multi language control.

Any question – It is allow to come with design ideas during the process.

Text is dont proff yet, and dont think about the text we already have a text proof for this task.

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Create Multi Store

-remove all joomla website stuff that is currently on
-move magento that is currently at to
-create a link for any current customers that type in get redirected to
-create new multi store at

-? is it also possible to copy the canada post shipping module that is on and make it work on the and ?

Keep this in mind: will be used for testing purposes mainly, once I feel it is working good and manageable, i will then need to create a third mulit store @ from the orginal store @

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Taiwan Guide Website

I want a website for the URL /

Mostly in English aimed at western visitors to Taiwan,

something halfway between the Wikpedia/wiki travel page and travelchinaguide dot com with a nicer template and "Taiwan Flavor"

Google Ads to advantage where appropriate, I am not a travel agent therefore Google, Travel/Tour Affiliate and Banner sales would be the main revenue (Just use your own google code or if you like I will send mine however please properly embed the ads dont use the XSitePro Google Ads Manager)
Hotel tour and discount Flight Bookings (Use your own affiliate codes or if need me to get the account)
General information about Taiwan, Major Cities, what to see and do, Tourist Attractions
a general Taiwan map
Google Maps of Major Cities/Airports
will send you the API Key if you like or just get another

Please I want it designed in XSitePro if you dont know XSitePro or have a licence please dont reply, Final Project result is the .xsp file

Must know Manderin, I want a Taiwan flavored template of genuine appearance however only use about 10% Manderin in text or graphics this is aimed at English speaking visitors, a basic page(s) on Language tips Culture/Customs how to behave yourself and communicate in Taiwan would be perfect

Ability for the public to contribute reviews of various cities or attractions would be good, this code may be bolted on outside XSitePro

If you use content or images from Wikipedia/Wikitravel/Flikr please re-write or attribute correctly (For Images Attribute in the alt text), a high % SEO unique content would be great, SEO is important.

To take advantage of the XSitePro mobile website feature would also be good

Will be for a LAMP server please use "index.php" any php required or database can be used


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