I need a Facebook App for a large ballot voting campaign.

First, here is a little more information about the voting. People would be voting for the Best _______ in the USVI. The actual voting runs for a 2 week period in early January. This year there are about 5,500 ballot items (actual people/places that can be voted for) in about 330 categories. Most categories have ballot items for each island (St Thomas, St John and St Croix), with a write-in option for each island.

Facebook will be one channel through which people can vote (others are SMS, Twitter and printed ballots distributed at businesses and in a newspaper throughout the islands – this project is for the Facebook part only). I will need a final tally of the votes for each ballot item (also need "write in" vote results). 4 digit (0001-5500) numeric codes will be used to track votes on SMS and Twitter, so it would be preferred that the ballot items from Facebook be coded in the same manner in the final tally to make combined channel vote tallying easier.

When a fan is finished voting, I would like to send a post/status update to their account saying something like "I just entered my votes for the Best of the VI!" (actual wording to be determined.)

Payment to be delivered upon clients satisfaction.

Can you complete the project? [Facebook - Voting Contest - App]

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