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Windows: Create A COM Wrapper Using UDP, TCP/IP, Bonjour

This project involves creating a wrapper for a COM library to enable calls to be made over a network (there should be a flag to be able to choose between TCP/IP, UDP and Bonjour).

The COM library is basic, and only a handful of calls are to be implemented (< 10). Full documentation for the COM library will be provided.

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ActiveX Wrapper For Chrome

We have an activex and we need to develop a plugin for Chrome Browser, that is a simple wrapper of all methods. The activex is already functional in IE browser. We need those methods to be visible from javascript. You can use FireBreath ( for this task.

Im attaching the full cab file with all the dll dependencies. The interface object is the .ocx file (we need a wrapper for it).

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Joomla Wrapper Issue – Need To Hyperlink To A Wrapped Page


I have a wrapper menu item (Displays an iframe to wrap an external page or site into Joomla! ) created in my Joomla website and the wrapper URL is correct, but now I cannot figure out how to LINK to that wrapped page? I need to hyperlink to that wrapped page and I cant figured it out.

Also, I should state that I have sh404SEF installed.

This should be a very quick job for someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING

I am willing to pay $10-$15 for this task to be completed.

I will send details via PM to winner.

Need completed by end of TODAY

Please do not waste my time- if you do not understand Joomla and Wrappers then DO NOT BID.

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Link To Wrapper Menu Item In Joomla


I have a wrapper menu item (Displays an iframe to wrap an external page or site into Joomla! ) created in my Joomla site and the wrapper URL is correct, but now I cannot figure out how to LINK to that wrapped page?

I need to hyperlink to that wrapped page and I cant figured it out.
Also, I should state that I have sh404SEF installed.

This should be a very quick job for someone who knows what they are doing.
I am willing to pay $10-$15 for this task to be completed.

I will send details via PM to winner.
Need completed by end of today.


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Dlib Wrapper

I need a wrapper written for the popular C++ dlib library (see links) so that I can use the machine learning algorithms in VB.NET 2005. In addition to the wrapper, I also need a small VB.NET 2005 application demonstrating the capabilities of dlibs rvm_trainer algorithm.

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.NET Wrapper To PHP To Work In A Web App


I would like to mimic this C++ .NET wrapper to work in a PHP + (any other language you feel comfortable) to people be able to authenticate using a eID card and a Card Reader.

The wrapper API is in this site:

The site we will use to authenticate is a Linux server with PHP 5 and MySQL and the app is based in CodeIgniter.

Please bid if you are able to transform this Wrapper into PHP with similar functions, the server side can also work in any other language like Java or a programming language you feel comfortable.

Thank you

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Website Compatibly For IE 8

My underdevelopment website is troubling with IE 8 and wrapper issues. I am getting Javascript error. There are issues with wrapper content not properly showing . See web

03/06/2011 at 0:28 EST:

send PM if u need any more clarification…

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C++ Wrapper

I need a wrapper written for the VirtualBox API that makes the function TakeScreenShotToArray accessible (and functional) in .NET. This should be fairly trivial for someone familiar with C++.

The Interop.VirtualBox.dll API exposes the TakeScreenShotToArray function, however it fails with an error in .NET. Ive read online that a C++ wrapper is required.

VirtualBox is a freely available virtualization package, similar to Virtual PC. The latest version can be downloaded freely online.

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Linux, Java, PHP – Serverside PDF Renderer

We need a serverside component to convert PDFs stored in our LAMP stack application, into rendered images (PNG) with an HTML wrapper to navigate between pages.

The component will be called from PHP, but a command-line interface would be sufficient.

Knowledge of the best available open source solutions is a prerequisite – this is not a write from scratch project.

This is a download some code and write a wrapper script project that should be quite simple.

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Wrapper/filter To Replace Display Info Of A Program

I just repost my project:

I need a wrapper/filter which can monitor a program output in windows and replace the some of the display info of the output. This program – console is running at windows platform and configure / operate some devices. Since we dont have the source code, so we have to write a wrapper/filter to capture the output and replace with other info. Please contact me for detailed info. I need this done ASAP. Thank you!

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Iphone Wrapper For Mobile Site

We are looking for an iPhone app that can be submitted to the Apple stores for users to download to their mobile phones. Since the website is already optimized for mobile users, all we want is a simple app wrapper that displays the mobile site. Apple may require you to create functionality buttons (since they dont approve simply wrappers). We can have a support button at the bottom that creates an email, and we can add a refresh button.

The final product should include the code, along with any documents and/or projects required to submit to Android and Apple store. You should only bid for this project if you have recently submitted wrapper-like-apps to the apple store that have been approved.

Reply with the following information:
– List out what you would need from us to complete the project (i.e. image for app, website URL, etc.)?
– We are looking for a 24 hours turn around; however, how long would it take you to complete the project and how do you want to proceed with payment?

Please respond asap. I want to get this done right away.

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IPhone Cocoa/Objective-C Wrapper Library For FreelancerAPI

The guys over at have produced an API to interact with their already cool site. Their API is well documented and easy enough to use but there are a few hoops to jump through to get an application authorized and the response data structures do not always seem consistent among all the possible calls. Must have experience with The Software Development Kit For iPhone (SDK) as well as extensive use of XCode IDE.

To simplify things further I would like a Cocoa/Objective-C Wrapper Library to assist in using the FreelancerAPI for iPhone App Developing.

The new Objective-C Wrapper Library for API will be well documented and will expose all available features of the FreelancerAPI including all payment calls. This will become part of a larger FreelancerAPI Toolkit for iPhone Application Development

Developer will deliver a complete solution with sample iPhone application to demonstrate the functionality of the Objective-C Wrapper Library.

The person I hire must have the following skills:
– Experience in FreelancerAPI Services,
– iPhone Apps development experience needed
– Good Agile development management and practices.
– Good eye for user interface and graphic design.
– Experience in Agile Development Practices
– Experience w/ design patterns, preferably including ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
– Excellent English, in reading, writing speaking including writing technical documents, emails, usage of IM tools,
– Capability in working independently or as a team,
– Experience in working with team members in different time zones.

Payment Milestones:
20% upon delivery of everything and my review
10% upon installation
20% upon installation review
50% after final sign off from testing

I will need:
– Daily reporting of tasks completed to management
– Recording time in our time tracking system as you go
– Usage of our project management and bug tracking systems
– Adhering to our SVN policies

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Our Software runs on a server. We need an iPhone and iPad compatible app, to connect to the server, Apple calls it a Hybird Web App, and a "wrapper"

1) After the launch image a starter screen is displayed, there are 3 option. click, "OK" click "contact us" or click "About"

2) Once "OK" is clicked the app connects to an iP address within the app, hiding the URL also known as a "wrapper" The app should be centered in the screen.

Everything else should run from our server, however we need some flexibility to make sure the app works as we envision. But its a very basic operation as you can see.

1) You must have knowledge of web apps and wrappers.

2) Please show us any iPhone apps you have built.

3) How long will this take to develop.

4) How long do you guarantee a bug free app and what do you charge for



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Simple SWF Wrapper For Hyperlink

I need an SWF that wraps other SWFs to allow a clickthrough to a specified URL.

This wrapper SWF should be parametrized to include:

– movie=path/otherswf.swf
– height and width
– target=thispage/newpage (open in same browser window, open in new one)
– url=the url to go to when a person clicks on the banner (url should also be shown in the browser statusbar when a user hovers over it)

The wrapper is necessary because you cant place "a href" tags around the swf object.

please note: i dont mind if someone already has a pre-built one!

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Android & IPhone App Wrapper For Mobile Site

We are looking for both an Android and iPhone app that can be submitted to the Android and Apple stores for users to download to their mobile phones. Since the website is already optimized for mobile users, all we want is a simple app wrapper that displays a stripped-down version of the site (i.e. no buttons, address bar, etc).

The final product should include the code, along with any documents and/or projects required to submit to Android and Apple store.

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Wrapper For Java Program

I have a java command line program, developed with Eclipse. I want to create a GUI wrapper around it.
The program reads configuration file and process data. So the GUI will let the user select options and then
based on the options, read from the configuration file.
not complicated. Need you to compile a Jar file or execution.

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Face Book Wrapper Script

Basically we want to load facebook in a Iframe. I need a script that will allow this. i want it to remember Username and password if possible. How can you help. If we need to have someone write a wrapper for Facebook thats a possibility give me a price and a time frame.


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Wrapper For Perl Program To Restart It

I have a perl program which reads tweets from twitter continuously. I dont know why but every once in a while, maybe once in a day, or once an hour, it stops. It seems to claim that the internet connection was broken but I dont understand that as my internet connection is always on.
Is there some process I can create to check whether it is running and if not restart it? Could I have this check every 10 minutes or so to restart if it is stopped?
Some suggested the following.
a wrapper perl programm.

The wrapper program has to start your twitter client program (system()). The twitter client should produce some alive signal readable by the wrapper, e.g. the twitter client may create and write a file, where a counter is written into it: depending on your loop in the twitter client try to code a counter and write the value of the counter into the file (overwriting the old value in the file). Write not to fast, it should be enough to write about every 5 minutes.

The wrapper reads in an endless while loop (but paused by a sleep 600 = sleeping for 10 minutes ) the counter. The wrapper can compare the new counter value with the value read before. If the old and the new counter are equal, the twitter client is not alive any more and the wrapper can start it again. To be more on the safe side you can restart the twitter client after 3 times the counter does not change.

Because the problem with this approach may be, that you relaunch the twitter client when the old twitter client is still alive but was not fast enough to update the counter, because of any problems. So be sure that the twitter client has to write fast enough and the wrapper waits long enough to be sure that the twitter client is dead.

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Put Xcode/Phonegap Wrapper On Mobile Site For IPhone App

Hi, I need a quick turn-around from a developer to take my mobile site (already optimized for iPhone) and put a wrapper on it (or whatever the term is) so that I can submit it to the iTunes App store. I have loaded it in Phonegap and its almost ready but I need help with these steps:

Landscape Orientation

Native Full Screen

Fix overlay.png in lightbox script (only loading half screen)


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LibCurl Wrapper (.NET)

IMPORTANT: Please bid only if you have extensive experience with libcurl

I am looking for a developer to create a libcurl wrapper for me in C#. I will provide a document with further details regarding the functionality that is required.

In general the wrapper will need this functionality:

1. Get Data (as string)
2. Get Binary Data (into byte array)
3. Post Data (including files)
4. Utilize Proxies (optional)
5. Header Modification (user agent, etc)

I would like this wrapper to be written in C#. I will also add a bonus for an IDENTICAL version of the FINAL wrapper in VB.NET.

Here is a .NET binding to libcurl:

* If possible I would like the .NET bindings to utilize the latest version of libcurl. The version in the binding is using libcurl 7.13.0, the latest version is 7.21.1.

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Rewrite .net Com Wrappered DLL In C++ Without Wrapper


We have a COM DLL which was written by a previous freelancer which is in .net with a COM wrapper. Unfortunately we seem to be having problems using this via asp where the Application Pool in IIS will need to be periodically recycled.

We would like to get the DLL converted to a native COM DLL not utilising a wrapper.

Naturally all of the source is available and once completed the new source will need to be provided.

The budget for this project is $500 and milestones within Freelancer can be used.


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Java/COM Bridge (challenge)

We would like to improve the Open Source Jabaco Framework. Visit to learn more about the backgrounds. Short: It is possible to convert an existing VB6 project to Jabaco and compile it to Java Bytecode. It is currently not possible to convert VB6-projects with COM-dependencies to Jabaco (without using JNI and creating a native wrapper for that). This should be improved. In detail:

We need a generic bridge between COM and Java: Java application <=> Bridge <=> 3rd party COM-Server. It should be possible to add an ActiveX-Control to Swing (without creating a native wrapper manually). It should be possible to catch events and invoke methods/properties within Java and without native action. It is acceptable to use IDispatch for that. It is also possible to create a standalone (autonom) Proxy-Creator: 3rd party (binary) COM-Server => Converter => Java Wrapper (Jar-archive)

The solution will be published open source within the Jabaco framework. Contact me for any details.

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IPhone + Android App Wrapper For Mobile Site

I have a mobile site thats already optimized for mobile phone browsers, however Id like to be able to charge for it in the iPhone and Android app stores. I need an app for each that will act essentially as a stripped-down browser for the mobile site – no URL bar, no buttons, just the web page content.

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PHP Script Paypal Pages To Open In New Browser Not Wrapper

Joomla site with php script in wrapper needs the paypal payment pages to open in a new browser window without the joomla wrapper…

Script links x 2 need to be updated to open in a new browser only displaying the paypal window not the joomla wrapper…

is the site and you may need to login to see the user menu..

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Wrapper Class For Windows Event Log

I need a wrapper class around "windows event log" to from a .NET application.
I know there are many like nLog, log4net… but they are more than I need !
After referencing the DLL from any application someone can write :
"Logger.log.Info("This is a log");"
There are three methods: Info, Warning, Error as we seen in windows event log and the rest is done by windows.
Class diagram is designed (there are some design complexity which are done) and I need just the code.
I have a working one which will be sent to winner but I should mention there are some extra work around this because windows event log have concepts like registering source which should be handled properly to prevent conflict between multiple use of the class with different sources.

Main issue with project is simplicity and robustness.

I took the work here to test if I can save my time on works that I know how to do but dont have enough time to research, test and debug. First experience!

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Create Javascript Layer Adds Wrapper

We have a Affiliate script where you can create a wrapper this wrapper load a html content

by example
the wrapper for display a popunder looks like this

<script language="javascript">
if (typeof pap_o == "undefined") {var pap_o = document.onmouseup;if (typeof pap_o == "undefined") pap_o = function(){return true;};function papSetC($Name,$Value,$EndH){var exdate=new Date();$EndH=exdate.getHours()+$EndH;exdate.setHours($EndH);document.cookie=$Name+ "=" +escape($Value)+(($EndH==null) ? "" : ";expires="+exdate.toGMTString()+";path=/;");}function papGetC($Name) {if (document.cookie.length>0){$Start=document.cookie.indexOf($Name + "=");if ($Start!=-1) {$Start=$Start + $Name.length+1;$End=document.cookie.indexOf(";",$Start);if ($End==-1) $End=document.cookie.length;return unescape(document.cookie.substring($Start,$End));}}return "";}}if (navigator.cookieEnabled && !papGetC("pap{$bannerid}")) {papSetC("pap{$bannerid}", 1, 12);var pap_o_{$bannerid} = document.onmouseup;if (typeof pap_o_{$bannerid} =="undefined") pap_o_{$bannerid} = function(){return true;};var $na = "$puw_{$bannerid}"{$htmlcompleteurl}","_blank","height={$height}, width={$width}, toolbar=no, location=no, directories=no, status=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, resizable=no, copyhistory=no");if($puw_{$bannerid})$puw_{$bannerid}.blur();pap_o_{$bannerid}();document.onmouseup="pap_o();"";document.onmouseup=Function($na);}

the variable {$bannerid}"{$htmlcompleteurl} load the follow content in this wrapper

<a href="{$targeturl}" target="_blank"><img src="{$image_src}" alt="{$alt}" title="{$alt}" width="{$width}" height="{$height}" border="0" /></a>{$impression_track}

what we need is a "Layer add" wrapper what works like this example (the big sliding in window) (exactly like this example speed, position, on close load popunder etc)

this wrapper need load the html content like the other example

<a href="{$targeturl}" target="_blank"><img src="{$image_src}" alt="{$alt}" title="{$alt}" width="{$width}" height="{$height}" border="0" /></a>{$impression_track}

this job is only for real 100% Javascript profis there is no other coding needet only the javascript wrapper the javascript need work perfect in all major browser (IE Firefox Safari Opera Google chrome ect)

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Joomla + Virtuemart + IE Error

I have built a website for a client of mine using Joomla. When I first built the site everything worked fine, but then had to move to another server. Since moving, the store does not work in Internet Explorer (some sort of Javascript error). I need this fixed ASAP. Page in question can be viewed here –;view=wrapper&amp;Itemid=4

Consider this a test job. If the bid is the right price and you do the job well there will be more work for you.

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Branded IPhone App With Wrapper


I am looking to develop an iPhone app that is used for marketing.

There are 2 aspects to the app:

1. Branded App:

* The app will allow people to read blog feed, youtube channel, twitter feed, podcasts, facebook updates, linkedin updates, podcasts.

* There is a tips section where people can learn about various tips.

* Users can mark any of the information above as favorites and can access them.

* There is also an about screen where people can learn more information and visit the website.

* Users can also signup for newsletter by entering their email address.

2. Wrapper App

The wrapper app has same functionality of the Branded app and in addition when the app is first opened, it will ask for a code and depending on the code will download config file from server. The config file will have the blog url, youtube channel info, twitter info etc so that people can have the same experience as the branded app.

This is a very straight-forward app and I am looking to get this done within a week.

I will also post link to similar app in the project discussion board.

Thanks and happy bidding

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