We need to make some mods to the latest stable WordPress version, 2.7,1 http://wordpress.org/

1). Main Banner Image Slider – There is an existing free module. Please make use of it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

2). Tabs – Latest, Media, Archive, Publications. Please use categories for Media and Publications. Latest will obviously be the latest submitted contents. Archive will be the old threads.

3). Photo Gallery – Please make use of the free module as much as possible. And need a photo gallery block as per the image mockup

4). Latest News Block on the Left- Need a latest news block with old the article title, clickable to the actual article.

5). Video and Audio Blocks – Please suggest. I would suggest to create category call Video and Audio. For Video, will post a Youtube URL code. So, just need to create a block to grab the latest video posted to Video Category. Similarly for Audio.

6). Banner Ads – Please allocate space for Banners.

The overall work includes design integration and mods as above. Basically what u see on the image mockup, is basically what is required for this job.

Please see attached mockup.

Please bid if you are keen.

It should be a very straightforward job if u are familiar with WordPress, as most of the mods are available. Just need to install, and do some minor mods.

Please ensure compatibility with PHP ver 4 & above, and MySQL ver4 & above

Can you complete the project? [Wordpress Mod + design Integration]

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