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Zen-Cart Expert Needed ENG / GER Or F

Looking for a Zen Cart expert !

job :

– export files from admin program
– insert those files to different places ( like Goggle merchant etc. )
– set links on first page ( add boxes )
– change template

DO NOT reply if you do not have this skills, I do not want to waste your time or mine.

Cherche expert Zen-Cart online shopping
Suche Zen-Cart Experten

German and French speaking are welcome !!!

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Zen Cart Expert Needed – PIN Checkout Solution


The Zencart ecommerce solution that you I am looking for should have the following sections:

1. A module that generate PINs uniquely and securely. (with activate/deactivate PIN options)
2. Export PINs in a zipped (password folder) CSV/PDF file for print.
3. A checkout system that allows purchases to be made using the PIN codes. (with flexibility like balance, top ups. Functions similar to gift vouchers but should not be sent to third parties)
4. An inventory system to manage PINs. (PIN usage/production history/batch/traceability)

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I have the shopping cart from, and I need it to be modified to handle customer support.

The way it works now is that only people who have purchased something can contact customer support through the support area in the web site.

I need that to be broken so anyone that has signed up can contact support.

If you do this well I will give you more projects with this script, and you must mention "peanut butter" in your PM to me or you will not be considered at all

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X-cart Expert Needed

I have x-cart pro which needs to be modified. What needs to happen is that shop owners have their own shops. So not a combined shop.

For example we have the mega store Wallmart. It has 10,000 franchisers. Now each and every franchiser much be able to have their own shop and fill it with their local goods.

The homepage of the site contains logos of f.e. Wallmart, next when someone clicks on it it shows all wallmart franchisers. Then it shows the franchisers shop.

A lot more work on this project will be provided if I am satisfied that is.

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Joomla Expert Needed – Creative Design, Dev With Shop Cart

Must be able to handle all aspects of this job – please read all before replying, DO NOT submit bid unless you have read this entire post, more details available via PM.

I have installed Joomla and VirtueMart, I have a rough sitemap of pages (in excel) and products that need pages – now the rest is up to you!

Must have Joomla expertise and experience with VirtueMart (other shopping cart solutions on your recommendations would be considered).

1st – I need a very professional and functional template design, all pages of the site must be consistent so essentially one template and it must flow into the product pages. Site design must include prominently displayed "trust icons" (for example: verisign, no spam icon, secure payment icons, etc…) Page design needs to incorporate some sort of add me/share this, tweet/buzz, type of button well integrated into design. Including a post to Facebook icon and Tweet this icon. Prominent link to custom novelty diplomas page (top nav and/or lef nav and footer).
Site needs to be SEO friendly – flash only in home page hero image, minimal javascript, no ajax, use text not images for nav, use css for styling.

Once approved the design will need to be implemented on the Joomla site and integrated with shopping cart.

I will need approx 24 content pages created within Joomla – page creation only, I will add content.

Will need approx 400 products created (each product on its own e-comm page of course) – page creation only, I will add content.

Product pages will need to have user comments and product rating system enabled (I believe VirtueMart does this – you need to set up and get working)

Will need to install Joomla extension so I can create page title displaying in browser <title>My Custom Page Name</title> seperately from standard Joomla naming that displays throughout the site as the page name. This needs to be done on product pages as well as all non-product pages.

Winning bidder must be willing to understand this is process and be willing to accept feedback and make changes as need to get to a great finished website.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON REQUEST – Including rough site map for site, layout ideas, other ideas about overall site)


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Zen Cart Professional Needed For Product Import & Tweaking

I am currently in the process of working with a client to perfect his online store built on a Zen Cart platform. The client is a reseller and is pulling all product data from the manufacturers back end in the form of a very large .CSV file. I worked previously with a freelancer in Pakistan but he didnt follow through. He used a script (which is understandable) to upload the large product list into Zen Cart, but then never connected the loose ends. The fact that he was in Pakistan also made communication VERY tough and this project is at a point where I cannot afford to waste more time.

I need someone who is VERY experienced with Zen Cart and can upload a product CSV file into Zen Cart and customize some additional options to my specifications. This freelancer MUST, ABSOLUTELY MUST be American, speak English, and be available by telephone. The CSV file holds about 25,000 products, but being that you will most likely be using a script to upload, product amount really shouldnt matter. I need someone to FOLLOW THROUGH and make this project complete.

DO NOT BID IF YOU: 1) ARE NOT AMERICAN 2) CANT SPEAK ENGLISH 3) ARE NOT AVAILABLE VIA TELEPHONE. If you do, your bid will be automatically deleted.

My budget for this project is $300. I MIGHT be able to go a little larger if you can convince me of the need to do so.

Thanks for your interest!

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Zen Cart Expert Freelancer Needed For Ongoing Project

I have been working with Zen Cart for years now. I need someone to work with me on advanced projects.
I own a few car part website and would be launching another one soon.
I have a big website that has been online for years and have good traffic and sales. We want to copy move some of the modules from the live website on a new website that we are developing and add more tools to development website to make the customer experience better.

I am looking for advanced php, ajax, javascript, mysql and Jquery coder to work on advanced coding of the site.

I am looking for a Freelancer not a company that can work with me on the long run to maintain and improve the site as we grow. We have more than 200,000 products on the current site and adding new parts daily. So we need someone that can be with us for the long run.

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Zen Cart Expert Needed: Fix Redirect Loop In Shopping Cart


I am running Zen Cart 1.3.9d, and having some problems with my shopping cart. In an attempt to fix a redirect loop error that 10% of my customers get, a previous developer accidentally broke my shopping cart. Id like both fixed as quickly as possible. should be a very simple fix. Also, there are a couple of very minor edits (spacing on top banner, adding a paragraph of text) that also need to be done. Total time on these is less than a half hour.

Id like to have someone work with me to have all of these issues fixed by the end of the week. Good communication and timeliness are essential. Please address my specific concerns in your reply, or you will be deleted. Looking to start this morning. Thanks!


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Zen Cart Expert Needed:upgrade, Fix Redirect Loop, Currency


I am running Zen Cart v. 1.3.8, and I have 3 things that I would like to be done:

1) Upgrade to 1.3.9d

2) About 10% of my customers are finding it impossible to complete the order process. This is especially true when they try to order in different currencies. I was able to recreate the error, and this it what is returned (using Chrome):

This webpage has a redirect loop.

The webpage at (xxx) has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

Here are some suggestions:
Reload this web page later.
Learn more about this problem.
More information on this error
Below is the original error message

Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

Others just get a blank screen and time out error. I need someone to troubleshoot with all browsers (esp older versions of IE and firefox), and find the problem.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be able to get the error yourself on your machine in order to get my bid! I will send you my website in a PM after you bid if I am potentially interested.

3) there are a couple of very minor edits (spacing on top banner, adding a paragraph of text) that also need to be done. Total time on these is less than a half hour.

Id like to have someone work with me to have all of these issues fixed by the end of the week. Good communication and timeliness are essential. Please address my specific concerns in your reply, or you will be deleted. Looking to start today. Thanks!


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Need Cs Cart Expert For Various Cs-cart Projects

Need Cs Cart Expert For Various Projects

— Mostly for cs cart integrations and custom mods

you need to have a lot of experience with cs cart.(the latest version)

Please contact me with your experience and please show me your cs cart potfolio
thank you

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2.x CS Cart Expert Needed

You will be regularly working on setup, customisation and custom mods for the CS Cart shopping platform.

You MUST BE AN EXPERT in CS Cart, PHP/MySQL, Smarty templates and HTML it generates.

***Unless you know the 2.x system in detail, dont even bid.***
Provide at least 5 samples with your bid.

Some tasks you would be performing:
– template setup and custom layouts from a PSD
– upgrades
– mass product migration, setup of categories from existing databases (flat files or mdb, quickbooks, other)
– custom mods and functionality improvements

You will have your own resources for testing and ensuring mods are bug-free before going live (your own staging server).

This posting is for a sample project that will be a trial for you to make sure we have the right candidate.

Eventually, we are looking for a long term relationship which will require a commitment of at least 20 hrs / week and a lot more in the future.

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ZenCart Experts Please

Dear Experts,

We have two zencart projects which needs to be customised, completed and tested.

Below are the task list for the first project.

1) Product Gallery on home page ( a bit flashy one)
2) Install and Test Payment Module (EWAY)
3) Tidy up template, ( get rid of footer etc )
4) Ajax Menu for categories.

We need some one with in and out knowledge of zencart as we have an application which is developed onto the site by a third party.

Please look on our other ad for the other zen cart project.

We are looking for a realiable and ongoing freelancer to help us with our growing needs.

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Facebook Application Needed

I am looking for a facebook application to be written.

The application will allow users to pay (Paypal / mobile phone / micro payments) to download PDF and swf files.

The PDF and SWFs need to be in a secure area. Users should be supplied with a use once and expire link to the file. They will select from named lists in categories.

I will need to be able to modify the lists (Ive set up a Zen Cart store – so you can assume I have some skills) add new categories add new files and set new prices.

Your initial bid should include:
An outline of your previous work
Cost for the whole project

If shortlisted I will ask you for
An hourly work rate
Suggested milestones for delivery

There may well be follow up work (twitter / myspace / linkedin).

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Zen Cart Template Modifications – Zen Cart Expert Required

We require a number of template modifications to a Zen Cat installation. This includes using new artwork on the master template for menus/etc. Also each category has a unique image which needs to appear on the correct section of the page. A few other tweaks may be required but all will be detailed in the PMB.

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Cube Cart experts

I need someone to template a cubecart skin and setup a couple plugins to my specifications… not a big job but I have multiple sites to do

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ComersUs Expert needed

Customization of ASP based Comersus Shopping Cart Required
We are looking for a developer / designer / team who has experience with working with Comersus with Power Packs. Please do not respond if you cannot show us examples of your work. We are looking to have Comersus customized to our requirements which includes potentially upgrading,changing the GUI and simplifying the shopping cart process.
Shopping cart will be installed on with with SQL

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Zen cart Expert needed for Modifly code for order history

I need modify some code on order history . which customer will be able to log in their account .then can print out an invoice . I will provide sample for the bidder

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Zen cart Expert needed for making an add on to re order stock from my supplier

I need a purchase order for my zen cart shopping cart. before I making order I need know my stock level of all my inventory .Then I need know product is worth to reorder. Then I decided how many I need order. or just discontinued once I decided to order I can add the order amount and date . I need print the result since I may not get what I ordered then I need received amount and date . once I have received stock I will able to add amount to in zen cart inventory

1 . I need following search function IN STOCK form I can put number directly or from to STOCK Sold Button need add calendar
Output: model number, title, picture .amount in stock. Amount sold. Plus following form I can modify . Order amount and date. received and date . Discontinued (BUTTON) . Once I add order amount or click Discontinued button . Then I will be able to click print button and print out all the products with detail : model number title and picture as well . Above search function need exclude stock was already ordered and was chose as discontinued.

2 . After I receive stock in my warehouse in oversea. I need do following search all the Stock ordered but not received . Then I can add the amount in to received form ..It need show discontinued button as well in case stock I ordered was discontinued . Finally when stock arrived in Australia warehouse . I need do following search by date search Stock ordered and received . then I will be able to use update button add all received stock into shop inventory and clear the order amount to 0 .

It must be able to use on both 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 version . if there is a bug need to be fixed must be free of charge . There is main function I needed but if I find out late may need add more function on to it . your bidding price must stay same . Once project finished payment 80 % will release and rest will release in two weeks .

I hope I explain it clearly .

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Oscommerce and php expert needed

I need one or more Oscommerce/php specialist(s) for my online printing store project. I have already found someone who will design the shop layout and all the graphics. So now i need a specialist for the rest of the project.

I want to receive your Oscommerce portofolio and i will only reply when you can give me a detailed project description so that i know you 100% understand the job!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres what i need :

Layout : PSD to Xhtml and template installing

Oscommerce installation with dutch language package and other needed contributes and add-ons.

-Multi-Stores multiple shop system (in the future i want to create different shops with the same product range)

-Printstore ordering module (example – see the dropdown menu: )

-Calculation module (example – see the dropdown menu and calculation: )

-Normal ordering/display products (like this for example: )

-Display products on the frontpage like this (

-Uploading files: customers will deliver files to print by upload. Every upload needs a unique ID that will respond to the order. Customer will receive notification by email when file are received or not received.

-Payment options like paypal, creditcard and ordering on account.

-CMS for the information pages.

-Shop needs to be Seo friendly!

-Newsletter function.

-Function (form) for price quotes (only possible for registrated users).

-Discount Coupon Codes

-Tell a friend option

-Quantity Price Breaks Per Product range.

– The products in the shop will be ordered by many different companys. Every product needs a code that will respond to a company so that our employees can see where to order the product.

-Banner space on frontpage like here:

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

You can start working on the project from 25 may. You have 2 months to do this job. The webshop must be bug free and after finishing the project you need to be present to fix any problem.

Happy bidding!!


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AuntErma’s Zen Cart

Need to update the main page to my web site please have a look at:

Then check out the attahced .jpg for the revisions

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Zen Cart Export needed for SaleMaker Issue

The SaleMaker in Zen Cart (1.3.8a) is not applying the deductions. It could be a conflict with other mods.

Im looking for someone who is very experienced with Zen Cart and can fix this quickly.


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zen cart expert in need


i am looking for an zen cart expert.

thank you

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Urgent Zen cart Expert

Urgently Required a zen cart expert for long term partnership must have 3yrs.+ experience in Zen Cart customization please show some of your work samples bid without sample will be ignored. I am looking for a freelancer all the bids form companies will be ignored.

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