ATTN: This is an ongoing full-time commission based project, were looking for a firm that we can work with for the forseeable future. I was not sure what to post with regards to the budget of the program but our previous firm generated commissions within the set budget range within a week based upon two individuals calling the North American market.

We are a commercial internet marketing firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We are seeking the services of an outbound telemarketing company to outsource our telemarketing campaign to.

Our previous firm had a conversion rate of between 5% to 8% and weve since done a complete redesign of our website based upon online split website testing. The reason why were looking for a new firm is because our previous was purchased by another firm that amalgamated the services in another country. Unfortunately, the were not able to provide us with the same level of service that our previous firm was providing.

You will be marketing a much needed service within the North American market. This service is related to local online business marketing and the service is applicable to virtually any type of business. Therefore, there is no shortage of individuals to contact.

You will be provided with a professionally created script designed by one of the top telemarketing consulting groups in Canada.

The website will handle the transaction. You simply have to provide the individual with a promo code or contact my team with regards to the sale so that it can be validated.

Your job will be to perform the following:

– Contact business owners during the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM. There will be a particular emphasis on contacting business owners from 8:00AM to 11:00AM their time.

– You will contact business in every time zone within the North American market.

– Individuals must have very strong English skills.

– Ideally, it would be great if the agency or individual can preserve all

– Customers are required to make all payments via a credit card, you simply have to show them the "buy it now" button on the website and the rest handles itself.

– The centre/individual must provide excellent call quality along with call data to us.


– Desktops with Windows 98 or beyond running
– A reasonable proficiency in MS outlook
– Desktop with a dialer for outbound calling
– Must be able to source calling lists that relate to all large, medium and small businesses. We can certain work something out with regards to the acquisition of these lists.
-Centers asking for a setup cost, Voip minutes cost, upfront payment..etc. will not be considered so please do not apply

As I mentioned before, we had a great relationship with our previous firm. We were accustomed to them "holding our hands" through the telemarketing process. This is the first time that weve had to look for a firm in approximately three years.

Commissions will be created based upon the client purchase of our product. The product sells for $500 USD and its not uncommon for business owners to make the purchase the same day or within 48 hours.

Were open to working with any person or firm. Thanks for reading this and we look forward to your quote.

Please remember that we are looking for a firm that we can have a long standing relationship with. We worked with our previous firm for almost four years on various projects.

Can you complete the project? [Experienced Outbound Telemarketing Pay Per Sale Required!]

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