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Form Query Script And Render Xml Return On Joomla Website

To develop a script for use on a Joomla website that will submit a search request to an external server via a form, joining the URL of the destination server with the form query (part number) submitted in the form to search for a part number. The host server

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Joomla Template adjustment


This is a super quick project.
We have a joomla website and we want the to look like details page
to look like this:
with one tab showing the attributes and the second tab showing the product details
In addition, the add to cart only works sometimes!
Also, Jazz up th esite with some colors!
I am looking to hire the right person ASAP… May have more changes in the future…Reply with PMs and appropriate bids.

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Joomsocial needed without showing Joomla

I was told this is possible,
I wanted to use the software called "Joomsocial", a social network software apart of Joomla. I am running wordpress, so I do not want Joomla on the site, only Jomsocial at a sub domain.

If you can do this, we will need you to and install it. Nothing else. And the location would be something like

Thanks in advance!

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