On of our customers needs a payment processor for processing online payments via creditcards ( and possibly other payment options) for his online webstore.
His store sells marijuana seeds. This company is located in Holland where it is legal to sell these kinds of products. Still he is having trouble finding a reliable processor for his online payments.
We encountered the same problem after contacting 3 Dutch payment processors.

There are many stores similar to this online, so we feel finding a processor should be possible.
However we do not have the time to research this.

IF you can find a reliable payment processor ( merchant account or third party processor) that is reliable, has a proven record, and charges normal rates for processing these kind of products, please make a bid: There is a $500,- reward for the person who can come up with a reliable processor.

This money will be escrowed, and released when the payment processor is implemented in the site.

Can you complete the project? [Marijuana Seeds Payment Processor Needed]

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