I would like to have a number of links to my website, related to travel (about China). Specify how many links you can get, in how long time, and your price per link.

– No directory listings
– One link per domain
– Links should come from different C-class IPs
– All links must be permanent
– All links must be put on relevant pages (travel, china, asia)
– Links must have different anchortext and text combinations
– No links from pages with fake PR
– Links should be text links
– Page must be indexed by Google
– No flash sites or pages
– No free webhosts such as geocities, tripod, etc
– Links from pages that already link to my site will not count
– Links must be manually submitted, no use of automated software is allowed
– No scraped content sites, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with ads, popups etc
– No illegal sites, no porn sites, no religious sites, no forums, no guestbooks
– No link-exchange programs, no link farms, no FFA sites
– Page should not have more than 20 other outgoing links
– Link cannot be rel="nofollow", or blocked in robots.txt, framed, cloaked, etc
– Link must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag
– No "sponsored link" or similar
– No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or similar
– All links must be visible and readable. No hidden links.
– Links must be one way links
– Links must be from a page in English
– Link page must be navigated to directly from the sites homepage
– I only want quality links. I will only pay for links that meet my requirements.


I will require an Excel file with the following info:

1. Site Title
2. Site type
3. Site URL
4. Site PR
5. URL of page with link
6. URL Page PR
7. Anchor Text
8. Date Submitted
9. Date Accepted

I reserve the right to reject sites that do not meet my terms and will require you to add suitable replacement links.

Can you complete the project? [Link building, travel site]

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