We have launched the premier web conferencing system solution. With live audio and video, desktop and presentation sharing, session recording, and more, our product fills the needs of organizations and businesses of every size. Most importantly, we are just a fraction of the cost of the competition. We welcome your help in launching this. Web conferencing is big and is getting larger all the time. Everyone can use this.
We are asking you to close sales on 100 of these packages from our featured website. Please provide your bid to sell 100 standard packages. The standard package will cost customers $8.97 per month, along with a nominal startup fee for their first month.
This posting is not a direct solicitation for you to purchase the product. We are truly looking for someone who can sell. You will receive credit for all sales generated through our featured site. When the 100th sale is closed, we will pay your bid. We are open to discuss partial payments once the project is started and we can review progress. Thank you.

Can you complete the project? [Web Conferencing Service Sales]

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