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Online Teaching 20% Commission

im a teacher having an experience of five years. i do have practical knowledge and its implementation on the operation of business. i offer courses like banking laws and practices,marketing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, economics,
Offer Worldwide Through Online System
IF u can bring student for us we will pay u 20% commission on every course

Courses Fees Are Between $100-$125

Bid Here Fast
We Will Choose Approximately 3 Bidder Person

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Need Accounting,finance And Stat Tutors

We are looking tutors for accounting,finance, statistics courses experts who can handle online coursework .
It would be preferable if u have any experience in working with coursecompass.
We need people who could handle courses for our clients .
Statisticians must have a sound knowledge of statistics and must understand upper level stats.

Salary should be 500$ per month. Working day is 8 hour per day and 6 day per week.

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Accounting. Case Review

To begin, please read Case 11-22 on page 487, Ethics and the Manager.

1. How were the standard costs developed?

2. Are the standards set too high or too low? Please elaborate.

3. Should Lansing be permitted to continue the practice? Why and/or why not?

4. What are Cummins alternatives? Should she just go along? Why not?

5. If you were in Cummins shoes, what will you do?

budget 30$

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Private Project For Shoaibeyg 2

Need Accounting help urgently. As discussed.

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Facebook Likes 200

Hey all!

I need 200 likes for facebook status on fan page. I need real peoples and its good to be from EU.

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Accounts Administrator

Dear All.

We need an Accountant with good Administrative, Documentation Skills:

Expertise in QuickBooks application
Must familiar with MS Office applications including with MS Visio
Ensuring company Policies and procedures are being kept
Presentation of various Processes
Knowledge about online Banking (e-Banking) system
Assisting with Invoices/Payment processing
Reporting and Analysis
Ensuring deadlines are completed
Able to keep deadlines.

Skill: MS Visio

Mention your rate per hour


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Fund Transfer, Easy $5 And Positive Review

Hello, i have 50 euro on my account that i am unable to withdraw as the only withdrawal methods that i can use, payoneer and paypal, do not have an Euro withdrawal option. So i will create an escrow payment of 50 euro for provider i will have selected and will release it once my payoneer has been loaded with $65.

Do not bid if you do not have more than 3 reviews.

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Business Investment Class

I need the following assignment done by tomorow for $5. Thank you..
Financial Assignment 3
Chapter 6

This financial assignment has the weight of 25 points. Specific information regarding the assignment is listed below.

Total Points: 25 points
How to Submit: Save your work in either a Word or an Excel file and send it to me as an attachment in an email message. You do not have to restate the question; just enter the question numbers and your answers.

Part 1

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2 Macro Economic Problem Need To Be Solved

Im looking for someone with basic skill in macro/micro economic that can solov 2 basic problems, involving demand and suply curve and government subsidy. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you more detailed information.

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Need A Business Plan Written

I need someone to write a business plan. i need to get investors to invest in my sunglasses company. I would like a 3-5 year business plan written. Charts etc should be included, must research the market and the ideal customer for my product. Plan must be between 20-50 pages. all bids under 250 please. i have a budget unfortunately

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Tax Between Singapore And Malaysia

I have a singapore registered company which is about to trade with a company registered in Malaysia. We will be delivering recruitment services from our office in Singapore to the client in malaysia. I would like to understand the tax implications of this and weather there is withholding taxes or any other taxes that i need to aware of. Also since the service is delivered from singapore can I rely on a double tax treaty? If there is such taxes then is it mossible to mitigate it legally?

The service that we will be performing is finding permaent staff to the client. Specifically we will find candidates, Technically test & interview them before sending them to the Client in Malaysia to interview. We will do this from our office in Singapore. Interviews will be done via video conferencing and the test completed are online tests.

I expect the total value of the project to be around S$100,000. We do not currently have any presenct in Malaysia.

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Web Site Design / Quickbooks Database Dev

Using exported data from quickbooks to compare data inputed in excel quickly on a weekly basis. Being proficient in Web development, Quickbooks databases will lead to further projects, or even a rewarding career.

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Business Start Up Accountant

Require an accountant to advise on start up and set up structure for company start up.

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I Have Paypal/WesternUnion , I Need Libertyreserve !

Hi , I have paypal & Western Union money , I need Libertyreserve funds .

Need someone who can exchange money regulary . Send me your Price rate ,
Need to exchange big & small amounts .
Serious providers Only .

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Restaurant House Business Plan

This section of your restaurant business plan should describe the current state of the restaurant industry and how your restaurant fits into it. How would you categorize your restaurant casual, quick-casual or fine-dining? Is it an upscale Filipino or Asian restaurant, a pizza parlor, chicken shop or an ice cream shop?

Your business description should showcase the elements of your restaurant concept that differentiate it from every other dining establishment. Explain how you plan to gain a competitive edge and why your restaurant will be profitable.

This may require some research on the current and future restaurant industry trends. A restaurant consulting firm with a skilled research department can help you identify these trends.

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Financial Management Practices In India

Topic: Financial Management Practices in India
1. You are required to identify a listed company and inform the details to the module leader by week 3. (This is to avoid any two students working on the same company.)
2. This project work will essentially be a secondary study and the data will be available on all the following sites:-
a. (should be preferred)
3. Then as the course progresses you are required to comment on the corporate finance practices in your chosen company. You are required to comment upon the policy regarding the following pointers and discuss how each has been affecting the stock price of the company?
a. Capital structure of your company?
b. Try calculating the WACC?
c. Dividend Policy? Cash of bonus shares?
d. Event study of any event like stock splits or reverse stock splits, bonus issue, name change, change in management, mergers or any other significant news?
e. Using CAPM, calculate the intrinsic value of the share.
Page Limit: 10 pages of A4 size. (Font size: 12, Times New Roman, Single line space)

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UK Accounts

My client has a UK Limited Company. Their 1st year accounts are due for HMRC and Companies House. They use Xero and have kept books up to date. Need some advice on specific questions relating to P&L and Balance Sheet. Also need someone to review/produce the Directors Report and prepare accounts for submission.

You should be familiar with UK accounting practices and able to sort this out asap. Ideally looking for someone who is or has worked in accounting in the UK – you should have experience of preparing and filing accounts to UK authorities.

The job is simple, I expect someone that knows what they are doing could get it done within a couple of hours.

Experience of using Xero would be beneficial.

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Accounting Help

Looking for an individual who can handle accounting finance marketing and other business courses.


I Need Tax Identification Number

I need Some one with US Social Security Number. I only Need you to provide my your personal details and SIN number.
Why I need your Number?
I have Done some project on and There system want me to file W-9 form to withdraw fund.

I am running an Accounting and Management service firm online. I do not live in US but we are working for US costumers. We need Your personal Details to file a w-9 form on The process includes 3 steps:
1. You provide me with your Accurate details and number. I will fill the form and Provide you in PDF format.
2. You need to sign that form, scan it and send it back to me.
3. I will submit the form to and wait for verification.

Once verified I will pay you. This process is of about 3-5 days. I will pay you $30 for this. I will Ensure payments through GAF. Further Information will be provided in PM. You Must reside in US. Thanks!

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Accounting Project


Need help in Accounting Project.

Deadline: 6 hours

Details through PMB


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Organisational Behaviour Case Study

Looking for an organisational behaviour major to analyze an OB case. Candidate must demostrate knowledge in OB.

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Gnucash Accounting Experts Advice

We are looking UK based Gnucash users please

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Business Plan: Trucking & Logistics

Need a professional to prepare a total of 3-5 different business plans for both a new start up and existing business. open to your best offer but will not pay more than $50US / completed business plan. Specifics for the content of the business plan will be given once background and references of the serious bidder has been verified. Time frame for the completed project is 1 week per business plan.

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I Want To Sell Liberty Reserve Funds

Dear Freelancers,

I would like to sell my Liberty Reserve funds. Im also looking for someone who can buy it constantly. Send me your offers via PM.

Thank you.

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Need Stat,Math,FIN,ACCT,SPSS,MATLAB,Academic Writer Tutor

I am in need of Experienced tutors to help with the subjects of accounting, mathematics, finance, Matlab, Psychology,Biology,Chemistry,Physics,SAS,SPSS,Visual BAsic ,Academic writing,and statistics in the university level for USA,UK,CANADA STUDENT Homework Help. I need tutors that can be reliable and also use gchat as a form of contact so that when we have a project they can take it on.I need very strong experienced programmer like A grade assurance work for any work of US/UK/CANADA Students Assignment .
So contact with your experienced details.

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Excel Problems

I need someone to solve 3 excel problems at the college level. Additional problems may be available if work is satisfactory.

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Quickbooks Help

I need someone to help me close the books for 2010 year. Client has entered all the account recievables but not receipts for all or when invoices were not paid as well as expenses.

Would also need someone for a couple hours every month to make sure books are in order.

Please only experinced in Quickbooks and accounting to bid.

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Acca BSc In Accounting Research Project

Oxford Brooks university BSC Applied Accounting project
I want assignments for Oxford Brooks university BSC Applied Accounting project as soon as possible.

Kindly mention your degree or area of expertise as well. I want a new research not something used previously before.

Acca qualified or someone who has passed this project is better.

Thank you

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Render Videos

I need a person who can render 50 videos with images. Freelancer will suppose to find images and should have good laptop or desktop PC. I will provide 50 videos and willing to pay 30usd for this small project. More details in PM.


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Banking System

This is a banking system project.

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