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Article Rewriting For Seo

Rewrite current content for SEO. The site is for a wedding chapel. Articles to be modified are for different wedding packages. Key-Phrases will be given for each article.

Writing Guidelines:

-I will pay $1 for every article.
-Articles vary from 200 words to 500 words
-Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
-Many wedding packages include the same services. i need you describe the same service in different ways for each package.
-DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
-DO NOT rewrite a title
-All final content must pass copyscape
-All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
-You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

-Only articles that are approved are paid.
-paid through – $30 milestone deposit up front.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 50 articles are needed for now. But we will need continued blog postings asap. which we will pay $1 per 400 word article.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

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Describe the structure and function of each of the following;

Outer Membrane; Gram-negative Flagellum, Bacterial Chromosome and Replication

You should write NO MORE than 300 words for each structure (excluding relevant diagrams) and preferably start each structure on a new page.

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100 Words For $0.25 – 100 Articles All 400 Words Each

Writing Guidelines:

>Rate is $1 for every article.
>Every article needs to be 400 words long.
>Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
>DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
>DO NOT write a title – just use the keywords as your tittle.
>All articles must be original or at least 95% original.
>All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
>You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

>Only articles that are approved are paid.
>PAYPAL is the only mode of payment available.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 100 articles are needed for now. But we are willing to continue the relationship through if we are satisfied with the writing quality.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

writetogetpaid team

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Fresh And Serious Committed Writers Needed

We need Fresh writers who are ready for full time writing jobs. Please bid only if youre ready to write full time.

Our rate is $1 per 350, 400 and 500. We pay a flat rate of $1 for articles in the ranges stated.

We pay daily via GAF only.

Our concern is to assist you come up.

Bid $50 or $30 to save your money

if youre ready, then come along… Pls write, "IM READY FOR FULL TIME WRITING" to show you read the above.


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Essay On Legal

project that we discussed

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Academic Paper Writing

We are looking for writers to cooperate with our company on a regular basis. We have a big number of different commissions. Specific instructions are assigned to each of them. You will be able to select the ones you want to work on. There is a variety of subjects to choose from, the most popular being: Business, Management, Psychology and Classic English Literature. We pay from $5 to $20 per page (275 words), depending on the level of difficulty of each order and how much time you have to complete it. The fees for urgent orders of PhD level are the highest, and the fees for High School essays are the lowest.
Feel free to ask me any additional questions.

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Urgent Article Writers For A Very Low Budget Project

Hello, I want a few article writers urgently to write a few 300 words articles..The articles are on different niches..but want it in next 6 hours..will hire 2-3 writers..My rates is $0.3/100 words i.e $0.9 for the complete article..

Payment will be made only via paypal(If you dont accept paypal..dont reply pls)

If you think my budget is to low then dnt reply..I dont have the time to negotiate rates..

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$0.30 For 100 Words:: Daily Payment.

Need unique SEO articles, 100% copyscape free. Perfect grammar is a must. Rate is $ 0.30 for 100 words.

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Financial Control /ekonomistyrning

Financial control ground level

I need some help (if you are swedsih it is a plus, since the cases is in Swedish).

It is three cases

One assignment is about calculation in excel the other one is about budget in excel. The last one is a smaller case for financial control of smaller company, were you should Plan an activity and make a budget for activities for the company (max 5 pages)

It is a easy and fast task for someone that is into financial control.

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Content Writer Needed – 6 For Mohds2

I need high and great quality content for my website: 12 articles probably
about 1000 -1200 words each. General topic for these 12 articles is auto insurance in the US (different states).

Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and concise. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational American English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

Freelancer should:
Be able to do online research and write UNIQUE text
Have experience with content writing
Have experience with writing for keywords and SEO

Milestone payment only.

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Articles For Web Content And Article Directories

Job Description

I need an English speaking writer and require a person from the Philippines.

I have many articles that need to be written and re-written. I have many new topics to write about. They must be different, keyword focused, original and follow my guidelines. You must adhere to Googles new guidelines.

They need to be 100% original and not too promotional. I have been having problems with writers sounding too promotional and not taking responsibility for their work or lack there of.

I need a reliable writer who can be called on when work is needed.

Writers must take responsibility b

I am looking for a long term relationship.e fully submittable to EZINE 100% of the time.

What is the price per article?

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Article Writing

Write articles 500/600 words. Article should be origins, creative and competitive. Free from grammatical errors. Well composed.

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2 Short Essays

Genocide: Stages of Extraordinary Evil

Referring to Colorosos book and to news reports, analyze types of evil associated with genocide and discuss how evil is practised in the context of genocide and symbolized in the news reports.
Drawing on the Cambodian and Bosnian segments in Scared Sacred, comment on the consequences and legacy of genocide.
Why and how do ordinary people become embroiled in the extraordinary evil of genocide?
What is the significance of Velcrow Ripper (the filmmaker) telling these stories, and of the individual, creative, responses to evil?

2. Environment: Finding "Sacred Balance" in a Culture of "Consumerism"

Discuss the relationship between humans and the earth.
In your analysis, include the concepts of consumerism and the sacred balance.
Discuss the type, or types, of evil that factor in human contact with the earth.
Support your discussion with references to at least two authors we have encountered in the course readings.
Illustrate your argument with an in-depth analysis of a news report (cbc,,NYtimes,..globeandthemail), drawn from one of the six media sources assigned for this course. Identify the symbols and assess the perspectives presented by the journalist.

Approach to the subject: scholarly tone, use of course terminology, critical analysis of media sources (worth 25% of total)
Precise description and informed application: attends to context and meaning, application of course concepts and readings (worth 40% of total)
Critical thought and originality: synthesizes various sources and arguments to reach new conclusions, evaluates the significance of the discussion (worth 25% of total)
Writing and presentation style: appropriate use of sources, well-structured presentation, consistent focus, precise word choice and logical sentences (worth 10% of total)

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Required Article Writers For $1.25 Per 500 Words

I am currently looking to hire quality content writer(s) to work on few web projects for me.

Your job is to write articles which will cover topics from one particular or different niches. I have about 10-15 such niches that need to be worked upon and each niche has about 100-200 articles to be done.

Ill expect you to submit at least 3-5 articles in a day (Mon – Friday). Ill send you the work order and accordingly you have write me on given topics. This is going to be a long term work (on an ongoing basis).

Basic Requirements:

– Written copy must be 100% Unique, must clear COPYSCAPE. I will terminate the working relationship immediately (without any payment due) if your article failed copyscape.
– Each article should be of minimum 500 words.
– Good/Native flow of English is a must for smooth flow of sentences.
– Must have basic SEO elements in the articles. Should be able to insert keywords about 5-10 times in the article.
– Strictly adhere to my INSTRUCTIONS.

Please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements. This is for serious bidders only. Send me atleast one sample with the attachments.

Please type "Danni" in your bid & pm response, so I know that you have read and understood the job description very well OR else Ill ignore your bid.

The pay rate is strictly $1.25 per 500 written words and rate goes up depending on your performance and once you have proved your content writing skill.

Thanks for your time, and happy bidding!

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Article Writer Needed—URGENT

I want few writers for long term. So if you are a part time writer, please dont bid here.

I need quality writers who can write good quality articles.

I am looking for at least 3500 words per daily.

I need good quality writers who can write original article and rewrite them and also can write attentively without any grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

I want 100% copy scape passed articles.

Quality and on time delivery are a must!

Please send a sample of your previous work.

Rate: $0.25 per 100 words and will increase in future. So please dont bid if you are not satisfied with the rate.

Payment will be delivered in 24-48 hours after submission of work via Freelancer.


Place your bid if you are ready to start working right now.

Bid for only $35 so that I can understand that you have read the project details.

If you are busy with other projects, please dont bid here.

Happy Bidding!!!!!

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I Need 10 – 350 Word Original Articles With 2 Re-writes Each

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I need 10 – 350 word original articles with 2 re-writes each  

I need 10 – 350 word original articles with 2 re-writes each is project number 1011118
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 04/04/2011 at 21:47 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

04/09/2011 at 21:47 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (50 reviews)



I need 10 – 350 word original articles then
each article will be re-written on a paragraph level 2 more times
when the job is complete there will be 10 original articles along with 2 rewrites for each original article = 30 articles

no spinning of any kind will be accepted
must be rewritten on a paragraph level in your own words
each article will consist of 5 paragraphs for a total of 350 words
articles will not contain filler content they must provide good useful content
articles must provide a value to the readers so therefore you must research topics
topics will be Amazon products

all articles and rewrites must be in very good English
if the articles and rewrites are not in very good English the contract will be terminated and no payment will be made
please send a sample of your work and how long it will take you to complete the job

I will need these articles ASAP
for those of you familiar, these articles are for UAW
VERY IMPORTANT – bid winners – please submit one set first (a set consists of one article and 2 rewrite)
for approval before you write all of them in case they are not written correctly.

Please do not waste my time or your own time with articles that are not written grammatically
correct because I will not accept them. I only want well written articles, please.

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Need College Essay Written Within 72 Hours

I need a college essay written within 72 hours.

PM me your samples


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


I am looking someone who can write an essay on any topic that is related Health, diease& society. You can pick what you want to write about as long as you let me know before writing it. It has to be 5 pages long around 1500 words. It is going to be marked based on style, grammer etc…

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


I need 2 writers to rewrite at least 2500 words daily with no research required. Just use another expression to describe the same meaning from the original article. If the quality and turnaround is good I can easily increase your workload.


Rate: $0.25 per 100 words rewrite.


– Rewrites must be 100% unique and will be checked with Copyscape
– Rewrites must be grammatically correct and use standard American/British English
– Rewrites must make sense (no spelling errors, no missing words, no bad grammar, etc.)

Payment will be delivered in every 3 days via Freelancer for accepted work so I cant create any milestone payment.

Bid for more information.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Academic Assignments On End User Support,

This is an academic assignment comprising 3000 words.I will be paying $3 per 500 words. The assignment have four sections, so you need to provide at least one section per day.If you can provide more work its up to you. The work should be according to the specifications provided and fully referenced.I am sorry if the work is copied, I will not be able to pay.If you are agree I will send further details, and there are 3 more assignments if you can provide quality work.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Need Articles Written In Several Languages


I need five articles written or re-written in the following languages:

* German
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
* Japanese
* Chinese

You will get a few keywords, previous press releases and our website to see what we are all about. The articles will be used for press-releases and to submit in article directories and databases. They should be very seo-friendly using keywords, bold, underline and so on. Please send me one (1) example of your earlier work to check.

In your bid, describe which languages you are bidding on. The articles should be approx 500 words each.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

High Quality Web Content Writer – German Language

For a customer we need the following – the following description is written in German language because all writing is needed in German language!

Für die gerade entstehende Internet Homepage benötigen wir den textlichen Inhalt.

Es wird eine Webseite für einen Veranstalter von kleineren und regionalen Verbrauchermessen, mit spezifischen Themen wie "Arbeitswelten", "Haus, Bauen & Energie", "Familie & Gesundheit", "Freizeit, Touristik und Sport" etc.

Zur Themen-, Informations- und Datenrecherche geben wir dem ausgewählten "Writer" eine Liste mit URLs von Wettbewerbern, die vergleichbare Messen organisieren.

In dem beigefügten Dokument ist die URL der geplanten Webseite und die Liste der Wettbewerber URLs.

Wir gehen davon aus, dass der jeweilige "Bidder" über Erfahrung und Kompetenz im Schreiben von Webseiteninhalten verfügt und diese auch unter Marketingaspekten schreibt. So ist z. Bsp. textlich herauszuarbeiten, welche Vorteile der Aussteller hat, wenn er sich mit einem Stand auf einer von uns organisierten Messe beteiligt.

Wir erwarten qualitativ hochwertige Arbeit, die weitestgehend selbstständig erbracht wird.

Bitte hinterlassen Sie nicht nur ein Gebot sondern auch eine Nachricht, in der Sie uns sagen, warum wir Sie auswählen sollten.

Vielen Dank!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

144 Articles For Astrology Niche

I got 144 articles (Chinese compatibility horoscope), each article is about 150 words. However those articles are not unique, there is about 30-50% uniqueness only. I need 144 articles with 500 words each and nicely written 100% unique text (no need to follow the source text, use it as an idea, it just help you to understand what I actually need).

I prefer professional article writers (native English writers and writers with horoscope-astrology writing experience are preferred), who have a good experience in writing field. I want only best quality articles with copyscape passed, 100% unique and original, high quality without any grammatical mistakes.

You should have knowledge:
1. Good English writing skill
2. Basic SEO and KEYWORD DENSITY understanding

This will turn into a LONG TERM Project writing articles for us if the quality is good!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Article Writing Or Re-writers Needed / Required

I am looking for article writers or re-writers on Internet Telemarketer. $2 per 300-500 words article plus submission. More $$$ will be paid for good quality works.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Sequential Phonics

We need a graduate degreed education specialist interested in creating a phonics program to complement our existing spelling program. The freelancer selected is encouraged to provide advice and counsel on the development of the project; we are not phonics experts. The selected professional will have full freedom to create the program as they see fit so long as it comports well with our existing line of products.

You may see our products at Feel free to search the web for "Sequential Spelling" (except that URL, we dont own it yet). You will find a great deal of information on our program.

This is work for hire; you will retain no rights in the completed work.

Bids should include examples of work and references.

In the upcoming year, we will be contracting out several more language arts projects for older students.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

English Work Related To Macbeth

You need to be familiar with the story "Macbeth" in order to do this task for me. You need to re-read act 3 and find all of the irony (literary device) from the text and explain why it is irony. You must have Skype and must be able to do it within the next 12 hours from the post date of this project.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Dissertation Help Required

Topic- Performance management
words- 15000
Time limit- 5 weeks
No copy paste work will be accepted. Require original research.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Typing Job#01

Dear All provider,

–Looking for good and energetic providers for my simple data entry project

–Need to type only some words ( very easy typing job)

–No need any past experience

— New freelancers are most welcome


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Talented Writers From Pakistan Only Are Required

I am tired of being posting this ad again and again because, i am not getting a really right person for this job. Now, i dont care whether you are male or female but must have the capabilities to meet the requirement. I am not going to teach you citation styles as i am not posting this ad for some kind of training practice. I am looking for writers, who have done Masters in social sciences, History, or humanities from a reputed institute of Pakistan. You would be asked to do one assignment in two days. You should be aware of the research papers writing because, we are doing academic work.

Here are the further requirements:

* Knowlegdeable in APA, MLA, Harvard, writing styles

* Willing to make revisions according to clients instructions

I am ready to pay 300 rps per 500 words but, depending upon the quality of work. I would not be able to reply here so kindly, send me your details at armyofkashi at rate gmail dot com

Looking forward for a positive response


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Academic Task

Task 1: Financial Performance Overtime

Task 2: Investment Appraisal

Within 3000 words. Submit your budget.

Deadline: 2 days once selected.

Details will be provided once selected.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

10 Original 500 Words Articles Needed

I need an excellent article writer to do research initially and then write 10 articles
You will have to write articles as per the topics assigned and the keywords.

The article written should be well researched and written in great English, no grammatical errors accepted.
100% original and must pass Copyscape test
you will have to write excellent 500 words article as per the articles topic, no fluffing or meaningless long sentences. The articles should portray the aesthetics of writer.

Great internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy paste writing, will be checked)
you should be punctual and following the deadlines.
You will need to provide your previous work as sample

If you prove your skills, rest shall be explained later.

Note: Payment through GAF only.


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Peace-Loving Global Citizens

The task at hand is to take my raw pre-writing materials, poorly transcribed text and anything else I throw at you and organize it. We can talk over SKYPE to decide the best format.
Before bidding on this project please watch these two videos. (Include the last word in your bid)

For the right person this job will be educational, informative, transformational, and hopefully down right enjoyable (not to mention profitable).

SKYPE (with a mic) is a must.

Study the man behind the curtain (that would be me) and get to know me so well that I cannot tell the difference between what you write and what I wrote and spoke. see attached file

This can be a very steady job for the person who inspires me with an attitude of excitement and genuine interest. I do not want to work with someone who is primarily motivated by money. I believe that such a person talks and writes solely out of the content of his mind rather then from a connection to life. The words and writings of such a person are dead, for they have no life-force flowing through them to others. Why would I want to pay to work with a dead person?

Prove to me that you can work with my particular type of material; which is philosophical, abstract, metaphorical and often riddled with figurative speech (and often disorganized), and I will award you this project and a lot more work.

I only pay in $30 increments (I never want to owe a stranger more than $30; I hope you understand). If you bid more than $30 you will be ignored.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,