I am needing someone that has skills in html and PHP to be able to do template designing and converting. I have a few websites that I would like to get a whole NEW template made for it, very web 2.0, and have the new template design applied to the website. Most my websites are done in PHP, which is a easy process for changing up the design. There are header file, Footer, and then css.

Some types of designs that I look for at the following websites. (these are not websites of mine, I just like the designs to them.)
– featuredusers.com
– birdyadder.com
– tweetadder.com

Most my websites consist in the social network market place. If you are good with template and designs where you can create websites templates similiar to the ones I just listed, then please post a bid. I am looking for someone that will be able to start right away.

**If you have NO ratings on here, then there will be no money upfront until I see the first design mockup of the template you are creating me. Then I will place all funds in escrow. Everybody has to start somewhere and I understand that, but this is a security on my end that you will not abanden the project.**

Can you complete the project? [Website Template Designer Needed]

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