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Presentation – Small Flash, Video Or Powerpoint.

We need a small presentation video/banner for our website.
It should be an animation similiar to the one on – but maybe a bit more simple.
We have the text and idea, so you should just do some animations that fits the text, as well as adding the text of course.
No speak needed.
How its done is not so important, that it looks good and professional is.

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IPad Designer Needed For Quick Concepts

We have been hired to program an iPad app and we need to present concepts to our client first thing Monday morning.

In order to choose the right designer for the full project, we have decided to hire 5 different firms to create initial concepts for the app. We will be paying $100 to each firm to design 2 screens.

The client will select which design direction to go with on Monday and we will work with you to design the rest of the app.

Because of the tight deadline, we are considering serious inquiries only. Please do not send a canned reply. If you would like to be considered – please send us:

– Links to iPad apps that you have designed that are currently in the Apple app store.
– A link to your online portfolio.

The app itself will be centered on a sports brand – highlighting scores and sports related news stories. If we select you as one of the final 5 candidates, we can arrange payment and we will provide you with specific guidelines. You will have 24 hours to complete the 2 screens.

We look forward to working with you!

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Website Video

We need a video to discribe a website. We have the voice over completed. Actually the previous freelancer has disappeared of the face of the earth thus leaving us with a problem as this is actually a project for one of our clients.

Here is what he has done so far.

We want it to be like this video

This is the voice over

The website is
There will be some changes being made to it over the next week or so , so please make sure you can change some of the images of the video.

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After Effects Publicity Spot

We are a publicity company in Canary Islands, Spain. We have a radio spot of 22 seconds and need to add video to it for an event in beginning of May. We will provide you witha detailed script, logos, images etc. We need an experienced After Effects developer that can create catchy, fast video clip. Please send some links with reference material you have created. Attached a copy of the (english) radio spot.

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After Effects Work

Few minutes of video on after effects for use on youtube.
Video is based on a short story and will require After Effects and photoshop skills to make the video. For example, Camera falling down from sky to a particular position, you will be required to get images from google earth and fix them in photoshop to be used in After Effects as layers. After the camera gets to the ground, colors are used to animate the map, which is based on a short story.

All the help will be provided in understanding and only private quotes are excepted as this is not a very big project.


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We are a construction company and we are building a new project.. We are designing and building two different type of apartment.We need this 3D modeling and rendering this our two new type of apartment.Projects ready in Autocad format (interior and extrerior ) and we need video landscape and interior approxpirate 2-3 min..

Thanks for your interest..

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