I want a flash animation of my company logo to put in
early videos I do on the web.

I think the best format is the flash

An example that I like, this site http://www.korin.fr

Detail Informations =>

I want a script like this:

The décor should be like the site http://www.korin.fr
The light in the bottom center that comes forward.

Brush strokes of my logo come one by one from bottom in swirling, to be positioned in the foreground and form the final logo.

Then the "infinite symbol" appears gradually on the logo.

Finally, "Academy Reiki RenaiSens" appears above as the image of the final logo.

I hope this movie can have sounds like the example http://www.korin.fr to give relief to the movie sound.

Sounds like the movies must be very sober and professional.

Download the graphics on this link: http://dl.free.fr/tMJ24R6Dy

The site where Ill put my videos is this: http://www.academie-reiki-renaisens.com

Can you complete the project? [Intro In Flash For Videos]

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