Hi, I have a website written in .NET with a large SQL database (like 800000 records). There are currently some internal broken links in it because certain entries made it inside the database with links to internal pages that do not exist. I need all links removed from a certain text field in the database (this field allows html, I want all html parsed out except line breaks). So this project involves writing a simple SQL command or script to parse out any HTML that is not line breaks or pure text. You will be responsible for making a backup of the database prior to completing this project. I will give you full access to complete this project.

This is a rush project, I need it completed within 24 hours.

I am paying $30 for this. Please note that if you do this well I will have more projects for you. You need to be generally available via IM and available to accept projects from me. Thank you all for bidding.

Can you complete the project? [.NET Fix - SQL Database Cleanup For Edaroga]

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