Hi there, I need 1000 Facebook Fans on my Business Page


I need 1000 Fans from all over Australia with at least 70% female who are interested in fashion, beauty, dining, travel, deals.

They need to be added over 30 days to avoid account being blocked, please read below:

Job to be no longer than a 30 day period

Freelancer must note:

1. I will track through Page Insights & check if they dont disappear.
2. Facebook accounts cannot be fake and the accounts must have been used within the last 28 days
3. Profiles need to have at least 60 friends each and update their pages at least every 28 days and have profile pictures.
4. I do not want all fans to be added all at once as this would block my page, to avoid my page getting blocked.
5. To make sure that all 1000 fans are still there and they are not fake and my account hasnt been blocked by facebook – you will get paid first $15 after you add 250 fans and the rest 10 days after you finish the job
6. You must add them slowly over the 30 days.

Please contact me with any questions

Can you complete the project? [1000 Facebook Fans Wanted]

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