I am looking for a new logo for my music blog, Rock on the Streets (rockonthestreets.com). Although I like the current logo (see "Current Logo") we have now, its a little too long in length and tall in height. I am looking for something cleaner, people were finding it hard to read what it said. We are also going to begin to become more of a video site which could be incorporated into the logo, but not necessary. The logo can be any shape as long as its not too tall in height. The logo also needs to be able to fit in the bar on our soon to be re-designed site (see image "Logo Location"). The logo can also be an acronym of Rock on the Streets (R.O.T.S).

Types of logos we are looking for:

word mark
pictoral mark
abstract mark
letter form
web 2.0

I am also attaching some examples of logos I really like for ideas of what I am looking for. (see image "Logo Examples")

A little about Rock on the Streets: We are an online music news site covering indie rock music.

The logo can be any of the following colors, or a combination:


I will only pick a service provider who shows me a rough sketch of a logo for my site. Please Do Not bid if you cant provide an example of a logo. The logo doesnt have to be complete it can be a draft or rough sketch.

Can you complete the project? [New Logo For A Music Blog]

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