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Get Images From RSS Feed And Display Them Full Screen

I need a simple app that will take all the images from, and display them full screen as a tab bar application.

– I dont need any titles or descriptions – just the images to be displayed full screen.
– It must be a tab bar application with a tab for an info screen
– The user must be able to "swipe" back and fourth in order to change pictures
– It should have a spot on the bottom for an ad view

I need this app to be done in 1-2 days MAX, so please ONLY bid if you are able to do it in a day or two.

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WordPress Build

Need help tweaking wordpress. Weve used a commercial ap (corephp) to install it in our joomla, added the plugins and are now down to simple config.
1. install header
2. install images for landing page and customiE
3. move plugin location to side column
4. configure article placement
5. permission guest correspondents, authors, editors and admin
6. configure categories
7. condense the tags
8. make sure video installation as easy as possible
9. address varying fonts and sizing and formatting
10. set up rss feed, widget, to twitter, facebook and you tube
11. configure footer at bottom – widget, banners, etc
12. set up the comments
13. ensure content viewable on smartphones
16. need sitemap and archives page

Must be done by this Sunday. MAx Budget $80

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WordPress Theme Custimization

I use a an autoblog poster for my sites.

I would like to be able to post images to my post through
the plugn but the theme is hardcoded for excerpts.

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