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Company Website Redesign

Need to redesign an existing company website. Need a clean and professional design. May need custom graphics. Website design similar to other corporate websites in North America for example GE, Shell, IBM, etc.

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Three Womens Lifestyle Websites

Need web designer for 3 separate but linked websites geared towards different generations of women, girls, adult, seniors.

All three will be informational portals and need news feeds specific to each group in addition each site will need separate Google AdSense , social media (FaceBook, Twitter), blog, video galleries, newsletters, top stories, top discussions,etc.

Also in need of portal maintenance, content and database back ups, server monitoring and basic content updates.

Site will be similiar to an

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Online Newspaper Website

Content generated from other newspapers websites automatically. Example is

You should have done similar before..

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Fancy Navigation Menu

I need same navigation menu exactly similar to the one in

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Setup Of A Webshop

I want to setup a new online Store for selling military antique.
The webshop should be similar to

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Similar To Http://

We need a website similar to, where people can list their electronic components also have multi languages (Turkish,English,Chinese). Please take a look at the websites provided. That is what we need.

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Similar To Www.harvard.ed

7 page website elegant and as simple as

First visit there website is simple yet elegant.

I have to develop a Computer Adaptive Script:
A question will have 5 options, to be pulled from MYSQL Database along with a question.
Explanations and answer will also be there in the same database.

However A script function will have to come and play role:
If some makes a mistake, that is if he or she has attempted a wrong question between question number 1-10; 100 marks should be deducted from his total score out of 800.
Suppose he has done a question wrong between 1-10 and his final score is 720 out of 800 then the result final will be shown as: 620. However if he/she makes more than 1 question wrong between 1-10 still only 100 marks will be deducted. similarly wrong question between 11-15 will deduct 50 marks from the final score.
There will be six different kind of question saved in the database

I will provide you more detail..

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Macintosh Dashboard Widget – Borrowing Calculator

Build a Home Loan "Borrowing" Calculator which features as a Macintosh Dashboard Widget.

The Calculator is as follows:

The Calculators is currently written in JavaScript and HTML. It would need to be written to run on a Macintosh as a native dashboard widget, ready for submission to the Macintosh Widget Store, similar to the below widget:


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Shoes Manufacturing Company Web Site Design

We need to web site design for Shoes manufacturing company.

The design must be very nice.
The design has to good grafik

We want to example site.

Similar site:

12/30/2010 at 9:32 EST:

We dont want to dinamic site, we want to only static site.

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Migrate Several Websites To New Server

We are moving our old websites to a new server. They were written in an older version of PHP and MySQL, so some update of code may be required. One site is ecommerce with SSL pages. The main website is Additionally, we run virtual tours, so there is a substantial amount of images that need to be moved as well.

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Magic The Gathering DB Bridge OsCommerce

I need of a module that bridge osCommerce with or My site is a little web shop of card games and others hobbies and I need that database of these cards into my osCommerce. The search of products into this section as inspired by but of one seller only (me)…

If you can make that module auto update and auto upgrade database, this is perfect.

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Specialty RE

We are looking to develop a site similar in character and functionality to

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Site Similar To [Low Cost]

We are planning for a deal a day website almost similar to with some differences.

Please give a look to and let me know what do you think about it.

It would be great if you can also provide an estimate on the time involved and the cost of developing this product.

The following are the constraints to consider before planning:
1. We dont want to maintain our own web server [Optional/ Have a VPS you can use that and deploy there]
2. We want to be able manage everything on that website(you can easily figure out the manageable components after exploring the Let me know of there are grey areas.[Admin panel should be very efficient with WYSWIG editors etc]
3. We want to use some third party payment gateway .[Paypal for sure , also for credit card payment , plus need some panel incase the payment is in person or home pickup]
4. We dont want to spend any money on any proprietary software.
5. We dont want to store any critical piece of information such as credit card information with us, all such data should be stored using some third party secure service. For instance we can make use of some payment gateways service to store the sensitive data at their end. This is required to ensure that we dont run into any security related issues later on. But we do want to save customers basic information like name, Email etc. with us. Also we need the ability to charge customer at any time and cancel any transaction.
6. Also the site should be very design friendly like template based eg : wordpress , I dont want my development team to spend hours to integrate new design . It should be same as in case of wordpress .
7. The site should not be for one buyer , we will be selling the facility to many people so that they can have there own livingsocial website for a small montly/yearly payment .Ideally it will be like wordpress only but not free , someone clicks be a partner and he gets his own application, he should have facility to add new templates like again wordpress does also white label to him own domain from .
8. Signup for users will be from facebook, twitter , gtlak etc , you may use RPX or theres another JQUERY based signup which also is easy to integrate .This is a half day job I can help you with quick solutions so dont consider its a hude thing to do .

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to know anything more about it. if required we can chat or talk as well, see my portfolio for more contact details .

Based on your quote and estimate, well be able to plan the feasibility of outsourcing this product to you.

Remember the QUOTE should cover every aspect , all certificates , development , testing .

Please consider all factors before bidding .

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10 Single Page Websites

I need 10 single page websites. (different layouts) Can be done in CSS/PHP. Simple logo and seo optimized (title, keyword, metatags, headers, (h1, h2, h3). page needs to have a quick contact form on the right side. a jquery gallery slide show (find a free or I can recommend one), I will send you the domains and images.

This is how you can do it quick and cheap: You create the first website, and just copy it 9 times. Then you just modified the css / colors a little bit so the layout looks different. This is a sample site but you are welcome to create your own style: . you can add dummy text then I will replace them with the originals. I have 50 more sites like this and probably more that will be awarded to you if you do a cool job.

Send Portfolio.

PS. like I said, just create one nice site, and the rest are just modified copies. I wont pay more than $20 per page.

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