Must be professional

For you bid important to know that our backgrounds are not cluttered etc for removal the photos have been taken against a plain backdrop, we just need the backdrop to go to white – EASY job and your bid should not be high when you know our backgrounds on all photos are like this.

Completely retouching her face, smoothing skin etc whilst still maintaining skin textue aplying makeup if needed or enhance her make up. ( Full beauty retouching)

Photos I will request complete hair change, ie. colour and length to make it look like another model.

Ensuring detail is shown within the clothing and no colours are changed.

Photos are zoomed in on the website so must have sharp crisp edges and maintain the right look of th piece.

Please make sure your bid is for 60 photos

Whilst I already have one person for this job we are still looking for another. If you have previously submitted a before and after photo you do not need to do this again simply PM us that you have already submitted a photo and we will look it up for reconsideration.

If you are interested in this job you must be prepared to do ONE sample before and after shot that we send to you. The photo will be the same photo sent to ALL so we can compare.

Thanks so much and happy bidding.

Cheers Jen

Can you complete the project? [Background Removal, Make Up Touch Up On Fashion Photos]

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