Looking to take our company logo and turn it into a 10 second animation that can be used at the beginning of promotional videos. The company logo is made up of 2 lines of text and 3 coloured triangles.

I really like the way the Pixar logo is done, so looking to follow a similar style in terms of animation and rendering.

The video should start with a white/gray gradient as the background, with the company name in the correct font/color/size on the screen. The text should have a slight shadow similar to the Pixar logo, so I presume this would need to be extruded.

After a few seconds 3 3D pyramids would be thrown in from the right hand of the screen. These should be made of a smooth, slightly shiny plastic or similar material. These should bounce in a realistic manner and land to the right of the text. The biggest pyramid should land on its edge and then rock backwards onto the back face. The result should be that the three pyramids have landed in the same position as the 3 triangles of the logo.

A few seconds later the main light would then get turned off casting the logo into darkness apart from the pyramids, which would remain slightly illuminated by a bottom lit light source. A few more seconds later and that light will fade out, leaving the screen black.

The video should be provided at 1280 HD resolution, as well as the source modelling/animation files (so tweaks can be made later on if need be). Sound will not need to be provided.

Applicants for this project should provide sample work or a portfolio.

09/02/2010 at 4:55 EDT:

Example of the Pixar logo animation I was referring to – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OridnuWe36Q&feature=related

Can you complete the project? [10 Second 3D Animation Of Logo]

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