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Design A5 Flyer


I have an A5 flyer that I need designing to promote our services. It needs to be double sided and it needs to be fresh and vibrant. I will provide you with all the content and the images and I want you to create something that will grab attention.

The subject of the flyer is team building and corporate entertainment that is possible at a specific venue please see for our current website and logo, youll need to incorporate this.

I will need to have the final version in an editable PSD file with printing bleeds indicated. The flyer will need to be approved by the venue that we are supplying this to, so upon your submission of the completed flyer theres a potential of a 2 – 3 week delay while we get feedback (and I am on holiday which slows it down). You will get paid but only after Im certain that the client doesnt want any ammendments – check out my employer feedback and current projects and youll see that there is no problem with my payment history – I just want to make you aware that this project isnt going to be a quick turnaround payment wise.

Please when you bid, include 3 examples of previous flyers that you have produced – I will not award the project to anyone that I havent seen examples of their work.

Thanks and look forward to seeing your work.

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20110405 Format & Design Layout Of Word Document Brochure

I require someone to format a 2 page word document. The person should be graphic design or marketing orientated.

The document is a sales brochure for my company. I need the document to be made to look professional and have some graphics added to it – maybe side bars and reformat the header and footers. Some graphics will be provided, I need you to source the other graphics. You will need to either find free graphics or you will need to recommend the graphics on istockphoto and we will purchase them

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Keynote SlideShow Creation For A Big Company.


Attached is a final presentation that was prepared in Macromedia Flash 8 (I have the source file). We would like to convert it into Keynote slides with state-of-the-art animations. Here are the details:

1) The Keynote slides should fit on large widescreens as well as normal PC.
2) We should be able to modify content easily later on (text and normal image replacement).
3) It is preferable if user can toggle language of slides at the beginning of the presentation (choose: Arabic or English).
4) When you get to the Awards section we want them to appear like the famous image scroller in iTunes. With ability to add Awards later with ease.
5) You can get creative with animations and effects but dont over do it. Neatness and simplicity is a must.

Note: the presentation is in Arabic language (just leave space for text so we can modify later).

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Looking For Full Time Graphic Designer

We are currently taking about 3 or 4 projects a week that we need a full time graphic designer to complete. You must devote all your time to our projects as we need a turnaround time of 2-3 days. You must be very professional and be able to deliver outstanding results. You must have a portfolio of fantastic work that showcases various elements and styles. You must have amazing communication skills and be available atleast 12 hours a day through MSN, telephone/skype etc.The main projects we will be providing include:
-Brochure design
-Logo design
-Business card design
-Letter heads
-All stationary designs

Please propose what you expect as a monthly salary and provide a comprehensive portfolio of your work. We may give you on a project to test your capabilities and dependency.

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Design A Pamphlet For Camera Accessory Product

To design a pamphlet in A4 size (can also be two A5) for a camera accessory product. Output files include ai, jpg and pdf. We will provide text, photos of product and necessary stock photo/ customized photos upon request. You need to design the layout and do typesetting.

You must be:

1. An experienced graphic designer with solid portfolio;
2. Meticulous (no typo please);
3. Effective in communication;
4. Willing to give prompt response.

Please PM me your CV with portfolio (can be links to your works). Application without portfolio will be automatically discarded.

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Graphic Design Project

I run a law firm which has its own website (detailing the services provided by the firm). The firm is launching a marketing campaign to get customers for wills and probate work. (Wills are documents in which people state how they want their assets and money to be dealt with and distributed on their death).

the campaign will use a landing page with separate multiple urls which itself will link to the firms website. I am looking for someone to produce the graphic design for the landing page (as well as produce the landing page itself if possible). The concept is very light hearted and aims to make customers laugh. I have a very clear idea of what I want – the graphic will be vividly coloured with a red, green, cream and black background in the form of a stylised map). On top of the background will be the route a coffin will take through the map – the route will be outlined in red with red flashing buttons. Next to each red flashing button will be a different cartoon-style person which the designer will need to draw with a fair degree of detail. In total, there will be 9 people that will need to be created (as well as a simple coffin).

The landing page will be largely flat with a small amount of moving graphics. When a user clicks (or hovers over) a flashing red button (or person next to it), a small box containing text describing the person will open next to the relevant person. When the user removes his mouse, the box will close.

At the bottom of the page will be a slogan, the firms logo (which will link to the firms website) and a form requiring the user to submit a name and email address to receive further information. A button to "like" the page linking to the firms facebook account will also be included.

There will be two very slightly different versions of the landing page: aimed at slightly different audiences. The only differences in the pages will be in relation to two of the cartoon people and the content of their relevant boxes. (the additional two cartoon people required are included in the total of 9 people mentioned above).

Finally, the landing page will be replicated in a downloadable pdf and also a printed brochure. The images for these will use the landing page graphics with all boxes showing.

This is a very important project for the firm requiring excellent and experienced graphic designers. For this reason, I will only consider bids from people who are experienced freelancers on this site and who can provide examples of their previous graphic design work. Freelancers with an artistic flair and a great imagination would be perfect – the more creative input the freelancer can provide into this project, the better.

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Poster Design For Animal Food Advertising

We are looking for a company or a single graphic design pro with skills and a lot of fantasy in designing a great eye catching POSTER for an animal food company. A special dryfood for FERRETS will be advertised on the poster. This is the best dryfood for Ferrets available on the planet at the moment. That is not just what we as the manufacturer say, it is what customers and pet veterinarians also say about our food.

Poster will be printed in A1 size
We expect high quality photorealistic design
We need a design where people will talk about!

We will provide you with:
Our company logo in Vector Format and Pixel Format
The animal food name design and slogan on Photoshop PSD format
The special font for the food name (TTF)
We can also provide you with FERRET pictures in HiRes but you might also draw yourself (we do not want any Ferret cliparts from the web in the poster design) or use stock photographs
A PDF file which describes our company and philosophy because we are not just like any other animal food production plant we started making our own food because we wanted to very best for our own animals.
A link to our Webshop, so that you will see the kind of style we like and to get an idea what you are working on.

We are open to any kind of eye catching design from playful and very colorful to extreme experimental designs.
It would help a lot if you describe your first idea from our job description and show us projects you designed in the past. Please understand that we only want bidders who know they can create something SPECIAL.

If you just bid to be in the game and place a standard info like I think I can do this work, give it a try we hardly will take the time to look at your portfolio because we need to choose the perfect team or person from the bidders and how can you expect us to do that with this little info. So please if you really want to deliver a great job we expect that you also take the time and send us a pm either with a sample of what you plan to design or at least with previous samples of Posters you made.

All uploaded graphics should just give you an idea of the product and should not be copies 1:1 into the design!

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We Need Custom Designed Catchy Advertising Banners.

We need some one to Design Catchy Advertising Banners.

This job is easy we need the designer to go to each website (theres 22 sites ) and create 1 animated advertising banner based on the sites selling point and one diffferent .png advertising banner from each site then take the same .png banner and make it in two other sizes.

Please send me your design profile.

We Need You To Start ASAP.


ONLY People With GOOD FeedBack and Skills Should Apply !

Bid Low, We Are middle man – OutSorcing Wat We Do Best!
Job Could Defintly Lead To More Work With our DesignTeam.

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Comedy Show Poster Design

We are looking for a creative person with awesome skills to design a poster for an upcoming stand up comedy tour.
We have a high res image and some text (performance dates and times etc).

Wed like something simple but eye catching and for you to preferably deliver a php or high res jpg profession file that we can send straight to the printers.

Posters will be A4 but wed also like the opportunity to print A2 if necessary.

Our demographic is 20-30s…a bit hipster….Style wise it has to be readable, not too flashy but something that oh course makes people interested in coming to the show.
The title is He Says/She Says
The photo is of 2 comedians a girl and a boy.

If you can send web links of previous work of this nature that would be a massive help.
Please send questions etc.
We have a reasonably fast time frame (1 week) so being able to manage that a necessity.

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Improve A Pitch/Squeeze Page

I have designed a pitch/squeeze page for a website membership subscription for eBay and also my website, however I am not skilled in design or using good sales persuasion etc.

The advert could maybe do with a lot of graphical improvement, and fine-tuned text, its a bit basic at the moment. I have attached a text file with the URL so this doesnt appear in search engines 😉 ALSO!!! There are mp3 players with embedded examples of the audio in the program im selling, yet they dont seem to appear with Chrome, so please get the audio running nicely as well! Everything must be eBay compliant too.

ANY PREVIOUS WORK I CAN SEE WILL BE ***VERY IMPORTANT*** IN CHOOSING A WINNER. Im looking for something very professional like the similar advert I had made recently (see 2nd URL in attached file)


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Edgy Graphic Designer For Digital Magazine Needed ASAP!

We need a talented young, edgy graphic designer to help us out with our quarterly digital magazine. This only happens four times a year, but you could be hired on for a continuing basis based on your work! You can see a copy of the latest issue here: for an idea of the type of graphics we want.

Generally speaking, you will have to create the photos and titles for all articles and perhaps ad pages and other graphic content as well. The magazine is about 40 – 50 pages long. It is preferable if you can get the photos through Flickr Creative Commons or other public domain type of repositories.

Its a plus if you have designed Media Kits also.

We need this job filled, like yesterday!! So, please contact us right away with some samples of your work.

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