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I have a PHP/MYSQL/JS project ive been working on for a few months. I have a payment gateway integrated ( and now I need to get another gateway installed and working. The gateway is NMI also known as Network Merchants Inc.

I already have an interface (a whole program really)
I have the field populated with the correct price, I just need to get the submit button to run the price and save the authorization number into my db.

Along with the Credit Cards I also need to get eCheck processing, this same gateway. (2nd priority)

I need you to be working during US time (preferably Eastern or Midwest time) and I need you to be available via skype/or another IM and understand English.

There is a few more small items I also need done with this program, we can bid those out after we get this working and paid up.

Can you complete the project? [NMI Gateway Intergration PHP.MYSQL.JS]

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