Looking for an EXPERIENCED craigslist, backpage, kijiji poster for to post up to 100 ads daily. Ads will be posted in the various sections of these 3 sites, most will be in the US but also Canada, the UK and Australia.

It is up to the you how you manage the postings, so they stay posted and not labeled as spam, or removed before they finish their run. This may include multiply accounts, ip address, etc.

I will provide the basic ad, with a suggested title, and content, but it will be up to the poster to change the ad as needed to prevent it from being considered spam.

I will not pay per ad posted, that involves too much verification and work on both of of our parts.

I will track the response of each ad, and will pay %50 of the revenue generated from each ad.

I will provide a detailed weekly listing, of the impressions, clicks and revenue generated from each ad. I will pay the poster as soon as I am paid via paypal.

I prefer somebody who is very comfortable with English, and who can communicate over skype and through email, location does not matter.

If this works out this will be a long term arrangement.

Can you complete the project? [Posting on Craigslist, backpage and Kijiji]

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