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Hi all,

I run a call centre and presently running a campaign on debt modification and credit repair. I am in need for a list of phone numbers/leads to call people who are already in debt of not less than $5k (unsecured debt only). I need atleast a list of 100,000 numbers for a start and the targeted state for USA is california. If you have any other leads you are welcome to post details or a sample.
Normal leads are also welcome but only low bids for only phone numbers are welcome.

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USA Zip Code Database

Looking for a database of zip codes for the US

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Timeshare php site

1. Site will have database of timeshares that will be
searchable by city, country, zip code, state, name of
resort, ad number, price, week ,number of bathrooms
and number of bedrooms.
2. The site owner (admin) will be able to add listings. The
web site user (public) will not be able to add listings.
3. The public will be able to make offers to the persons
selling or renting timeshares. These offers will be read
and copied to admin (web site owner). We suggest a
disclaimer stating that admin will read site messages.
These resulting offers will be used to generate the

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