We are looking for 4 Virtual Assistants.

Position 1&2:

Make Angela style profiles.
The profiles must be complete and have 3 anchor text each.
Weekly payment via PayPal, 5 days/week/50$ week.
You will need to create 90 profiles/day and average of 5 minutes per profile.

Position 3:

Post relevant comments on High PR Blogs related to our niche.
You will need to read the article and leave a relevant comment on the subject.
Payment will be: 300$/month paid weekly/biweekly.

Position 4:

Article Marketing Robot Expert
Have experience in article marketing
Know how to create a resource box for a given article
We will provide the article in spin syntax , you will just need to create the resource box.
Other articles are 1-2 sentence short , you will need to complete those to comply with the article directories minimum.
Payment: 300$/month paid weekly/biweekly.

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