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WordPress Theme Designer

We are looking for WordPress designers.

We accept designs with the same framework, just changing out the psds

We need a large amount of themes so speed and low cost is main objective without loosing quality.

If you are good with design but not so much with WordPress there are programs like Artisteer that can be used.

Please bid how many per day/week you can produce. And price for grouping.

Lets talk and see what we can work out 🙂

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Theme Designer

i need a professional theme for a lyrics website . i like the theme of – i want that style (colours and many things),but of course ,dont copy that theme,be original -make it great and ill buy it .

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Theme Designer

I want to apply new color and texture to this script. –

I want it to look modern and bold like this script:

The demo look wimpy and old.. i want to beef up the look.

I want to get started on this asap. I dont just want a PSD of course. You will integrate
design and for some they will just reskin directly.. does not matter how you do it.

Pay $50

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Theme WordPress/PHP Developer(s)/Designer(s)

Looking for experienced WordPress/PHP developer/s for:

-Wordpress customisation and redesign complete (new theme)
-Excellent knowledge of wordpress plugins/components
– We need a wordpress copy of this site : http://www.pre*sse-citr* same disposition / plugin theme style for another wordpress theme : antispam and emailing blog
– We give you access to the FTP and you update all theme and site.

Must :

-Demonstrate extensive Development experience with WordPress
-Be able to meet deadlines
-Be responsive to all communication
-Be able to communicate via g-chat

Please include only the best WordPress Custom PHP based sites from your portfolio in your reply .

This might lead up to regular work .

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Need A WordPress Theme Designer.

Greetings from Alan!!

I need an elegant theme designed for a Astro site that Im building using WordPress. I wll provide you with the PSD for building the theme, we may need slight modifications in the theme.

We also need a products page inside the theme in which we want you to incorporate a shopping cart + payment gateway. The payment processing code has to be a part of the theme and not a separate plugin (if possible). We need three page templates for displaying our products in different ways, please use your creativity.

We will also provide another PSD for one of the pages called "report page". This page template will have the same header/footer but the content area will be a little different.

And likewise, we have a page called the "cards page" for which we will provide another PSD, you just have to create a page template for it, again the header/footer remains same, only content area changes a bit.

The final theme has to be Web 2.0 and CSS, XHTML compliant. We want to finish this in less than a week, so please express interest only if you think you can show the commitment.

Bidders – you need to show us samples of your CMS work where in you have designed custom themes along with your bid. We will need an NDA from you that you will not be able to use the theme for any other site.

Only experienced WordPress theme developers need apply please! We have lots of work for the same site coming up so we are looking for someone with whom we can build an ongoing working relationship.

On successful completion of the task youll given a fantastic review and we shall recommend you to our other clients and friends too.

Thank you!

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Looking For A Designer To Create WordPress Theme

Looking for a designer to create a mockup of another site to be used with wordpress. need a design thats professional looking and clean like

this will take an experience designer no longer than maybe an hr. looking to pay between 30-50 dollars.

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WordPress Theme Designer

I need someone from india who can make a wordpress theme for me, i will show all the detail, it is a simple job for one who knows what he is doing, i will pay directly to their bank account. Im hiring immediately, so please let me know ASAP

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WordPress Theme Designer

Im looking for a experienced WordPress Theme Designer for creating a large number of themes each month.

1. Contactable by Skype
2. XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
3. Strong English Skills
4. Online Portfolio of WordPress Themes
5. State your price per theme
6. State how many themes you can create a month

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WordPress Theme Designer

Need Experience WordPress Theme designer, if you have good design skill & Portfolios, then bid and send me portfolios URLs?

Valid XHTML /CSS / Browser compatibility
High Quality Images
We need Full PSD source ( Layers,Fonts,used graphics,etc)
Widget Ready ( Social media,Facebook,Twitter Inbuild)

Niche: Web hosting
Quantity: 1 ( all copyrights to our company )


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WordPress Theme customization

I need my wordpress template for my personal blog customized. There are some graphics required and the rest is template custimization.

Graphic design requirements:

1) images and code for me WP theme for a sidebar element which will contain a RSS and email subscribe buttons (with mouse over effects (hover image/ changes shading and/or color)) (will provide examples of what I envision).
2) design a sidebar element which will be a table and images (with mouse over effect (hover image changes shading/color)) for "following me" on various social networks preferably using the sites full logo or a single icon (ie, facebook, twitter, linkedin, flickr, friendfeed) (will also provide examples of what Im envisioning)
3) Create a favicon for the site. (This will just be a "J" inside of a circle or something quick and easy).

WordPress theme edits:
1) I have the tweetmeme plugin, and it inserts a button to the top of every post on the single post page and on the home page. I would like this button moved to thelefthand sidebar for each of the posts (on the home page and single page view). Note, the left hand sidebar is empty except for some meta data (date, author, comments). Theplugin has a setting for a manuall call, you just need to place the call in the right spot.
2) Format in the home page and single page the "share button(s)" (linking to social networks, etc). I envision the button being placed in the left sidebar just below themetadata on the home page and single templates. (again this should be moving the call element).
3) On the single template the comments element in the left column needs the comment count added to replicate the presentation on the home page, right now it just says "comments" and links to the comments section, just adding the count call.
4) I would like the posts tag(s) and categories meta data added to the single template . My current theme left these out. My though is they will go in a box (table) or section below the post. This table will be a color offset, or possibly a horizontal line with header text to denote the change in sections. (will provide the text that you can insert in the data calls.
5) In line with #4, I will need a section break of some kind before the comments element, a horizontal line and section header with text for the comments.
6) Edit the CSS to remove the boarder on all images.
7) I need two new tabs added to the header template that will link to category archives pages. The added of these should not effect the dynamic added/ removing of pages (which also create tabs). (may need you to add these, make sure they work, and then comment them out until I am ready to launch those sections, still undecided on this).
8) I would like to hide (not remove just comment out or document how to add back in) the search box in the right sidebar.
9) Better designed "older posts" and "newer posts" links for page navigation. Here it making it look like a button (either an image or table) and adding a bit more space between the links and the footer (right now they run together).
10) design a better "Read More" link/ image for the home page template (for used when the <!–more–> quick tag is used) (i have an examples of whatim thinking here).

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