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Webbased Timeslotsbooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

Here is an excellent example but in .php.

This is how i want it to be like, except from some things. Every timeslot has to be dynamic from the admin-settings, like if you want to give the possibility to book 1-5 reservations on every slot, you can set this param in admin-area.
So the time is avaliable until the slot is full.
The ability to disable part of day, or whole day is neccesary. Like if you dont want to book on lunchTIme and BreakfastTime. Or Holidays.

No payment is necessary. No styling except from edit the css is necessary. No name-form is necessary beacuse this data is already saved in a variabel during login.

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ASP Developer For Contact Form


I need a contact form building into a web page that will have 8 fields and will send the data to the server via CSV. The server operates via ASP. I need to deliver the project on Monday so I will need the coding by Thursday Night/Friday morning. I also dont have the web page built yet so Ill need to know how quickly it can be turned around.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Shipping Module For Shopping Cart Website.


Need an experienced ASP Shopping Cart ( developer for online store. Full payment upon completion.

We need developer to develop a shipping module for our website www,

IMPORTANT: You must provide past work examples, including what part of project was your responsibility.

We Need from you:

– Shipping modules to be installed, like Canpar, Canada Post and DHL.
– Ideally this module would interact with my local postal service calculator to get the shipping cost rates, based on dispatch location postcode.

Full payment will be released immediately after Website has been tested to the level of high quality no problems. This is turn key operation, means this is developers issue to develop the product and hand us over to test.
Payments can be settled with only by GAF. No wire, no western union, no other method of payment is accepted.

No advanced and partial payment will be given for any reason what so ever.

Consistent communication on status of project is a must. Also time is essence of this bid.

** Buyers is allowed to copy development as and when and where he deems fit, he can modify change, reuse, un use any or part or all of development.
** Developer is not allowed to reuse, use, modify change , reverse engineer any or whole part of development.

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We Want Hire Coders Per Month

We are looking for a company (NO freelancers!!!) that do the maintenance for years of our site + making increasing it. (php, flash, flash coding, etc) Also iphone applications are needed.

So answer following questions please:

1) how many people do you have on payroll, (so not count freelancers that helps you)?
2) do you do all jobs in house or do you also use freelancers or subcontractors sometimes?
3) how long you are in business?
4) how many owners have you company and please give all names
5) can you do flash coding + action script? (not flash design but coding)
6) have you made Iphone or Android applications before if yes please give urls where we can watch it
7) where are you based?

Please answer all questions in detail, thank you

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Add Features To Existing Shopping Cart (for Dharmin007)

This project is to add the following features to a cart system already in place designed by dharmin007.

The drop down of items that is currently pulled from the database needs to be put in alphabetical order.

Once a user has submitted their order, they need to be brought to a thank you page with the option to either enter their email address and have a copy of the order emailed to them or click a different button and download the order.

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Website Redesign

Need a website designed pages will in 6-7 pages and ablog installed needs to be able to paset youtube videos into site with a store for 4 -6 products

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To Run C++ Program In A Web-site

I have a running software which is for our users who use it with password and ID.
It runs from a CD.
We want to run it on our website which is made in
Please give complete cost and time required.
We need to do it in 1-2 days.
Only serious candidates who can do it in 1-2 days may apply.

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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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Wanted … Websites Script

Im looking for site similar to Users should be able to login and upload pictures of their cars on their own pages. They should be able to add descriptions of cars, rate cars, communicate with each other through messages and comment. Site will have to have a forum. Online shop is not needed.

Members will have to register and enter info of their cars. On the main page should be search option (car manufacturer and model … etc ). Also, there should be space for newest, last updated and highest rated cars.And news.
But I want the script to show and work from right to left to support the Arabic language.

We need an expierenced web designer And programer, so please have a portfolio with similar projects.

Thank you

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A few hours weekly long term – Need an individual developer with a minimum of five years experience. If you are company with several developers, please dont apply. We are looking for an individual who can assist us with the sites maintenance, additions, changes, modification, and email broadcast. The site is a news and directory outlet. We pay hourly. No offsite work allowed. Need to access our server via remote service that is provided from our office. Must be available during our business hours of U.S. Pacific Time Zone. We are open 6:00am to 9:00pm our time. State your experience and hourly rate. As soon as tomorrow work may start. Good luck bidding. Lot more work available if satisfied with performance.

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Simple PHP Form(urgent)

i have created a simple form in Html which will get input From user and sends the result to an email. i need some one to write contact.php page for it so that the results are send to specified email. this is 10minutes work for a professional need it to be created as soon as possible. more details in Pm

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School Management Website

I want a School Management website which will cover below items

1. All student related transactions (attendance, registration, fees, exam, result, transport)
2. Payroll for school employees
3. seperate login for teacher, parent, students
4. Library management

I also need the source code & the rights to the software. I will make the payment in stages with each completed work. The final 25% will be paid upon completion and testing of the site.

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Partner For A Year

We are looking for a company (NO freelancers!!!) that do the maintenance for years of our site + making increasing it. (php, flash, flash coding, etc) Also iphone applications are needed.

So answer following questions please:

1) how many people do you have on payroll, (so not count freelancers that helps you)?
2) do you do all jobs in house or do you also use freelancers or subcontractors sometimes?
3) how long you are in business?
4) how many owners have you company and please give all names
5) can you do flash coding + action script? (not flash design but coding)
6) have you made Iphone or Android applications before if yes please give urls where we can watch it
7) where are you based?

Please answer all questions in detail, thank you

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Create ASPX Pages For Site

Complete ASPX pages for a site already designed.

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20 Pages Website

Multi domain site with around 16 pages, with the following features

1- should enable user to post there feeds
2- imports some automatic feeds, and media streams
3- users can download some contents
4- ideas to increase its visitor for the target customer
5- some dynamic and interactive pages
6- other suggestion like news web technices and features will be
highly appreciated

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Looking For Partner For Long Term

We are looking for a company (NO freelancers!!!) that do the maintenance for years of our site + making increasing it. (php, flash, flash coding, etc) Also iphone applications are needed.

So answer following questions please:

1) how many people do you have on payroll, (so not count freelancers that helps you)?
2) do you do all jobs in house or do you also use freelancers or subcontractors sometimes?
3) how long you are in business?
4) how many owners have you company and please give all names
5) can you do flash coding + action script? (not flash design but coding)
6) have you made Iphone or Android applications before if yes please give urls where we can watch it
7) where are you based?

Please answer all questions in detail, thank you

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.NET Addons For AutoCAD

I work regularly with autocad in 2D to make drawings. Often I find myself to do some tasks that get very tedious if I do them manually. I am looking for some addons / tools, to help me automate these tasks.

The addons should be built in .NET technologies.

If you have some experience working with .NET technology for AutoCAD please let me know.

Also note that I do not have the budget to run a whole country. If you cannot work with my budget, please do not bid.

Happy Bidding !

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Requirement Analysis For MyDevArmy

A requirement analysis project for MyDevArmy

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Payroll/HR/Accounting Software

I am looking for a custom installable software for Business Human resource management, payroll and accounting all bundled in one.
Will be more interested in a programmer who already has a working software which could be customised to my requirements.
Software should support following features
1. Ease of Use
2. Compatible with popular book keeping softwares like quickbook etc.
3. Support many employees, may departments, and many companies.
4. Keeps a record or history of past payroll that is used automatically to fill forms.
5. Ability to print tax forms, payslips etc.
6. Ability to support hourly paid staff, weekly, monthly, contract staff etc.
7. Support for hardware time input.
8. Track sick leave, paid holidays, commisions etc
9. Supports direct deposit for banking and payment.
10. Supports exporting of data for various purposes in suitable format.
11. Offers complete HR management and Accounting features

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NRTA Website

NRTA= is name of TV/Radio

The concept of this website is to publish NRTA content on website. The contents of this website are; video clips, photos and text.
This website is not only bound for Afghanistan visitors, the target is visitors all over the world who are interested to use this website.

NRTA website areas:
This website will have Admin and User front end.

User front end:
Front end area will contain 12 pages static and dynamic pages as following:
1- Home Page (dynamic)
This page will have blocks for
Latest news (grab latest news from news area)
Latest video clips (grab latest news from news area)
Latest photos (grab new photos as thumbnail from photos page)
Informational block (static data, if added)

2- About Us (static)
This page will have text about NRTA, static data added by admin.

3- News page (dynamic)
This page is for news; categories of news, news will be added from admin area.
List of news in this page, each news with short text and thumbnail (if added) and link read more to read full story and in full story page have comments box for visitors. (Enable, disable, edit and delete news and comments (approve by admin) from admin area)

4- Photo Gallery (dynamic)
In first page have categories list (thumbnail and text) and after clicking the category loads another page having pictures of this category. Comment box (approve by admin) and admin area to upload photo, delete, edit, or disable and enable a picture.

5- Video Gallery (dynamic)
Same as photos gallery to have category with thumbnails and text, comment box but the video clips from youtube, admin will add link of video from youtube and will appear in video page.

6- Programs Page (static)
In this page to have schedule of Radio and TV programs.
Two blocks one for TV and one for Radio.

7- Jobs (dynamic)
Page for job, jobs will be added from admin area and will show here as list. And read more link for details page

8- Web mail
No page, but a link to another website.

9- Term of use (static)

10- Privacy

11- Contact us
Contact form and above block to have text there.

12- Articles (dynamic)
Articles page to have list of articles and read more link to read full story

13- Share point for Files (dynamic)
Only can be accessed with username/pass. A place to share files like File Manager.
This share point will have videos, photos and others categories/directories.

Admin Area – back end:
A place to edit and control all contents of above pages.

1- All text field should have advanced editor to add content in it both source editor/Rich formatting with necessary formatting bar.
2- Comments list to approve, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
3- Photos and video clips; add, edit, delete and disable/enable buttons.
4- Article and News; add, delete, edit, disable/enable.
5- Edit About us page.
6- Edit Privacy page
7- Edit Term of use page.
8- Edit contact us page
9- Jobs; add, delete, edit and enable/disable.
10- Edit Programs page.
11- Upload/change logo
12- Website settings; Title/ meta tags and more.
13- SEO friendly and separate meta tags for 12 pages.

Other features if needed to add.

Language Support:
Website will be in three languages;
Dari left to right layout
Pashto left to right layout
English default right to left layout

For each page and content there should be 3 blocks to add content for every language separately, even data for meta tags.

Search Engine:
To have search engine to search for content in page.

Statistic block in front end
Number of articles
Number of videos
Number of audios
Number of photos
Users online

Add captcha to prevent spammers

Includes latest, news, photos, videos, articles and jobs

All thumbnail and graphics will be provided by us, if needed during design. The overall theme should be theme of Media.

And some minor things at end if needed.

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Bike Compatiblity Site


I have a client who requires a simple site that allows them to upload bike information. The system will then have a set of accessories so when the user selects the make, model and year from a drop down box it will then return compatabile accessories and items for this bike.

This system must be developed in ASP.NET C# and connected to an SQL Database.

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Sharepoint Kpi Dashboard For SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Sharepoint kpi dashboard for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Create and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Video of Eg:

Must have Features:
1>Open Dashboard API Must read information from an external source like from a local, web or server location with xls,csv,txt file supported or from SQL live tables
2>Dashboard Notification & Alerts to user email address Custom alerts
3>Data Visualization Options- highly customizable visualizations will ensure your data is easily understandable and actionable to the end user
4>Report & User control level
5>Dashboard must have RSS tab & support internal & external RSS feed
6>You can easily keep track of the vital aspects regarding all your Portfolios and Projects.
7>Real-time updated Reports.
8>Dashboards, Grids, Histograms, Line / Bar / Pie / Radar / Scatter / Bubble / Gantt / Network /

1>Be to complied in an exe plugin file format to my current Sharepoint 3.0 WSS
2>Must be able to install & uninstall
3>Must have feature of a 14 day trail of this software/plugin thereafter after 14day must expire
4>Must be able to enter a register key together with the company name & key to activate the full version
5>A key generate together with company name must provide serial key ( only I will have that , additional exe )
6>No information of the developer whose created this plug in. I will provide info
7> Infomation must be in real time with maybe auto refresh
Find screenshot of our current Sharepoint live

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I want to do further development on our own Content Management System for our business. I want to be able to run the website myself and learn php and mysql enough to be able to do what I need to do in our business website and cms.

Seeking a patient person with strong skills in php and webdesign to teach me the basics of php coding and making changes to our websites using the custom made cms system that we use in our business.

I am hoping to find a person who can spend 2 days, 8 hours per day giving me training and support to make some system and function changes and content changes in the cms.

Please bid if you can spend the 2 days one after the other to help me cram as best I can to understand how to do what we need to do to our website. For my future reference, I would like a screen capture video of the work we do and how it was done during the 2 days so a requirement of this project is that you have fast internet to handle this.

You must be with me for the full 8 hours each day sharing your screen and/or available with instant responses in skype or yahoo messenger and I would like to watch your screen as you work on the various issues that we need to fix and as much as possible explain to me what we are doing and add comments in the code as we go for my future reference. I will pay in full at the conclusion of the 2 days with a bonus if we get great productivity.

I could be interested in an ongoing arrangement if all goes well in this first 2 days.
I know you are all worth much more than you will bid – but I am hoping to spend around $50-$70 for the 2 days. If that suits you please make your bid. If your bid is higher than that I understand – thank you. I have to stick to my budget

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Photo Editor

I need help developing a photoeditor in flash, the tool need have the following:

the user can be upload the picture (ready)
clone stamp tool (i need help)
healing toold (i need help)
blur ( i need help)
watermark (ready)
zoom in and out (i need help)

i need help urgent with this matter, please contact me as soon as ypu can.


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Code Update

I need someone to edit a piece of code. It is already a working code in processing language. This code should work basically in the same way. Its just a matter of replacing some values with the information I will provide.

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Update Some Code

I need someone to edit a piece of code. It is already a working code in processing language. This code should work basically in the same way. Its just a matter of changing some values. This project is a quick edit in a whole.

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Copy Of The BBC Website Homepage

I require (for a non-commerical learning site) a webpage that looks and feels exactly feels like the home page.

I need it as a Classic ASP webpage and callable Ajax (javascript) to another Classic ASP script to save the drag movements – writing to a cookie for each portlet position is fine so that the initial page can build the portlets correctly for the next time it runs.

The initial script must specifically ;
1.have portlet sections that can be dragged and dropped as smoothly and slickly as the website page.
– that sections can be easily moved around and do not need an exact position for the drag facility to work – unlike other jquery examples that can be found around the web.

2.exactly the same CSS setup is needed; so that the mouse over of the dragable [top] part of each portlet is highlighted with the portlet border.

3.that portlets can be collapsed and expanded with the triangle at the top left of each portlet (next to the portlet title). The collapse and expand must be with the same slick (prototype) animation effect.

4.Where two types of portlets are provided in the final delivery one where there is an EDIT option and one without. The EDIT option (see BBC site for example) will animate a section opening up that will present check box options for that portlet.

5.For each section drag and drop it must save the portlet section position with a Classic ASP cookie (from an Ajax Call) so that on the next reload it will be positioned exactly how it was left.

6.Each portlet must have curved corners in the same way as the website – no curved graphics just javascript or CSS to curve them so that portlets can be created easily after the project without any need for anything outside of the project delivery.

Although the colours shown on the example attached document are green and magenta, the site must have CSSs in the same way as the BBC site so that they can be tailored using the Customise this Page ptions:

Drag and Drop operation
The drag is easy to use for non-technical users, it highlights the area that it is coming from with a subtle grey area with white dotted border

And the moving of portlets to the new position shows the same subtle highlighted area.
Where a Drag operation is not completed it must return to the original position in the same animated tween effect as the current BBC site.

Documentation needed:
I will need an overview document explaining how the elements of the site has been put together so that I can understand it and change it where needbe – specifically the jquery/prototype functionality and how to adjust it if needbe (e.g. size, speed of drag, speed of drop, CSS details etc). I am a proficient Classic ASP coder so I do not need much about that.

Other Notes
Deliverable files should be uncompressed ASP, html, CSS, Javascript etc so that I can work through things clearly and easily.

This is not to be sold on or used in any commercial way so I think that means that if you need to use the actual BBC website CSS, JQuery etc then this will not compromise any license issues that they have. This is for a learning exercise.

The pages must be able to work on [primarily] Microsoft IE (8 and above) but also Firefox.

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Implement Paypal Pro API With C#

I have a website already running and I am taking online reservations. I am already taking user credit card info and later process it online. I have recently got a Paypal Account and I want to use Paypal Payments Pro API to be used so that I can charge my customers seamlessly while they make a booking on my website.

if you have implemented paypal payments pro before in an c# website please bid.


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Grab Data From ASP Based Website

I need a script that will extract the data from an asp-based website.
Its a lottery website, so you will basically be creating a historical database containing previous draw information such as balls drawn; payout per category etc.
Data must be extracted into a CSV or XLS file, and does not need to be displayed or formatted for the web.
The spreadsheet will contact approximately 30 columns.

The data for each entry (that needs to be extracted) is displayed on one asp-generated page.
If you would like to view the website, please PM me.

I will supply an example of a XLS file for reference.
Data will be checked for accuracy.

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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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Website Theming

Theming is needed on 5 site collections this weekend for a total of 6 hrs. Our budget is a max of $15/hr. ONLY candidates with active portfolios will be considered – must know & work with SharePoint. Send links to portfolios with your response.

Project is ready to begin immediately.

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