–PLEASE–: Read all of the details and rules for this project. If you have any question just ask. If you cannot follow ALL of the details and rules posted here then do not bid on this project. Please type MONEY in your reply to show you have actually read this! Do Not Bid over $30 USD

I am looking for a skilled provider of leads for CPA offers predominantly in the US, CAN, AUS and UK promoting ZIP and email submits, survey fills and Trial offers (CC Required)

If we have never used your services before, you will have to send us 20 good quality leads before we hire you.

Must be able to provide min. of 50-100 per day and be able to work long term.

We will start with $30 budget to ensure quality

$0.50 For Every Qualified Email/ Zip Lead
$1.00 For Every Qualified Survey Fill (4 page submit)
$5.00 For Every Trial Offer Submit (CC Required $1-$4.95)


You will be paid -NET 30- (After a few months this will decrease and you will be paid faster)
Example: Leads generated in February will be paid by the last day of March 2011 and so on…

Why Net 30?
That is when our contracts company pays us. You will only be paid once we receive the money from our providers. The reason we do this is if we pay you up front for the leads and the provider tells us that our leads are garbage then we will lose out on all of the money.
If you send us garbage leads and we get our network accounts banned or in poor standing then you will not be paid! We will also leave you with the worst possible rating which will ruin your reputation here on Freelancer.Com. We track everything, if you have ridiculous ctr or any questionable traffic we will spot it!

We are looking for a sustainable business arrangement, not the quick buck so please be certain you can do this ethically. We are a company that values trust and commitment and reward quality traffic.

—–Here are a few rules for you—–:

Can you complete the project? [CPA Email/zip Submit Offers $.50/each]

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