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Unity 3d Game Project, Need 3D Modeller Expert On Cartoons

We have created a dev team and we are already working on a Cartoon style game for iPhone and more using Unity3D.

We need someone really proficient on 3D modelling tools like 3DMax, C4D or Blender , expert on cartoon shading and rendering, that will cover the graphics part on the Unity 3d project.

The textures, lightning of the objects, partical systems and other modelling will be your part of the job, the scripting/programming part is made by us.

Contact me and show me some of your works.

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3d Desk Designer

We are looking to redo some of our main office desk and like to take the opportunity to design something totally custom. We have a rough sketch of the design. We like to have the sketch transformed into a 3d rendering, with reference to real-life measurements so that we can get it built. The desk will be a surround one, for one person, possibly fitting 2, meaning it will be in the shape of a U, but with the vertical lines slanted. It will consists of roughly 5 layers, with the top layer holding FLAT LCDs to the bottom layer holding a computers and some rack equipment (standard 19"). It must be modular, meaning to be taken part easily, and also contain strategic holes for ventilation, cabling, fans, keyboard / mouse tray. It will have various layers and openings. Final spec will be provided as needed to fix design costs. We are very clear on what we need and need someone who can create an illustration, and resembling a life-size desk using mostly a wood texture, and some metal hinges, glass doors, trays, etc.

If you have any experience doing this or you have reasons to believe you can do it, please submit samples and indicate what design package you use. You must have background in 3d rendering and an eye for detail.

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Sketch Up Dynamic Sunroom Model

We are a manufacturer of sunrooms.
We require a dynamic Sketchup model to draw sunroom designs. Options to include: colour, standard & custom window & door sizes, standard & custom wall heights, single slope & A-Frame versions, configurable roof pitch, glass or solid panel options. There are many dynamic aspects to the model. We will supply 2D CAD drawings.
Preferably the user is presented with a series of menus to choose width, height, colour, roof slope, etc.
The idea of this project is so our dealers can provide 3D models for their clients, and be able to preview how the sunroom will look on their clients home by overlaying the model on a digital photograph.
This quote is for the dynamic model, after satisfactory completion, we will post a new project to add bill of material & cut list.

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Animation Video

We require a professional animator to make a 30-45 second video. The concept is to introduce a brand new property website to UK estate agents. We already have story board,art work ready.

The task is only to convert it into animated Video. Please find the initial few seconds of video attached as a sample of work we are looking for.

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3D Rendering For A 6000sqft Bangalow

This is a 6000+ sqft Bangalow to be 3D modelled, 3D Rendered with VRay.

Basically what I need is 2 external perspectives with landscaping.

The schematic facade in 2D will be given, however incomplete. You are free to design the facade as long as the language of the building geometry is maintained.

You will be provided with 2D autocad drawing of floor plans and elevations.

The timeframe for this project will be 2 weeks from the the winning bid date or the initial contact date.

1.) Total built-up: 6000+sqft
2.) Total perspectives: 2
3.) Resolution: 2000×1200 @ 150dpi

Provided with:
1.) 2D AutoCad drawing of floor plans & elevations
2.) Materials intended in .jpg

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Product Design Concept Sketches

Hi i would like some conceptual development hand sketches of lighting design
.they can be ceiling mount tablemount industrial residential… the drawings should incle the overall form a detail drawing that shows a detail, orthographic and perspective view on every page
import it must be hand sketched and be delivered strictly on time

a sample of another product is attatched but just use it as a sample format

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Photorealistic 3d Renders

I am looking for someone to take dwg files of houses I have designed and turn them into photorealistic 3d images.
The appropriate person will be capable of producing cad images of high quality from dwg of dxf formats.
I have around 10 designs I want to have converted into 3d images.

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Website Video

We need a video to discribe a website. We have the voice over completed. Actually the previous freelancer has disappeared of the face of the earth thus leaving us with a problem as this is actually a project for one of our clients.

Here is what he has done so far.

We want it to be like this video

This is the voice over

The website is
There will be some changes being made to it over the next week or so , so please make sure you can change some of the images of the video.

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372 Birdwood

I require suggested layout designs, fitout, materials, and colour schemes for bathrooms, study and walk in wardrobes for a house currently under construction.

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We are a construction company and we are building a new project.. We are designing and building two different type of apartment.We need this 3D modeling and rendering this our two new type of apartment.Projects ready in Autocad format (interior and extrerior ) and we need video landscape and interior approxpirate 2-3 min..

Thanks for your interest..

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CutterBox Audio

I am preparing a project for a Kickstarter campaign that involves audio, bluetooth etc. for Ipods and Iphones. Ill be paying for the design services myself though. Im looking to get a product design to put into the movie intro for the product. So renderings are really only thats necessary. Ill repost another project for product manufacturing and so forth after I have renderings to backup my project so thatll be a completely different posting. 3d animations of it turning around and showing all sides would be helpful but STILL shot designs are fine for now. There are two components to my project one similar to a watch and another component attaching to the audio device and headphones. Im looking to create it with a futuristic look similar to the pictures I posted. These are merely pictures i found to be used only as inspiration. Im looking for a unique design thats cleancut sleek and futuristic. My product differs slightly but the images can hopefully put you in the right direction of what im trying to accomplish once i get into details.

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