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Freelance Script -or- Edit Kubelance To Fit My Needs

I need one of the following:

Im looking for:

a) a script that runs like, or with full features.

-Or- (preferred choice since I already have purchased the script)

b) some good programmer who can edit my current Kubelance script to do the following:

– Optional entry fee for buyers (that I can activate or disable at will)
– Import contact feature (or simply importing CVS files into the system maintaining full functionality, as they were inserted manually)
– Integration with iContact or Aweber autoresponder products (so when someone subscribe gets also registered into a mailing list)
– Mainteinance fee (I need someone to take care of the script at least for the first 6 months after launch)

When bidding let me know what exactly you can provide. Code should also be well documented so that if someone needs to edit it later, they arent completely lost when trying to edit it.

However, I am interested in a monthly support bid (separated) as well.



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Need One Professional Programmer To Customize Adquick Script

I need one professional programmer to customize adquick script.
I need it support xml feed . and should edit the ad formats.

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Action Script For Flash

This is a project for a psychological experiment. This is going to be written in Action Script for Flash.

Overall goal is to have four 2 minute sessions for a total of an eight minute session. After each mini session of 2 minutes there needs to be an alert stating that a break is allowed for up to 2 minutes. Press any key to continue and if no key is pressed after 2 minutes then auto continue.

I need to keep track of the information gathered.

Alright there are three pictures involved. I will provide the pictures later. I want to work with you on the project in order to get this done ASAP. The pictures are of an O, D, and Backwards D. There needs to be a database that keeps up with Hit "O" and False if a key is pressed when the other 2 pics are displayed.

Now the hit has to be pressed within 1 sec of displaying the O. After that it is a miss.

Now any key can be pressed for a hit or false. Now if a key is pressed at all when it is not suppose to be then it needs to be a miss.

Now the pics are to be centered in the center of the screen. This is designed to be full screen. Each pic needs to be displayed for 40 msec at the rate of 57.5 events/min.

Now the pic of O is shown 20% of the time and the other 2 pics need to be shown 40% of the time each.

This should be a pretty simply project for someone that is efficient in Action Script. I am a PHP programmer and would do it in PHP, but action script / flash is better suited for this.

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