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FLVPLAYBACK External Skin Customization

Need external flvplayback skin modified for AS3/CS5/FLV2.5.

1. Add totalTime textlabel
2. Add displayheadTime textlabel

I need to be able to modify/customize both which means:
1. Youll provide all the fla file
2. Youll provide all the as, embedded fonts, etc that would enable me to modify the contents
3. That both are independent from each other

Please take note that seekbar and seekbar progress is already used somewhere else.

I expect this to be done in 8 hours and Ill try to select a provider in 6 hours.

You will provide the swf first. If it works Ill ask for the fla. If all the items I need are there then payment time.

I will only pay 30USD.
I would only pay two ways.
If you prefer here, The payment will be in escrow and will be released upon verification of the requirement.
if you prefer PP, payment will be sent upon verification of the requirement

If you can provide a link to showcase that youll be able to do this that would be better.


Good Luck

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Flash Header Change Animation Speed

completed flash header [v8] – need lower animation speed versus what it is now.
Have the source files [.fla, and]
Need this fast.

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Add Restart Button To Flash Game…

I have a flash game that needs to have a restart button added so that win a person wins or loses they are able to restart the game….

files are attached

this is a simple project and the budget is $30 MAX

You can use stock flash/flex buttons if you like, label needs to read "restart"

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Actionscript 3.0 Advanced Experience

Need advanced actionscript 3.0 expert for 15 hours of work. I need to see good feedback and lots of portfolio experience specifically relating to auctionscript 3.0. Repeat work possible.

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PHP Ecommerce Site Fixes

We require a developer/design team to complete first stage fixes of our PHP coded

ECommerce site from a functional point of view, The site is viewable but has some critical

issues which are preventing us from going live.Our current developers have taken us this

far and have been unable to fix the issues.

Technical Requirements

* You should know PHP, Flash,Shopping Carts (although quick PHP fixes are our
* Be very familiar with Web 2.0/3.0 methodologies and general Social Networking Trends
* The practical delivery of Paypal Payment integration
* Understand Hosting Strategies Shared Vs Dedicated etc
* Troubleshooting pre-existing Code(particularly PHP) and correct where neccessary
* Have viewable sample sites for us to see

Personal/Team Requirements

* Must be able to speak English and have access to a Skype headset
* Committed to an ongoing professional relationship
* Be honest, contactable, and prepared to provide regular status updates
* Have an appreciation of western business practices and expectations
* Understand the user/ experience and the importance of testing

What We Will Do for You

* Pay You promptly after reaching agreed milestones
* Treat you with Respect
* Assist you in gaining additional work with our partner organisations
* Offer you additional work internally as this becomes available.

Please dont submit a quote if you cannot meet the requirements stated above, as time is at

a premium.

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Need Flash Designer And Programmer To Develop Stand Alone..

I need a stand alone highly customized flashed based video management.

here is what i need:-

we are producing video training programs which are in .flv files . you need to design a good interface in flash where users click on the video and they can view that particular video . lets say there are 20 videos so when ever they click on the video that particular video starts.

files must be encrypted . i should have options to change the videos via xml so it works on auto pilot. that software will be burnt on cd and distributed. so no one should be able to copy the videos , etc.

contact me if you have done this kind of work before.

budget $50 .

only freelancers no company.

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Integrate Buffering Into Custom Flv Player/editor

Updating a custom built -but open source- FLV player and clip editor built for the Stories Matter framework with buffering/gradual loading functionality. The current player does not buffer the movie file and thus only allows to play it after the whole movie is downloaded. We have to use this player as it is custom built to be able to create/play clips (fragments) of a larger file (through timestamps) and to create/play playlists consisting of several clips. It is used in a drupal environment but syncs with an Adobe AIR application that functions a bit like iTunes. This AIR application also uses the same flv player. The player uses actionscript3 and javascript. So, only bid if you have knowledge of these languages and if you have experience with FLV player. There is not a lot of time for trial and error as the strict deadline of the project is April 15th, but the earlier the better.

An example of the problem can be seen on this page:

The black box sits there for a couple of minutes until the full movie (audioclip in this case) is downloaded.

The current FLV player files are attached.

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Actionscript/Flash CS4 – Asteroids Type Game

create a game, asteroids type.
there are already made screenshots.
graphics will be given to you, sound you have to choose.
please add your bid here and will contact you asap!

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Flash Game

Private project

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Porting Flash Game To Ipad & Iphone

We would like to port an existing game client to the Ipad & Iphone.
You can see the game in Facebook:

The flash client is a dummy client, only receives and sends messages all the game logic is in the server.
We need a client running in the Ipad and Iphone.

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Flash Games For 24/7GamesOnline

We need good games for our website!

Pls contact me!

Dear regards,

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A Special Project For Tarek

A Special project for Tarek. As discussed. Thanks

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Flash Banner Animation X 2 Same Styles

I need two banners animated in flash action script.

I have a leaderboard version and a square version to be animated with a page peel effect.

I have a specific brief in terms of timings and file sizes that I can supply to the winning bidder. This information, is from the site that the banners will be placed on.

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Flash Map Zoom Modification

Existing AS content for the pop-up interactivity, mouse over country interactivity, mouse over the title of the country interactivity, zoom on scrool and on zoom buttons.

Modify flash to zoom country on center on click of the country title and pop-up to appear in the same time.
Remove mouse over text from the name of the country button.
Loading bar.
Example for task:

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Motion Detection Plays Video.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone to help with coding a project for an art installation. It can be in whatever programming (Flash, Processing) that this will work in perfectly. I am pretty good with technology so I can understand what is going on, I just cant build it.

This is what Im looking for;
-This work will be an installation using a HD television to play a video file (also in HD, 1080p) that I have made.
-When a viewer enters the space, a webcam picks up their movement, at this point the video stops playing and the screen displays nothing but black.
-Once they leave the room, the video image turns back on and the cycle is reset.

So basically its a video you cant watch, you will hear it around the corner, but as soon as you enter it turns off – very frustrating!
The only thing the audience member sees is the video i have made – they do not see themselves being detected.
Also, the detection should be quite accurate as many people will try trick the system.

– I need to be able to swap out the video files so I can use whatever video I want. So being able to edit this is key.
– I need to also be able to use this across platforms (Mac, PC).
– I need to also be able to change what device the video comes from (inbuilt webcam, USB webcam)
– The spaces that this will be displayed in will range from not much lighting to a lot of light so the code should work in both of these (in dark with a infrared lightbulb)

Would like to work with you if you think you can do it…

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Flash Or ActionScript

Looking for someone who are expert in Flash/AS3/Flex for writing a scripts for image manipulation. Please message me along with your work related to using Flash/AS3/Flex for image manipulation. Thanks

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We are making a Team, to create a big Browsergame.
We looking for:


You need to work 5 Days/Week with 8 Hours/Day .
Please make the Bid for your Fulltime Price and what you Skills are!
We ONLY need HIGH SKILLED Persons..

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Photo Editor

I need help developing a photoeditor in flash, the tool need have the following:

the user can be upload the picture (ready)
clone stamp tool (i need help)
healing toold (i need help)
blur ( i need help)
watermark (ready)
zoom in and out (i need help)

i need help urgent with this matter, please contact me as soon as ypu can.


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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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Blog Website Design And WP Development

To design and develop a personal blog, using wordpress. There will be flash elements in the banners. Each page is different than the other.
Design of a mascot to use in the website, mascot will change outfits in each page.
Website has to be grungy in design and very colorful. Indian arabian theme.

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Flash Banner Needs 4 Links Add To Hit State(Actionscript 2)

I have a flash banner that needs four hyper-links added, to image hit states, in actionscipt 2. Should be an easy project for an actionscipt 2 specialist.

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Flex AlivePDF Extension Class

Flex Builder 3: alivePDF Class extension:

I need a Class which extends alivePDF to perform the following task:

– add page
::: should allow me to define is the page is colored or black and white.

– set page measure in Pixel
::: to replace the Size method which I cant get to display the right measure.

– override the MM value displayed on PDF document without interfere with the page size
::: ex: page measure is set to 500X500 pixels but on PDF, this method allows me to display 85x55mm.

– set background color using RGB (hex: #FF0000)

– set background image
::: should cover the entire document area without padding.

– add html text
::: the method should allow me to embed the font into the PDF.
Ex: addFont(htmlText, embedFontName.
Also, I must be able to position the and rotate the text using its matrix.

– add image
:::: the method should allow me to insert the image into the PDF using its matrix position, rotate, scale, skew it.

– watermark
:::: it should allow me to add a watermark text into the PDF

– save to server URL
:::: could be the same as create.php

– display in browser
:::: file reference save() method (FlashPlayer 10) could be used.

– IMPORTANT: I need this Class ASAP so bet only if you have experience with alivePDF.

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Card Game Sueca

We are looking to develop a card game online which is not poker but with similar software as in a poker room, both to be played in free and real money mode. This has to be a platform with a desktop based gaming solution, which can be downloaded from our website and installed onto a local machine or we are open to listen to other safe options. It will have also client and server communication among other features such as security, robot Player and disconnection mechanism.
Security mechanism also a must to avoid cheating and to protect customer information. We need very good quality graphic design and a very modern platform. More details will be given later.

This is mainly one game with another 2 variants of the same game but all need to be available in the same package.
Please let us know if you are capable of achieving this project.

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PSD To Flash Website Photographer

Make psd and turn into Website for Photographer.

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