In a few words, I need my local listings to be #1 in MANY KEYWORDS. This will be obtained by backlinking the different urls for their respective keywords. PREFERABLY with sites that are related to the keywords. But, I also want many backlinks in sheer numbers. So if many links have to be placed on some "associate sites", that will do (for hundreds of links). Like I said, I would like many many of them to be related. This will make sure that related keywords would return #1 listing for local google listing.

I already have established local listings that get a lot of traffic but I need to be #1 with no competition. I have dominated some keywords like this. I need this for many keywords.

You need to also have an understanding for facebook, twitter, etc. I would like these sites to be major backlinking campaigns by themselves. I would like these to feed to my website also.

If a staff can write unique technical articles for me, SEO them, place them in my website, facebook, any other place it would be an advantage, I will pay for quality time and effort.

I am looing for a long term relationship. I currently have another project for web design for my website alone (STILL AWAITING RESPONSE FROM THEM). So you may work with them, or possibly do everything. QUALITY AND FAST PLEASE.

Can you complete the project? [GOOGLE LOCAL LISTING SEO]

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