I have set up a website for my clients at www.carvertising.ca

When the user fills out the application to become a driver (which can be found on http://www.carvertising.ca/drivers/), they are forwarded to a get response survey where their details are added, and their email address stored.

I need a system so that when they enter their details, SELECT information, like their car make and model, driving habits and so on is shown on carvertising.ca in the approriate location from where they are from, under the drivers tab. I will give the full deatails of what is to be shown to the winning bidder.

More locations must be easliy implemted into the system when the company wants to expand. ie in the future we will want to add “Toronto” and other places at some point.

This is not set in stone at the moment, so a long application page could be made on the website to collect all the drivers information, as long as their name and email address are forwarded to the get response email list.

It could be a mix of this:

as long as the email and name is passed on to get response. And the output this:

But the drivers details would be under the drivers tab for their specific location.

This could be a WPMU environment as long as only the registered user has access to their own data, as long as their name and email address is forwarded to get response.

This should be 100% automated when set up with only the user (and site owner) being able to change their information. Then when needed a mass email can be sent out to all those that have entered into the system.

Please reply with the subject “world cup 2010 wordpress” to make sure I know you are real.

Let me know what your suggestions are and how long you think this would take to do.
Let me know what level of experience you have in both wordpress and autoresponders.
Must have good english communication skills, and be available on either Skype, MSN or AIM and email.
Must be willing to explain whats going on, so I can easily implement changes in the future.
Looking to get started as soon as possible with the right people.
Payments will be made through GAF milestone system.

Can you complete the project? [Make Onscreen Database From Getresponse Survey On WordPress]

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