I need drupal (Drupal 5) module, which will provide the following functionality: let ordinary user edit body of the node, and change is not saved, but binary poll (advanced poll, yes/no) created about that change. When poll pass, then change is automatically applied to node.


1. node type which will be changed, is different to ordinary node by:
a. its designed to hold text-file-like body, which is displayed in a bit smaller than usually, monospaced font (PRE tag).
b. node is assigned to some ltgame

2. user must be owner of right “change node body by voting”, and be member of the same ltgame to which is assigned node

3. user click edit button/tab (it can be existing node-edit tab, or it can be button which leads to quite new url – whichever is easier for developer) and he can edit note body. ONLY body, not other data of node.

4. when he click preview, he see DIFFERENCE between original and his input. Its formatted in following way:
a. its output of “diff -u ” command, or it looks like “diff -u” command,
b. lines starting from – or + are bold,
c. lines starting from – are striked out and red,lines starting from + are green

5. user can proceed or go back to modify. If he proceed, then body IS NOT saved to node, but user goes to creation of new poll where:
a. type of poll is advanced poll – binary
b. choices – yes/no, allowed choices – 1
c. poll is assigned to the same ltgame as modified node,
d. voting is restricted to electoral list
e. voting end date is 2 weeks from now,
f. user can specify: title, taxnonomy, body (explanation of change)
g. all other fields (including diff) are fixed, not changeable by user (except if he is an admin)
6. when user save poll it:
a. is automatically published BUT NOT promoted to main node,
b. display diff mentioned in (4) in the same formating.

7. when voting ends (timeout expires) or admin close poll by hand, and winning result is “yes”, then diff/patch is automatically applied to node, by creating new revision with modified content.

8. if applying patch is impossible (because conflict, etc…) email is sent to administrator (owner of some right) with alert that unable to apply diff to node, and that he should apply it by hand.

NOTE, that I will provide you 2 modules, one which provides ltgame node type, another which assigns advanced polls to given ltgame node.

Note, postgresql is required. The modules neccesary to do the job probably wont work on MySql

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