I am looking to set up a niche social network site which will be designed around one topic.

The site will be similar to other social sites such as facebook in terms of its member profile etc.
The site will be able to upload photos and video.
The site will need to be able to accept uploading of information in form layouts.
The site will operate on local and international levels and blogs and forums should be able to operate on theses levels.
The site should be capable of messaging in real time during events.
The site should be able to show news at local and international level depending on the visitors location within the site
The profile of the site members should allow linking to other members in developing friends
The site should be monetizable and ability to add ad sense and add products for sale by web members should be included
The site should allow members to join by facebook etc as well as standard login and join.

As an overview the member signing up can put in their profile their favourite teams at local intermediate national and international level.
The profile will form the basis of member linking at all the levels. Members can also link to other members as they wish.
At events the members should be able to communicate with members in real time during the event and post blogs and engage in forums as they wish.
At local level the member can access local news and events and at national and international level they should be able to access national and international news
The site will not be monetized until member numbers are large enough but will then be monetized by ad sense and internal ad sales.

Questions for Freelancers
1. have you experience in social network sites
2 What platform will you be using.
3. Can we expect a fixed price.
4 What time frame can we expect
5 What after sales service will you provide.

Detailed submission will be forwarded after initial selection

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