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Shopping Cart Abandonment Email Script

I am looking for a script that will trigger an automated email to send to people who abandon their shopping cart. This scipt should be HTML or text enabled, should link them back to their order and automatically enter the coupon code offered in the email when sent. Basically it must utilize their cookies. I will provide example to who over wins the bid.

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Incorporating And Configuring 1shopping Cart With Amember

Our credit card payment processor needs to be configured with amember and with 1shopping cart as a recurring monthly payment

Please only apply if you have dealt with 1shopping cart and the other 3rd party applications as if can be a bit difficult if you have no
experience with them, if you have its quite an easy job.

Thank you

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Japanese Site Including Shopping Cart – Elmore Oil

Job Description

Please provide a fixed-price estimate to complete this job as well as an indication of time.

We require a Japanese website to be designed and developed. The website will be selling Elmore Oil, a natural Australian product promoting pain relief. See for examples. The site will be very similar to but the home page will be different, we need it to focus on selling the product a lot more.

– Web development
– Japanese language (Kanji) (we will supply the website copy already translated)
– English back end functionality for site support
– Japanese Yen currency
– Payment methods are credit card and COD (money order, cheque or cash)
– We do not require the site to interface with a payment gateway. We simply require the site to send an email to a specific address advising of a new order which will be processed manually.
– Database to manage customers and payments
– Shopping cart (only 1 product line, 3 different sized bottles of Elmore oil)
– Basic design is required. We will supply photographs of the product.

We will have 18 pages in total. There is one section called "Pain Relief Pages" where all the pages will look identical, we just need different copy on each of the pages relating to different pain types.

1. Home Page with pictures of the product
2. Pain Relief Pages (all same layout)
a. Arthritis Pain
b. Bursitis Pain
c. Back Pain
d. Foot Pain
e. Gout
f. Hip Pain
g. Heel Pain
h. Muscular Pain & Doms
3. Ingredients
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Clinical Trials
6. Testimonials
7. Contact Us
8. Products/Buy Now Page
9. Shopping cart (purchasing) page
10. Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions

Skills Required:
Web development, Web Design, Shopping cart

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Customized Shopping Cart

I need someone young and dynamic who has experience in developing web application on php.Someone who wants to to do something exceptional on his own.
We have to create a customised shopping cart

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Dynamic And Attractive Customized Shopping Cart1

I need someone young and dynamic who has experience in developing web application on php.Someone who wants to to do something exceptional on his own.
We have to create a customised shopping cart

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PHP Zend Shopping Cart Site

I need a website with a Shopping cart that can process payments securely through a SSL. They dont have hosting yet, so you can let me know what and where I need to buy hosting for them. Also let me know of any fees the client will need to pay on a monthly/yearly/per transaction basis.

In addition to the Shopping cart, we need a CMS for internal pages. The CMS doesnt need to be fancy, mainly uploading text, and images, and videos, along with custom Title tags.

The catalog is pretty small. Somewhere around 20 to 40 products total. So it doesnt need to be a huge website. They manufacture furniture, so new products do not come out constantly. The Administrator tool mainly needs to be able to update text and images of a product. Each product should have a description, images, and quantity section. A simple javascript picture viewer is also wanted to view larger pics of the product.

I will be providing the design of the website in whatever format you need, as well as detailed comps of the interior pages, and shopping cart/product pages. So there is no design work needed. Im an experienced web designer and expert at HTML/CSS, so I know what can/cannot work.

The bulk of the work is doing the Ecommerce side. We need it to track inventory, supply receipts of transactions, security process payments using encryption that is standard.

If you would prefer to build the skeleton and let me do the HTML/CSS styling, that is possible too, if you wish to give me a quote for just the back-end work.

I would prefer the project to use PHP Zend as the framework as I have some work with it, just not to this level. One of the compatible shopping cart applications like OSCommerce or Zen Cart will work too. Let me know what you would like to use as a shopping cart application.

As a web designer, youll find me very easy to work with, as I have alot of experience working with PHP developers. I do basic level PHP, so understand the fundamentals of what you do.

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Interspire Shopping Cart Customization


I need to create a multilanguage online boutique using Interspire Shopping cart (

Interspire allow us only to create a website in one language and I need more languages.

I would like something like this :

– In the Admin panel somewhere in the setting I would like to have a Add language(s) option with this option.
— Language name : French for example
— Language url : fr to have a url like for the French
— Make this language the default language

Of course with the option to edit or delete a language

Next when I will add a new web page or a product I want the first option to be the language with a drop down menu with all languages I added from the setting and the default language selected.

So if my default language is English I will full all field like Page name, page content, page title ….. in English. Then I will select French to add the same information but in French and so on for all my languages.

Same for a product If I add a product I need to be able to add the product name in English, French… also the description … everything I can write. But we dont need to enter the product image or price. tax … for each language because it will be the same.

To have a good idea I use prestashop for now ( you can try the demo on their website. They have the multilanguage feature but they dont have all features I want that interspire has.

Please Im looking for a developer who knows interspire and had already an experience to custom it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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ProPhoto Blog With Shopping Cart

I would like to set up a ProPhoto Blog With Shopping Cart. I currently have a shop setup with data and everything on a website and need someone to transfer over the data and setup the shop using ProPhotoBlog for nicer appearance.

Please only bid on this project if you had set up ProPhoto Blog with Shopping Cart before, and please provide links to your prior work. This should be really easy and straight forward project.

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Design Customization Of A Shopping Cart Script Site

Hello, we have purchased a script from this site and I am in need of someone who can take my design and implement on the script which is running on our staging server.

Please only bid if you have enough experience handling the above mentioned script.


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Affiliate Shopping Cart Site

Hi This is Basha and I am Outsourcing Consultant. I urgently need flex developer for some imp work.

Project Overview:

Need login-protected rich internet application developed with adobe flex for users and administrators. I will provide site design/wireframes (and HTML templates, if needed). Site is primarily a (non-monetary transaction) shopping cart. Cart contains only categories and products. Checkout creates pick list that, once submitted, auto-sends email alert(s) and system logs for (admin) approval. No further functionality of cart is needed beyond this. Developer may customize/modify an existing cart. Site also requires advanced NEWS dashboard. News items are posted by administrators and can either appear as general news [text area with images], or also as individual/timestamped news articles. Developer will need to be able to style site layout and all aspects of shopping cart.

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Interspire Shopping Cart

Looking for a professional with lots of experience in interspire shopping cart i would like installed on a testing domain, need to transfer all products about 5000, setup home page to look like my existing site , install all features that are on my homesite now.

i found a site that might be able to transfer all products its this should help in the process of transferring products

please only bid if you are serious to complete this job, and place an actual bid for what you will charge, do not try to up-sell after being awarded.

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Ecommerce Site With Shopping Cart

I need urgently an ecommerce site with shopping cart. I only have 4 products but each product comes in 6 different weights. Users should be able to select weight and appropriate Pricing will be displayed and customer can check out or keep shopping. Shipping options will include express and standard and when customer clicks on either appropriate pricing is added to checkout.

There will be home, products, Safety, shipping, Terms and a faqs page. I have all text and photos complete to go. You will need to link cart to my credit card gateway suppler

There are many free templates around for this and should be easy for someone with experience.
Any questions please ask.

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Modifying Any Shopping Cart To Access Another DB

We need an online store for our software products. We have a number of software packages, and each of them are license protected. we have a MySQL which holds the license activation code and download path of the products (note that there is a separate file for each buyer with its own unique activation code).
The online store must be give us the ability to add and remove products. The payment must be through PayPal. Once the payment is confirmed, an email must be sent to the client containing the download path and license code of the first unsold file of the clients purchased product.

We prefer that the winner modifies an open source e-store. Please explain your solution in your bid.

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Osc / Shopping Cart Modification

I need a modification/solution that will make my current cart (oscommerce) work more like or

I need a way to schedule specific sales. This is not to be confused with specials.

Basically, I want to use something like categories to group several items for sale, but then be able to schedule when these categories are active.
For example: Category 1 (20 products) >> available for purchase January 1 8am – January 5 6pm.

Im not sure if using categories would be the best way to do this so Im open to suggestions.

If you have a good idea or a solution that I may not have thought of, Id love to hear it.
If I need to adjust my budget to accommodate for what I want, that may be an option, as well.

Please note: I make no upfront payments of any kind. I pay in full upon successful completion. Feel free to see my feedback and youll realize that Im prompt and very fair. If this is not acceptable to you, please dont bid.

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Recreating WordPress Site With Shopping Cart

Need to duplicate website into a wordpress site.
Site to be duplicated – Drupal site with15 pages of content and images.
WordPress theme to be used is (we have license) –

This website will also have a shopping cart for digital products. No more than 10 products. A shopping cart plugin will be provided.

There will be 3 separate blogs
One of these blogs will rotate the same information every month on a daily basis.

All pages must be duplicated with same content and images.

You will not have access to the Drupal website. Images can be provided if need be.

A video will be provided on work to be done to the awarded bidder.

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Alter Shopping Cart

The WordPress shopping cart plugin needs modification so all prices displayed automatically move with the spot price of silver bullion and the cart also calculates shipping charge based on the number of ounces of silver being purchased. I need you to alter the php in the plugin code to get this functionality for me. Hopefully you have used this shopping cart plugin before and are expert in php.

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Modify Interspire Shopping Cart Template

I need somebody who can make alterations to an interspire web template. You will be provided with a design and then must make the changes.

If youve had any experience of modifying interspire templates please let me know.

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Integrate And Design Magento Shopping Cart To Main Site.

I have tried to setup a Magento shopping cart myself, but I am lacking graphic and website design skills to integrate my current site into the Magento site.

I am looking for someone to integrate them, and redesign my main page to have a new banner, category listing on the left, featured products in the centre, and new buttons to my existing pages.

The same new design should also apply to the existing pages.

There is no need to add new products or catagories for me, I can do that myself.

Happy to answer other questions, please provide a quote and time frame.


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Zen Cart – Shopping Cart Customization.

Need someone to customize Zen Cart for a wide format printer to allow customers to plug in size (length and height) and to calculate price on the fly, then pass to shopping cart. There are some directions on how to do this on the Zen Cart message boards, but I have no knowledge of PHP.

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Wholesale Shopping Cart Community

We have a group of wholesalers for whom we are creating a retailer community where a retailer can log in shop from any and all wholesalers in the community in a single shopping cart. As a member of the community a retailer can instantly add any products they buy to their own online shopping cart at retail prices. There are many other community details available based on membership level, business to business classifieds, blog, news articles, email marketing, newsletters, co op advertising, online interactive catalogs and several other tools.

We are looking for a magento developer as at this time it is the code we have decided to use. Our initial site is 90% complete just need someone to finish it by importing products, customer data and a few custom fields on registration page and contact us pages. Once we have a working model and template we then have over 200 additional sites that need to be started.

At this time we are just looking for someone to complete the first site and template for what we will be using for the rest of the project. However if someone is able to complete this quickly, on budget I would be willing to use them for the entire project. So the initial project is only a small budget and time line. I have a few quotes already for 15-25 hours to complete, but the entire project will be on going for about 12 months and will have a larger budget. We do have in house developers as well that will be working on the entire project but need someone who is an expert in Magento.

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Shopping Cart Intergration With SlideShowPro


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Grahame and Im a photographer – my website is I currently use an application called Slideshow pro (ssp)( to display my images. There are several ssp products available – I have purchased Slideshow director (web interface for image management/organisation) and the SlideshowPro Player swf which is pre-compiled( . There are developer APIs for this product.

Basically, I am after 4 improvements:

1. Integration of a shopping cart. I need to integrate a shopping cart on my site but I want it to integrate with slideshowpro (if possible).

The following link shows my artwork ( What I want is for users to be able to peruse an album (using the slideshow pro interface) select works for purchase.

Here is an example where ssp has been integrated with a cart:

Maggento ( has been suggested as a possible cart that would be good to use (open source).

Users should also be able to select different options when purchasing an artwork (e.g. size/medium etc).

2. Make the site smartphone happy.
I want people to be able to view/purchase items from the site via their smartphone. Now, until recently, slideshow pro was all flash. However, recently they released html5 support.

3. Create albums on the fly using tags. Basically I want to present a tag cloud (e.g. from the tags assigned to images in slide show pro director. User then selects a tag and all images assigned to that tag are pulled together into an album (that you can purchase from).

4. Documentation: I have some sister sites that are basically the same (same wordpress template/same slideshow pro) – if the process is easy enough to document I can then apply it to future sites of a similar nature.

Thats about it! Heres hoping you can help!

Kind regards,


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Mcommerce Shop System

We need a mobile shop system that fits our designs.
The designs indicate where text, graphics etc. should be placed.
The shop should be able to offer several products in different quantities and prices.
It should have the usual navigation e.g. terms and conditions, shopping cart etc.
The shop should be optimized to run on mobile phones in particular, iphone, Android phones, Nokia and Blackberry.
Once we decide on our partner we will provide the full briefing and designs.

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Customize Osc Shopping Cart

Customize Osc Shopping Cart

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Interspire Shopping Cart Expert Needed

I have the shopping cart from Interspire

And I need a simple bug fixed. On the
product page where the user is
reviewing all of the details of a product
there is an option to add the item to
the shopping cart.

I have added another option for the
user to click a link that says
"No Thank You"
and then he is shown another item.

My "No Thank You" link is not
working for some reason. I need
someone who can fix this right away.

If you want to really be considered
for this job you must PM me with
the words "purple haze" and you
must be able to start right away.

I need to select someone right
now and have this done immediately.

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Existing Yahoo Shopping Cart Upgrades

We need someone whom has experience upgrading an existing operational yahoo shopping cart.
we need the following things upgraded/modified.

here is what is needed:
1. to category product display page add page numbers
example 1 2 3 …… to show the next set of product in the category

2. world wide currency conversion, when paying they need the conversion for all over the world.
we will tell you the default and the order to show it in.
rupees, dollar, euro, middle east

3. fix colors of some fonts to white.

4. currently when a visitor click on a product to zoom in the page show the zoom in a white browser windows. this is not good. upgrade this so it stays in shopping cart or a popups up.

5. to each product detail page add a send this page to a friend –> email

6. add dynamic auto meta tags & title to each category / and product detail page

7. block people from being able to copy images- disable right click and save in all areas.

8. always display products from low price to to high

9. when we add a new product in the admin have the system auto generate the next sequential product number

10. in admin, add a note box to the product details, so we can keep notes related to product, which we will only see in admin. and also a private field where we can enter our cost price.

please give me two prices.
and total price
and also an individual price for each item.
thank you

if you promise a time to finish, you must honor it. otherwise we will run into problems.

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Zen Cart Design + SEO

We are looking for a new design for our ZenCart store. It must be clean looking and smart. We would like to see previous stores you have designed.

You will need to design and implement the new design.

Also, we would like you to perform/install some SEO modules on the site too, so we can edit meta tags etc

Please state how much $ for each of the jobs above in your PMB.

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Flash Site With CMS + Shopping Cart

We need an expert to create flash site with CMS and shopping cart.

Flash site will be for restaurant business.

Intro page will have two sections to enter: Manufacturing Plan and Restaurant.

Manufacturing plant will have following pages: Home, About Us, Photos, Direction, Contact Us, Catering. All pages will have text and pictures only.

Restaurant site will have following pages: Home, About Us, Dine In Menu, Sweets(around 20 items for online) , Snacks(around 30 items for online), Catering, Contact Us.

We want replica with different color combination of this site: :

We are open to use any CMS suitable to our business: either joomla or wordpress or oscommerce or any customized.

We need 4 mockups.

Thank You,

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Amends To SS Shopping Cart

Amending SS shopping cart as per brief provided.

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Checkout Mgmt For Proprietary Shopping Cart

The checkout process for the shopping cart on my website needs to be streamlined and calculations corrected. A confirmation page must be inserted. Also, design packing slips for automatic printout. this is a followup project to a cybersource setup project.

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