Currently we are a small ISP / Hosting company and webdesign house.

I am currently being overwelmed with tasks and need to delegate some of these jobs in order to keep operational.

I currently need a review of the network security ACLs on site 1 router Cisco device, i need the whole network architecture to be reviewed and modified as required.

we plan to implement a voip solution for customers, currently we have 2 callmangler boxes doing nothing, we also need to organise a billing system for this and implement.

next i have work going back through plesk panels, virtuozzo, and Plesk Billing , at the moment this does not work seamlessly we currently are doing manual provisioning etc, we would like to fix this.

DNS and Mail server needs to be looked at and improved plesk should automatically be setting the DNS and mail for clients but i am manually provisioning this also.

finally i would like to make this an ongoing relationship as i can envisage ongoing work will be required.

Can you complete the project? [Hosting Company Startup]

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