I am looking for a copyrighter who can write an article for an e-newsletter. I would like to write about the benefits of alkalife (our product) and of alkaline water in general. Article length is 1 to 1.5 page.

PLEASE READ THE BRIEF CAREFULLY and only bid if you are comfortable with the job.

My prime motive for the editorial is to increase sales. We do home deliveries so Id like to get them to order water for their home. If they are in an area we cant service, there may be a retail outlet that stocks the water so we can direct them there. But this email is being circulated all over the world to 3.5 million members, so I would also like to reach out to anyone who would like to sell our water in their home country and become a distributor/agent.

The product is called alkalife Natural Alkaline Water. Product information is available on our website.

Testimonials are available online under Testimonials. There are also plenty of information about the benefits of alkaline water/diet online from medical professionals/researchers. Some names: Dr Joseph Mercola, Sang Whang, Robert O. Young, Ray Kurzweil, Phillip Day etc etc.

Our target market is one of two people. 1. the health conscious consumer or, 2. someone with a health problem. Generally aged 30 to 50. Middle to high income.

Im not definite but Im fairly sure this is an opt-in newsletter. The site thats sending out the newsletter is: www.credence.org. They publish a lot of alternative health articles. Please take a look at the site to see what kind of audience this article attracts.

If you have any questions please message me.

Can you complete the project? [Copyrighter Wanted For E-newsletter Article]

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