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OSC To CRE Migration And Free Shipping Based On Zip Code

I currently have an old OSCommerce site, i want to migrate all the data as well as custom mods over to CRE Loaded ( I want to preserve the basic color and theme which i currently have and preserve all the products, images, prices, etc.

Additionally, on OsCommerce there were some modifications we made, one being a Free Shipping by zip code. Such that when the customer checks out they will have all the normal shipping options, however the option for Free shipping is available only in the zip codes specified. So we need this migrated over as well.

At the time this shipping solution was created from scratch but i did find the following which i believe might be a better solution, however i am not sure this works on CRE.

Often people apply without reading, so please message me with 37287d as the code so that i know you read everything.

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A Script To Locate Zip Code And State And Export To Excel

I have an Excel file (see attached file) that has a line that includes an Address and Country in USA and also in Europe. I will need you to create a script that grabs the Zip and State in USA and the Zip in Europe and places them in the missing fields in the Excel file.

As far as i know, you can grab this info from Bing, Yahoo and Google.

The script you create should work as follows –

1) get state/zip info from yahoo and bing. if they match display it.
2) if they dont match search google for info. if any of them match with google display it.
3) else display the google data.

Please take this job ONLY if you can start Today. This is Urgent.


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ZIP Code Redirect Script WordPress

Convert DRUPAL module to WordPress PLUGIN
This module redirects users based on a zipcode that is entered on a site. This module provides a block with a field to enter in your zipcode and then determines the proximity of the zipcode to zipcodes you have specified in the module configuration. You can setup any number of zipcodes to check proximity against. You also add a URL for the TRUE and FALSE responses in the module settings page.

This module sets a cookie to remember your zipcode so you dont have to constantly put in a zipcode whenever you visit the site. Once you put in a zipcode, say on the front page of a site, youll never get the "real" front page again, because it will automatically redirect you based on a cookie that was set to one of the URLs you specified on the module configuration. This module is also set up so you dont get sent into a redirect loop if configured improperly, if the block is placed on a page that was redirected to, the redirect stops and an error is sent to screen.

You can configure distance in kilometers and miles.

I do not know what budget scale to apply to this project.

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