( This project is a $30 project )

I currently use a wordpress plugin that lets me import a CSV file and post it to my wordpress blog

The limitation of the plugin is that for each csv that i import it will only let me choose 1 USER for who the posts will show up as posted by, as shown here


So if its going to add 200 posts to my blog they will all be listed as posted by 1 user

Now i dont mind this and I want to keep this option in the plugin but it doesnt look natural and So i want to add one more option and have it so if it adds 200 posts to my blog each one is under a different username.

So basically in this same area where you choose a user it would have one more option to have it post based on Usernames I give it ( these are users already in wordpress under users section 0. So a field where i can paste in or select from a dropdown ( whatever is easiest 0 a list of usernames ( one per line ) and it would post using those 1 post per username

Now if there are MORE posts in the csv than there are Usernames it would just have those additional posts posted by the same usernames i.e

If there are 3 posts and I paste in 3 usernames

post 1 – username 1
post 2 – username 2
post 3 – username 3

If there are 3 posts and I paste in 2 usernames

Post 1 – username 1
Post 2 – username 2
Post 3 – username 1

I need this done in 48hours

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