I need a purchase order for my zen cart shopping cart. before I making order I need know my stock level of all my inventory .Then I need know product is worth to reorder. Then I decided how many I need order. or just discontinued once I decided to order I can add the order amount and date . I need print the result since I may not get what I ordered then I need received amount and date . once I have received stock I will able to add amount to in zen cart inventory

1 . I need following search function IN STOCK form I can put number directly or from to STOCK Sold Button need add calendar
Output: model number, title, picture .amount in stock. Amount sold. Plus following form I can modify . Order amount and date. received and date . Discontinued (BUTTON) . Once I add order amount or click Discontinued button . Then I will be able to click print button and print out all the products with detail : model number title and picture as well . Above search function need exclude stock was already ordered and was chose as discontinued.

2 . After I receive stock in my warehouse in oversea. I need do following search all the Stock ordered but not received . Then I can add the amount in to received form ..It need show discontinued button as well in case stock I ordered was discontinued . Finally when stock arrived in Australia warehouse . I need do following search by date search Stock ordered and received . then I will be able to use update button add all received stock into shop inventory and clear the order amount to 0 .

It must be able to use on both 1.3.6 and 1.3.8 version . if there is a bug need to be fixed must be free of charge . There is main function I needed but if I find out late may need add more function on to it . your bidding price must stay same . Once project finished payment 80 % will release and rest will release in two weeks .

I hope I explain it clearly .

Can you complete the project? [Zen cart Expert needed  for making  an add on to re order stock from my supplier]

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