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Facebook Game

I need a game like this one.

Only difference is that I need only 1 single photo that changes every week, no clues and 8 differences.

There needs to be a leaderboard for the quickest that week.

There should also be a winnerspage, with previous week winners.

Each week there will be 5 winners, the #1 and 4 random numbers which are published when the new round starts. (for example # 321, # 755, #1567, # 2387).

Further details will be discussed with the potential winners after the first selection.

Please start your bid with the word "Spot", bids that dont start with this word are deleted.

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$1/500 Words – 2 To 5 Articles Daily – Get Daily Payment

I am looking for reliable writers who can write at least 2 to 5 (500 words) unique articles daily. please bid for 30 articles only.

These articles must be 100% unique Copyscape passed.
Any plagiarism or low quality would not be tolerated.

You must be able to write perfectly in US English and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, also should have excellent research skills in order to craft write on any topics.

Ask any questions you have and start bidding with a sample immediately. I will choose the winners within today.

you must be able to write ezine quality articles.

** Please post a sample of your work in order to be consider.
** Bid Without sample will be ignored.
** Bid over $30 will be ignored.

Lower bid would be appreciated.

thank you.

02/11/2011 at 8:39 EST:

I will choose the winners within 3 days.

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Need 6 Articles On "video Marketing" (multiple Winners)


I have a video marketing website for which I need 6 articles. The website basically is a video making tool that helps you create videos without learning video editing software using flash based wizards.

Article Structure: catchy title and 550 words body and resource box.

It goes without saying but your content must be unique and written in proper English (must pass copyscape). I will pick multiple bidders (at least 5 people) at the end. If you are an ezinearticles author, I will give preference. Bids over $30 will not be considered.

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100 Mini Sites – Two Winners

I would like to hire a team to do the following task 100 times:

Create a mini site with 2 html pages:
– index.html: Contains one/two image(s), headline with title and a link named something like "Click here to continue" to content.html.
– content.html: Contains gallery and/or video(s).

You have to pick 100 different, (to men) highly appealing, specific topics. For example: "21 Busty Girls Making Their Friends Invisible".

All 100 must have different, attractive CSS styling (can be basic) and different wording. They must not look alike.

To be considered for this job, please find one fitting topic and create the mini site for it.
Attach them (or a screenshot of them) to your PM which also includes turnaround time and price.

Two winners will be picked.

If anything is unclear, please let me know. Thank you!

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Pakistani Writers With Good English Only

Dear Friends,

I am building up a strong and creative team of Pakistani writers who are willing to start their career as freelance writer. There are thousands of articles to be written and rewritten for different blogs, websites and article marketing websites such as, and

Please bid only if you have good English. This is probably the only requirement I ask for. Quantity and price will be discussed with the winners only.

I repeat: Please bid ONLY if you can write in good English. A sample on a given topic will be asked for before the selection of winners.

Happy Bidding !

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Translate 3500 Words Into Multiple Languages / Winners

I have a document that is the text from an English website. Total 3500 words.

I need it translated and Localized into Chinese, Malay, French, Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, German & Korean

Please bid on a PER Language basis and state what languages you could do.

NOTE: Needs to be human translation NO AUTOMATIC TRANSLATIONS.

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A Quiz Website, Only The Experienced Coders Please!!!

Its a quiz site. It contains Registration page , Log in, Profile, user Control Panel, Quiz page, Winners list page, Members list, Archives etc.

You have to create 2 Logos for the site.

I made the basic design just to help you understand the main theme. You have to complete, adjust, add-remove the design.

Every new registered members will have a {{{{{{referral link}}}}}}. So make sure you know the proper coding to generate referral links.

You have to compile every thing in a installable package ( I guess its obvious) and let me test it for 3 days in that period i might ask you to modify some of the might need to try it out on a free web server.

Admin panel, There will be multiple admins. 1 by default and can be created and assigned permissions.

Winners will be selected in two ways. Fastest 3 and random 7-10 and may be more (the number should be under admins control). The random winners will be selected and their names will be published on the result page.

Im providing a the unfinished basic design that I have made. I will add more features later on. its been created in MS publisher.

There should be a question bank where I can input questions in advance and the computer can select questions from them randomly along with the answers to choose from. A question that has been selected once will not appear again unless and until I want to.

The process must be automated.As this is a daily quiz site so every day let say at 10pm new question will appear on the site which will last for the next 24 hours. After that again new question will come and so on.


Web Design—pleasant design
Php—Fine coding, nice admin panel, Referral Link and etc
MySql—photo/text questions database
Logo Design—2 Logos site logo and our company logo. we will provide related documents later.
the Site should be compatible with all the browsers.
Live watch and a countdown timer (which will show how many times left for new question).
Please see the uploaded file
Also please bear in mind that few more modifications and additions might come while your working.
Delivery time should not exceed 7 days please.
Thank You

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Contest Module / Component For Joomla Site

I would like a contest component built for a joomla site. Here is what it should include:

Countdown timer until end of contest/giveaway at which time the program will automatically draw a winning user from the database of only users who are logged in at the time of the drawing.
It will display the users avatar and username (needs to work with Community Builder) and they will have to do something to claim the prize (possibly click a link that only they can see) then after they claim it will show them as the winner in the article.

I would like this integrated into article creation to where I can setup the contest/giveaway while creating the new article. I would also like the following modules built for this:

Active countdown timer module: showing the timer counting down – show days, hours, min, secs, and possibly even millisecs if not a problem, (can be displayed anywhere).
Last winners module: showing recent winners – show avatar and name, (I need to be able to set how many winners are shown).

The code needs to be valid, I need to own it, you cannot distribute it. Needs to support multiple countdowns at the same time. I look forward to working with someone!

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Upload Provided Reviews To Website

The complete job description is as follows:

1. Go to provided online movie reviews blog.
2. Log into our website with a provided user id.
3. For each review on blog, check if the movie is already reviewed on our website. If not, create topic.
4. Upload review to our website under this topic.
5. It will be automatically credited to the author, whose permission we have obtained.

This is a long-term project. We would select multiple winners for this project by creating identical projects and awarding them to the selected winners. Since we do not require any qualifications whatsoever, we would award the project to the lowest bidders. Our budget is $5 per 100 uploaded reviews. Please provide a bid for 100 reviews.

Thank you.

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Local Articles – Long Term Opportunity

I need ten articles written every month. Articles need to be 400-500 words, written in perfect conversational American English.

Articles must be unique and pass Copyscape at 95%.

You must agree to give me exclusive rights and you may not reproduce them elsewhere or submit them to any other client.

We are looking to pay $10/article for great work. We will choose several winners and give each winner the same keywords and instructions to write two test articles. We will chose one or two winners that will then be given 10 more articles immediately with 10+ to follow each month.

If you look at our reviews you will see that when we find a quality source we stay with them and pay fast and generously.


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Fix PHP SCRIPT-script Who Get The Results From Betting Agenc

I have a script that is getting results from a betting agency and store them to my database so i can see them better.
The problem is the site has changed a little bit and the script is not getting anymore the Results from the races. It get without problems the races, dogs, but not the winners. You must modify the link from where winners are grabed.
For more detalies i wait your PM.
MAX 30$ bid

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100 Sign Ups To A Free Online Game

I require over 100,000+ sign ups to our free online game.
We will be selecting multiple winners for this project.

We are only looking for signups from:
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

User must register, validate email, download game and login to be paid for that signup.

We will be selecting multiple winners for this project.

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